Bonetail - Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door


When I first fought him, I was like "Bring it on! " That's what I thought until I had to redo the Pit of 100 Trials all over again! But Bonetail is my favorite Paper Mario boss ever, no matter how hard and annoying he is.

Why is the shadow queen the hardest, shes so easy. The reason why bonetail is hard because you have to go through 99 floors of hell.

Very hard boss and you have to go through the pit of 100 trials. The thousand year door is my favorite game in the series (don't hate me). After that the original, then super paper Mario (which is still awesome) and thens ticker star is a piece of crap. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I definitely find Bonetail to be much harder the Shadow Queen. It only took me 3 times to defeat the Shadow Queen but a have fought Bonetail numerous times and still couldn't beat him. Bonetail has higher stats than the Shadow Queen with a maximum HP of 200, various breaths, and the ability the restore 20 HP. But the main reason Bonetail is so hard is because you have to go through 99 floors of pain and misery just to reach him. There are no Save Blocks or Heart Blocks, so if you die you'll have to start ALL OVER AGAIN!

I defeated shadow queen and bonetail on my first try, shadow queen was harder, but getting to bonetail was like a nightmare, if not for that slot machine thing I would have died to both of them tough...

Bonetail is WAY harder than the Shadow Queen! Especially because before Bonetail you have to fight 100 enemies, with no healing spots and the shadow queen has healing spots

Bone tail is definitely the hardest boss. People obviously have not heard of him, ambit he does a lot of damage, has high defense, and a ton of hp with healing abilities. All of this after 99 trials without save, or heal blocks. If you die, you have to go back to trail #1. How can people put Shadow queen over him?

Shadow Queen is harder, though getting to Bonetail is much harder.

Completely agree with you. Shadow Queen is also more stressful. - HeavyDonkeyKong

By himself, Bonetail is a nightmare. With the other 99 trials before him, words cannot describe his difficulty level.

He is the hardest boss ever it took me 4 years to defeat

I reached this boss twice, and failed both times. In the near future I plan to try using the Power Rush trick.

I got down to the point where I had not items and my only remaining partner was non other than koops. I managed to take down his last 120 health by using the simple strat of continuing to use his shell shield slowly delivering blows to bonetail with Mario.

If this wasn't an optional boss, this would be #1

I started the pit run at level 20, right after the 6th chapter, it wasn't that easy, but it wasn't hard either. I beat Bonetail in eight turns, and I was only level 29 by the time I reached him. Isn't that hard, just have 2 Power Plus, 2 Defense Plus, and 2 power plus P. Then use a Power Punch on Goombella and power lift, and mainly go for attack panels, then use her multibonk and BOOM. You do at least 40 damage per turn.

To me it wasn't really the hardest boss. This boos to me was pathetic. I mean I was level 31 so that did help. But those who can't seem to beat bonetail just level up The following partners and you should be fine:
Bomberry- seriously who would not level up this dude like with the P-up D-down p badge he can do a whooping 7 damage, but really it doesn't mater really. Cause he died after the first few attacks
Flurry- I don't know how bit she has proven VERY useful in this fight. Mainly cause I used her Dodgey fog and lip lock move. I mean Dodgey fog plus lucky day badge= almost never going to get hit.
Goombella- some of you are like "dude how did you use her? " Well her rally wink and Tattle move has proven very useful and if you use her correctly you can do HEAVY damage
Koops- I actually only used him for shell shield and for taking damage but like goombella if u switch him out and in wisely then u can do a LOT of damage without taking damage... Neat huh?
Vivian- U are ...more

99 floors of increasing difficulty, and you'd better have health items still on you when you reach him. Have fun facing this 200HP beast with high defense if you don't. And, if you fail, you'll have to go through all the 99 floors again

My power went out at the 70's. I did beat him eventually but ;-;

This is #1.Shadow Queen isn't that hard at all.

Bonetail is so damn easy! Getting to him, however, can be difficult.

He's only the hardest boss because you have very low HP coming out of the pit

A enormous pain to fight because of all the jackass crazy dazzes killing me

This guy has the most hp in the game shadow queen has the 2nd most hp and if you fail you have to do the 100 pit trials all over again that is not fair and he weakens you and the only good thing is you have super nova when you fight this guy that is the only good thing this fight can take over 5 years to finish I think you should level up as much as you can befor fighting this guy I have fighted this guy over 8 years to beat this guy is the hardest boss in paper Mario history

The Boss of the Pit of 100 trials. He has the highests stats in this game, and you are not at full preperation when fighting him. While you may be fighting him at the highest level you have been before, you will not be as prepared for him as an of the other bosses in the series. And the bosses in the 100 trials of Super Paper Mario are a joke,i had no trouble with them.

Oh man, where to begin? Well, for starters, he has 200 HP, which is 50 more than the Shadow Queen. His attacks, for the most part, do around 8-10 damage points and do status effects(though his claw is admittedly easy to dodge). Essentially, if you don't have either a lot of HP and FP, or you're PERFECT at Super Blocking, this guy will DESTROY you. And do I even need to mention that you have to beat the other 99 trials before this guy? Definitely the hardest in the Paper Mario series. - Garythesnail

Bonetail by him self if you did not have to go through 99 other trials would still be diffecult
Now I'm not just basing this on his superior stats its because of bon tails variaty of moves you don't know what he will hit you with he inflicts all sorts of status effects on you. its impossible to predict whats coming and that's assuming he doesn't heal off 20 damage which is probley all the damage you did to him this turn