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21 King Croacus IV - Super Paper Mario

This guy's pretty hard, since you can hardly go anywhere on screen without getting hurt. Bowser helps immensely, however. - Garythesnail

22 Macho Grubba - Paper Mario TTYD

Not that hard. I grunt whenever I ge thit but I've never lost to him. Hooktail actually beat me. - HeavyDonkeyKong

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23 Brobot - Super Paper Mario

So fun, I want to play the fight AGAIN AND AGAIN

So do I! Well, you are in luck! Super Paper Mario is unquestionably the best Paper Mario game in the universe as well as the best Mario RPG ever! Man, I love Brobot.

One of my favorite bosses, if not my favorite in the series. - Garythesnail

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24 Kent C Koopa - Paper Mario

This guy is a NIGHTMARE. Be sure to use Lullaby if you want to stand a chance!

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25 Lava Piranha - Paper Mario

This took me like four days! And what I thougt I beat him, his second form appeared! I screamed!

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26 The Master Fight 3 - Paper Mario V 1 Comment
27 Gooper Blooper - Paper Mario: Sticker Star

When I first fought this boss I had no idea how to get past his poison attack I ended up using all my things!

28 Super Blooper - Paper Mario
29 General Guy - Paper Mario

I know this is surprising, But this took me like 10 tries to beat. IT'S JUST THE SHY SQUAD, STILT GUYS, AND THE SHY STACK REALLY WEAKEN YOU! That's WHY I SAY THIS BOSS IS HARD.

The general of all Shy Guys, why? Maybe we'll find out when the shy guy's masks are taken off

30 Mr L - Super Paper Mario

Oh no, Luigi in a mask. How intimidating... - Garythesnail

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31 Big Cheep Cheep - Paper Mario Sticker Star

This has got to be the hardest boss (so far). I had no idea for the first couple of times that I had to use the fishhook sticker WHILE it was in the water. Figured it out after like the 3rd or 4th time fighting it. Kept having to go back and get the fishhook again and again.

32 Francis - Super Paper Mario

It was very hard to beat him. Took me like 20 times to beat him. I had like no items left once I beat him.

This stupid chameleon and his camera gave me so much trouble in my Super Paper Mario Days

It's kind of annoying to jump in the right place when he pops up. - Garythesnail

And he can return in chapter 8...

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33 Sammer Guy - Super Paper Mario V 1 Comment
34 Count Bleck - Paper Mario Count Bleck - Paper Mario

Count bleck is super paper Mario! Not paper Mario

Super Paper Mario & Paper Mario both tie to be the best paper Mario games ever! And I love Count Bleck!

Why isn't this higher he is the final boss in SUPER PAPER Mario, not paper Mario. But this needs to be higher

Super Dimentio is the final boss

His attacks are fast and unpredictable, and he has a good amount of strength and HP. - Garythesnail

35 Bonechill - Super Paper Mario

What!? He's a piece of cake! Use luigi and high jump his head and he's dead in no time

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36 Jr. Troopa - Final Fight

Took About 5 Tries since I was doing a no item run..3.

37 Monstar - Paper Mario
38 Super Ninja Koopa Bros - Paper Mario

They are awesome for sure

39 Kamek Final Time - Paper Mario Sticker Star

If you don't have the right stickers (Clone Jump Flip Flops are what you really need) this beast will screw you up, and even if at do beat him first try, you probably used all your good stickers you planned to beat Bowser with!

40 Hooktail - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

She made me rage like crazy

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