Top Ten Hardest Bosses In Sega Games

From Twin freaks to the Biolizard, there are some extremely hard bosses in SEGA games.

The Top Ten Hardest Bosses In Sega Games

1 Biolizard

This boss is in multiple Sonic the hedgehog games and is extremely hard to kill. - 2lazyhere

2 Twin Freaks

Oh my, dynamite headdy fans.
I thought izayoi was harder

This guy is evil. He can crush you against the wall easily and most of the time you can't hit it. And no, this is nothing like the final boss in Sonic the hedgehog. - 2lazyhere

3 Underground Zone Boss

Come guys, all you sonic fans out there have to agree. - 2lazyhere

4 Death Egg Robot

Final boss in sonic 2 and deserves to be, as you get no rings and have to fight silver sonic first. - 2lazyhere

5 Kaiser Greedy (Ristar)
6 Lancelot Returns (Sonic and the Black Knight)
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