Top Ten Hardest Bosses In Terraia

The Top Ten

1 Skeletron Prime

So hard you have to be kidding me warning don't summon Skelitron prime in your world

he is easy

2 The Destroyer

I still haven't killed him

3 Wall of Flesh

It took me like 30 days to kill him just to hard deserves number 3

4 Queen Bee V 1 Comment
5 Eye of Cthulhu

Easy if your a pro but when you just begun very very very hard

6 Plantera
7 Golem

Should be higher supper hard

8 Lepus V 1 Comment
9 Moon Lord

Final boss very big should be way way way way way way are you getting board way way way way how about now way way way way way way way way higher

10 Ice Queen

The Contenders

11 Ancient Cultist

I have an influx waver with +10 damage so it does 143 damage and I still can't beat him... UGGH! So frustrating! - TheDominatorGamer

12 Santa-NK1

I died so many times from him the reason I didint put him on the list was because I never fought him whence I made it

13 Duke Fishron

Super hard took. So may tries to kill him like Santa nk1 the only reason I didintbput him on this list was because I never fought him

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