Top Ten Hardest Bravery Default Bosses

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The Top Ten

1 Victor and Victoria (Second Fight)
2 Alternis Dim

This guy was tough. Not to mention he kept on spamming minis strike and beat my ass.

3 Lord Derroso

That damn energy burst though!

4 Sage Yulylana

Not only do have to face all those tough bosses, but then you have face him! And this guy loved to spammed comet on my team.

5 Kikyo Kikyo

She just loved to use shippnaugri on my whole team. (I don't know how to spell it)

6 Fiore Derosa

This guy was really cheap. His ability was also really broken. And his thundara killed my whole team.

7 Merchant Profiteur

He loved to spam takeover.

8 Earth Dragon

His earthquake move kept on paralyzing my team and since I could not move he just killed me with that earth move.

9 Praline the Performer

It wasn't praline that gave me trouble. It was her her bodyguards that whipped my ass!

10 Salve Maker Quda

Without dispel, this battle was a pain.

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