Top 10 Hardest Challenges In Survivor

This has been in my drafts for way too long now.
Winning challenges is a big part of Survivor, or any reality competition really. But sometimes the challenges can really take their toll.
These are challenges that have been shown on Survivor and have proven to be too much even on first glance. You'd have to be really daring or desperate to try these at home.

The Top Ten

1 Schmergen Brawl

In this challenge, three members of each team would battle for control of three balls. Once a castaway gets a ball, they would pass the ball to three other tribe members standing on a platform who would then attempt to throw the ball through the opposing tribe's basket, situated at the opposite end of the arena. One point would be scored when a ball is made in the basket. The first tribe to score the required number of points, would win the challenge.
This challenge ended up getting banned after Survivor Heroes vs. Villains due to how many injuries it caused. Plus, who could forget it resulted in one contestant getting evacuated, one getting ejected from the challenge, and one having to wear a cast for the rest of the game. - CloudInvasion

2 Shoulder the Load

Also known as Water Torture
2 men and 1 woman from each tribe will have a pole across their shoulders. Each round, 20 lbs. will be added to that pole. The decision about which tribe member gets the weight will be made by the other tribe. Last person that doesn't drop their weight wins for their tribe.

Record for most weight held on the shoulders goes to Jim Rice and Brandon Hantz in Sotuh Pacific, both carrying 240 lbs. each. Try carrying that much weight on your shoulders. - CloudInvasion

3 Hot Pursuit

In this challenge, the two teams will be harnessed together and will circle around an oval course while carrying a twenty-pound backpack each. Players can drop out of the challenge at will, but they must give their weight to a tribemate before unclipping themselves from the rope. The first tribe to catch the opponent and touch one of their members wins.
Carrying the weight while walking around is hard enough, but when one person drops out and you have to carry even more weight, I think it just speaks for itself. - CloudInvasion

4 Uncomfortably Numb

In this challenge, each person will balance their feet on a very narrow perch while holding a handle above their head. If at any point, they let go of the handle or a foot comes off the perch, they are out of the challenge.
It's no doubt holding such a painful position for even a few seconds is a tough task. Imagine having to hold it for possibly hours while in the pain of having a lack of food, comfort, and hydration. - CloudInvasion

5 Boulder Smash

Each team has members on opposite sides of a giant ball. Both teams push the ball and try to get it past their own goal line. The first to make three goals wins.
Obviously rolling a giant ball around is nothing short of physically demanding. Imagine several other people fighting each other to roll the ball around. - CloudInvasion

6 Vampire Bats

Also known as Gang Hang. Basically the castaways have to hang on a bar for as long as they can. Once you drop, you lose. Last person left wins.
In Survivor Redemption Island, the challenge was made tougher with the additional rule that after 20 minutes you could only use your legs to hang on. So let's get the obvious out of the way. Hanging nearly upside down for a long time is extremely painful. And hanging on using just your legs? Think about it. - CloudInvasion

7 Rock N' Roll

The teams work to navigate a large boulder through a series of obstacles (either natural or man-made), whilst accomplishing small tasks along the way (such as collecting flags or keys). The first tribe to get their boulder onto their designated pedestal wins the challenge.
Rolling a boulder across obstacles. If that doesn't seem like a physically demanding task I don't know what is. - CloudInvasion

8 Last Gasp

The contestants must float under a steel grate and stay above the water. As the tide rises, player will run out of breathing room. If the fear of drowning is too much, that person can bail out. The last person still in the grate wins the challenge.
Hope you're not hydrophobic. This definitely gets harder the higher the tides. Especially with the chance of water getting on your face and you trying to breathe through it. - CloudInvasion

I'm pretty sure I've had nightmares about stuff like this in the past. - Zach808

9 Braille Maze

Each contestant is blindfolded, and must make their way through a maze whilst accomplishing given tasks. Throughout the maze, raised signposts with Braille insignias help to point the castaways in the direction of items or the end of the maze. The first contestant to accomplish all the required tasks and reach the end of the maze wins the challenge.
Although there have been other variants of this challenge, they're all pretty hard. If running through a maze wasn't thought enough, imagine doing it blindfolded. - CloudInvasion

10 Keep It Up

The contestants must balance two poles using the tops of their hands against an overhead board. If a castaway drops either of the poles at any point, they are out of the challenge. The last person standing wins.

Sounds easy, but it really isn't. Holding your wrists in such a position is bound to be a tiring experience for your entire arms. - CloudInvasion

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