Top Ten Hardest Crash Bandicoot Levels

Crash Bandicoot over the years has given us a lot of memorable and fun levels but they also have given us some of the most frustrating levels that will really test your platforming skills.

The Top Ten

1 Slippery Climb - Crash  1 Slippery Climb - Crash  1

Very very difficult, and you need to beat it without dying in order to get the red gem and unlock many areas throughout the game

I got game over at least 10 times doing this level the first time.

Hardly any checkpoints in this one, requires incredibly precise jumps, and there is no trick like jumping on top of the ropes.

A lot of these are from crash 1 - B1ueNew

2 High Road - Crash 1 High Road - Crash 1

Even with the rope technique it's super hard

Road to Nowhere was hard enough. This level takes that level and doubles the madness.

This level was very hard, I fell off many times, I had to use the rope to pass it

Screw the high road.

3 Stormy Ascent - Crash Bandicoot/ Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy Stormy Ascent - Crash Bandicoot/ Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy

This level is a nightmare! How is it possible that "slippery climb" is ranked #1? This is "slippery climb" 10 times harder!

Thisi is the hardest level in the game so you will need 99 lives to beat this. The last part is extremely hard. No part of this level is easy.

This is

Why is this a thing?! SCREW STORMY ASCENT!

4 Native Fortress - Crash 1 Native Fortress - Crash 1

I'm trying to beat it currently and have probably hit myself in the face 100 times out of frustration

Native fortress was very hard for me I was so glad when I passed it

It was hard when I was a kid and now it's still just as hard!

Died hundred times at least

5 Totally Bear - Crash 2 Totally Bear - Crash 2

What makes this level hard is not only do you ride the polar bear but its very dark and hard to see where your going or how far you need to jump, making it through to end gives you no reward meaning you have to break all the crates to get the gem which is easier said then done. - egnomac

This level was hell the first time I played through this level.

I died so many times because I ended up missing at least two or more crates while trying to get the gem.

See my opinion in the post!

6 Piston it Away - Crash 2 Piston it Away - Crash 2

If going for 100%, getting every crate requires not dying throughout the level with backtracking. Easily the level out of all the games that took me the longest to get every crate

It's a very frustrating level and considered to be the hardest to break all the crates in the game to get the clear gem youll have to do some backtracking to get all the crates. - egnomac

7 Area 51 - Crash Bandicoot Warped Area 51 - Crash Bandicoot Warped

First time I played this level I kept falling into the pits and kept smashing into the police cars those UFO's are super cheap.

In this level you race spaceships while in the dark its very hard to see and too many times will find yoursef falling down pits. - egnomac

THOSE UFOs which knock you off the road, and the countless bottomless pits in the road guarantee that you will have a time going for the relics.

8 Fumbling in the Dark - Crash Bandicoot 1 Fumbling in the Dark - Crash Bandicoot 1

Another dark level you need your mask just to see where your going if you lose it then your screwed plus there's so many obstacles in the level. - egnomac

Lose your only light source and your literally left fumbling in the dark no pun intended. - egnomac

9 Mad Bombers - Crash Warped Mad Bombers - Crash Warped

A lot hatder than the first flying stage due to the fact that it takes a lot more to take down each plane its even more difficult in the time trial. - egnomac

I hated that level - Kjellalbintomas

10 Night Fight - Crash 2 Night Fight - Crash 2

Its another dark level where you need the light thw most frustrating part is the backtracking in the dark. - egnomac

The Newcomers

? Road Crash - Crash Bandicoot: Warped Road Crash - Crash Bandicoot: Warped

Numbers 45

? Bear It - Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Bear It - Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

It ils hard

The Contenders

11 Sunset Vista - Crash Bandicoot Sunset Vista - Crash Bandicoot

The hardest and longest level to get the key and the gem in the original first version.

12 Tomb Wader - Crash Warped Tomb Wader - Crash Warped

This level has rising water you have time it to avoid drowning its espically harder during the time trial run. - egnomac

13 That Sinking Feeling - Crash The Wrath of Cortex That Sinking Feeling - Crash The Wrath of Cortex

One of the hardest flying stages in Crash the vehicle you control the firefly is difficult to control. - egnomac

14 Spaced Out - Crash 2 Spaced Out - Crash 2
15 Road to Nowhere - Crash 1 Road to Nowhere - Crash 1

Pain. Pure pain

The jumps... Kill me

16 Totally Fly - Crash 2 Totally Fly - Crash 2

I really hate these dark stages. - egnomac

17 Un-Bearable - Crash 2 Un-Bearable - Crash 2

In this level you are pursued by a giant polar bear it can be very difficult to tell when your suppose to jump. - egnomac

This took me tons of tries, you either need to memorize this level to beat it, or have very fast reflexes

18 Hog Wild - Crash Bandicoot Hog Wild - Crash Bandicoot

! This is like a High Road. Even harder Than slippery Climb, what is number two

Very hard and definitely most frustrating level in all of games

That level make me wanna turn pad at wall

Why is this still honorable mention? It's harder than slippery climb,dude! Definitely should be already on this list. Without this It's worse, you guy!

19 The Lost City - Crash 1 The Lost City - Crash 1
20 Cold Hard Crash - Crash 2

Getting through the level is okay, but getting the box gem is the hardest in the game.

Espically since one box in the bonus stage is well hidden and very easy to miss which can make getting the gem for breaking all the boxes incredibly frustrating. - egnomac

21 Rings Of Power - Crash 3

This should be higher on the list!

22 Crate Balls of Fire - Crash The Wrath of Cortex Crate Balls of Fire - Crash The Wrath of Cortex
23 N.Sanity Beach - Crash 1

So frustrating this level, especially where you had to jump on the boxes at the start

24 Ruination - Crash 2

Broke my controller

25 Gone Tomorrow - Crash Warped Gone Tomorrow - Crash Warped
26 Tsunami - Crash The Wrath of Cortex

The level has you playing as Coco as try to out run a huge tsunami and if going through the secret path you need to hit the Nitro switch box other wise its going to be near impossible to get through it. - egnomac

27 Makin' Waves/Hot Coco - Crash Bandicoot: Warped

These are both long, open ended, hard to see where you're going levels. Don't even try to get the box gem on these, or you'll be spending hours of your life being annoyed by cheaply hidden boxes. Don't even get me started on the relics, these levels are so open ended, you'll be going in circles, and the levels are really long, while the you have to do it for a short amount of time?

28 Turtle Woods - Crash 2

Someone had to of been joking around when adding this!

29 The Lab - Crash Bandicoot

How is this not higher

Its should be on list

30 Lights Out/Fumbling In The Dark - Crash 1

Haha this level sucks

31 Ant Agony - Crash Twinsanity

Took me awhile to beat it but now I can beat it no problem, and I feel good bout that. - myusernameisthis

32 N.Sanity Island - Crash Twinsanity

God, this level is so hard, it can't get past the first checkpoint where you meet coco, it's so hard

33 Hangin' Out - Crash 2
34 Bear Down - Crash Bandicoot 2
35 Get Up Here - Crash 1
36 Sky Balls - Crash Bash
37 Toxic Waste - Crash 1
38 N. Ballism - Crash Bash
39 Rockslide Rumble - Crash Twinsanity
40 Cavern Catastrophe - Crash Twinsanity

My dad hates this level, he thinks it's so hard. - myusernameisthis

41 Dr Neo Cortex - Crash Bandicoot 1
42 Ski Crazed - Crash 3
43 Generator Room - Crash Bandicoot

Level design sucks. You just don't have the feeling of depth in this level

44 Adolt Edumacation - Crash of the Titans

Uka Uka was a hard boss fight, especially with all the other enemies running at you

45 Flaming Passion - Crash Bandicoot: Warped Flaming Passion - Crash Bandicoot: Warped

This level burns me out

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