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1 Dr. Kahl's Robot Dr. Kahl's Robot

That damn 1st phase

God damn, this Robot was one punishing fight, every time you beat a phase it only got harder, destroying not only the feeling of progression but the tiny amount of hope you have.

Felt impossible

Boss so hard made me rage every time

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2 The Devil The Devil

Hardest Boss Ever!

This is a extremely Hard

He's harder than all bosses, King dice and touhou bosses

For me he is Harder than Dice and kahl's robot! One of hardest bosses in all video games, at least harder than c'thun from warcraft

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3 King Dice King Dice

You need to be the parry king for him

This was really hard. But however, still was a fun boss none of the less. Cuphead is a great game - iliekpiez

Why u make meh right more than u?

It’s actually easy - SirSalvador

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4 Grim Matchstick Grim Matchstick

Normal mode Grim phase 3 is harder than all other normal mode bosses. Currently stuck because I haven't figured out how to dodge the lightning bombs while simultaneously not shooting at them.

Took me and my brother almost 40 times to beat him

The coolest dragon maybe
Also made me sooo furious I was about to breack my computer
Well my favourite boss

Honestly, this boss isn't that bad. At least compared to Rumor Honeybottoms. Plus the last stage is easier on Expert mode. - regularponyfan09

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5 Rumor Honeybottoms

What makes this fight hard is it's a scrolling stage and you constantly have to keep moving up while dealing damage to the boss which is already hard enough with so much things flying at you that you can barley keep your attention on moving up and dodging enemy attacks and sometimes the game screws you on purpose with the platforms. - egnomac

Guys... This game is leading us to demeanor. Grim is a dragon, he was a LITTLE hard, but I hear him in few attempts. But Rumor, she is a new and she screwed me up HARD

The only boss that made me rage. The people who didn't have much trouble with this one obviously got lucky. Because this boss is way too luck-based, especially with the random platforms. Speaking of which, parrying is almost impossible here because of the platforms that render above you. Almost every time I tried to parry in this fight, I landed on a platform and ended up getting hit by the projectile instead. At least I S-ranked it so I never have to do it again. - regularponyfan09

The only hard boss that is an insect. This and Turantutor from Yokai Watch.

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6 Beppi The Clown Beppi The Clown

I found his 3rd stage the hardest because of the DAMN HORSE SHOE AND TRAIN MIX!

The only part I had trouble with in this fight was the third stage. When the train comes along, it makes dodging the horseshoes nearly impossible. Luckily, charge shot makes the stage go by faster. - regularponyfan09

Every phase is a nightmare. You need a lot of luck and even then it's still hard to beat this one. This is why I'm afraid of clowns.

7 Djimmi The Great Djimmi The Great


I didn't think I would ever S-rank this one because I couldn't do it under two minutes. That is, until I learned there was a safe spot in the final stage where you can hit him with bombs to make the fight go quicker and thus you don't have to dodge as many attacks. Like Cala Maria, the first stage is definitely the hardest, especially if he gives you the cats. My god, I HATE THE CATS! - regularponyfan09

Much harder than Warbles at least

It's possible to get stuck behind the pillars, and that is NOT a pretty picture. :/

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8 Phantom Express Phantom Express

Haven't S-ranked this one yet but I plan to do it. I keep getting hit at T-Bone's stage because I hit his head every time I parry. - regularponyfan09

Are you SERIOUS!? Probably the third easiest boss in the game! - WingedOracle

Really hard have died 126 times on him time to give it another go

Sans is there, so you’re bound to have a bad time.

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9 Wally Warbles Wally Warbles

I didn't understand why people found this boss so hard until I played his expert mode. Even still, it wasn't that bad because there's still a safe spot where the egg projectiles can't hit you (as long as you're not too close to them). Hardest stage for me was the third one because the eggs around the baby bird move faster and give a higher chance of getting hit. At least you can make the stages go faster with the coffee charm. - regularponyfan09

Wally is bang on in the right spot

On Regular, he’s the easiest airplane level.
On Expert, he’s the hardest boss in the game!


10 Cala Maria Cala Maria

She is the most annoying thing ever. It took me forever

The first stage is definitely the hardest because of the random attack combinations. If she sends out the turtle and the yellow fish, I can't not get hit. This is also another boss that is hard to S-rank because of how few parry opportunities there are (if you have the old version of the game which I do) and because you may not get three of them. Still, I found it easier than Dr. Kahl's Robot because at least this bullet-hell section doesn't have any moving walls. - regularponyfan09

I actually beat her on my third try

I wish that I knew only her head was the weak point.

The Newcomers

? Mugman Mugman

Fight mugman

stick them up

The Contenders

11 The Tutorial

Impossible. I still haven't beat this level and it's been a year

Literally impossible. HOW THE HECK IS THIS 11?

Definitely should be in 1st...

26 minutes to get past that wall

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12 Baroness Von Bon Bon

When I played this on normal mode, I thought I would never beat it. Every time I got to the final stage, I would use my super and the progress bar would show I barely did any damage. Thankfully I learned later that this was a glitch so I decided to keep going and eventually I won! - regularponyfan09

I've A+'d her before. - TSLMasterYT

Me and my brother died more than 170 times on her! For reference, we died on Beppi the Clown only 7 times!

13 Werner Werman Werner Werman

Love this boss his final phase a robot cat

As easy as this boss was, you will need luck if you want to S-rank it. There's a chance he sends out only the cherry bombs in the first stage and since you have to finish quickly, that means you can only parry stuff in the third stage, where there are less opportunities. - regularponyfan09

I’ll never understand the people who say this boss is easy.

14 Cagney Carnation Cagney Carnation

Hard at first because of the seeds, but with enough practice it's possible to S-rank. Cagney's definitely one of my favorite bosses, just because he reminds me so much of Flowey from Undertale. - regularponyfan09

This boss has memorization

15 Goopy Le Grande Goopy Le Grande

Honestly, I struggled a little bit with this one. I know he's one of the easier bosses, but my god I could never get the hang of the pattern in stage 2. I could never tell when he was going to bounce off the wall and because of that, I always got hit. Then again, I think we should consider ourselves lucky since we could have gotten stuck fighting two of these things. - regularponyfan09

Very easy and Fair

Easiest boss in game

Godammit hell

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16 Ribby and Croaks

Another case where you have to parry early if you want an S. There is a chance you get another parry opportunity in stage 2, but it's difficult to hit. Definitely use roundabout for stage 3. - regularponyfan09

17 Hilda Berg Hilda Berg

I spent so long trying to S-rank her but I either got hit at the last second or ran over the two-minute time limit. I was so overjoyed when I finally did it. - regularponyfan09

18 Sally Stageplay

Contrary to popular belief, she's not THAT easy. The second stage I found it hard not to take a hit. I wish you could kill those mice she sends out. Also, her final stage is kinda lame compared to the other bosses' final stages. Still, it's a really cool fight! - regularponyfan09

19 Dr. Kahl

I wanted to put him here only because his last phase but still just keep your distance and stay focused

20 Root Pack

Beat it on my first try. Nothing to be proud of though, considering it's meant to be easy. - regularponyfan09

Easiest boss

21 Honey Bottoms
22 Captain Brineybeard Captain Brineybeard

Loads of parry opportunities here, even if it's just from one attack. Overall it's doable. - regularponyfan09

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