Hardest Dark Souls and Bloodborne (Soulsborne) Bosses Before Dark Souls Remastered

Hey peeps, newcomer here. So, since Remastered is almost here and since we’ve had a good little while of free bloodborne, I thought revisiting this would be a fun thing and hopefully open debates or give everyone different point of views. My leukemia is and always will be Laurence, ancient dragon and Fume knight. We are all grown ups so solo obviously...Nonetheless...

The Top Ten

1 Ancient Dragon Ancient Dragon

Truth be told he is hard as hell, rage quit hard, but not much more then the rest on this list, but the path...? I hate going into a boss fight and not having my items fully stocked, I feel the need to avoid everything. You spend so much time getting to him then...goodnight. The reason Acient Dragon, Laurence and Midir are my top 3 is because they basically make you memorize unmemorizable (is that a word) strategies, and if you forget one thing or slip up at all, back to the beginning. That happened to me once...twice...ten times...? times, until I get lucky and manage to outlast their nonsense and secure a very very messy with literally one vial/sip left. I can flawless a good amount of bosses at around level 120 in any ng cycle or heal no more than 2/3 times, but this... Thank you for the unparalleled aggravation Miyazaki, thank you indeed. - Vicjames-_-

This list in general is seriously screwed up (Nameless King is NOT harder than the Orphan of Kos! ), but this boss is definitely the hardest. It's not fun, Souls-like hard, it's wow, this is hard.

2 Laurence the First Vicar

I do not know how he got this high on the list since I killed him on my first try. But I do agree he does hit hard no matter what happens in the fight.

3 Darkeater Midir Darkeater Midir

Screw him

4 Fume Knight Fume Knight
5 FRC Loran Darkbeast
6 Nameless King Nameless King
7 Lud and Zallen, the King's Pets Lud and Zallen, the King's Pets
8 Maneater
9 FRC Pthumerian Descendant
10 Orphan Of Kos

The Contenders

11 Twin Princes
12 Four Kings
13 Ebrietas, Daughter Of The Cosmos
14 Ludwig the Accursed
15 Pontiff Sulyvahn Pontiff Sulyvahn
16 Sister Friede Sister Friede
17 Vicar Amelia
18 Dragonslayer Armor Dragonslayer Armor
19 Martyr Logarius
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1. Ancient Dragon
2. Laurence the First Vicar
3. Fume Knight
1. Darkeater Midir
2. Twin Princes
3. Nameless King


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