Top 10 Hardest Decisions Made in Telltale Games

Telltale are renowned for their episodic, story-driven games. These games are often filled with absolutely horrible decisions that have to be made, be it for emotional reasons or simply because they're just too hard to make. Obviously, major spoilers ahead.

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1 The Walking Dead: Season One - Does Clementine Kill Lee?

This is truly one hard and heartaching moment, because Clementine is only a 9 year old girl, who has spent only a few months with Lee who is a stranger but honestly Lee was such an amazing father figure to Clementine. So having to choose if Clem should shoot Lee to keep him from turning or leave him to turn is hard and emotional! You don't want Clem to shoot Lee and you don't want Lee to become one a walker. I chose for Clementine to shoot Lee but when I chose I cried and had to look away from the screen and wait for the gunshot and as soon as I heard it I was like a waterfall. I'll miss you Lee, we will all miss you. - EJ0602

In the final moments of the game that changed the landscape of episodic gaming and introduced it to a much wider audience, a very young girl is faced with the decision of having to kill her father-like figure to prevent him from becoming a Walker. Did you do it? - phensh23

I remember playing that game and sitting infront of my screen in tears. That choice was so hard for me, especially because I'd fallen in love with Lee's characteristics. Although I do feel Season 2 is better with Clementine being the main character I'll never forget or get over that last episode. - dabiel

How is this hard at all? Either way he dies.

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2 Game of Thrones: Season One - Who Stays Behind, Asher or Rodrick?

In the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, after a bloody war has been brewing since the start of the story, the player must decide which of the two eldest Forester brothers sacrifices themselves so the other can live. It's heartbreaking, especially as you hear the screams of their friends and family offscreen begging each one to come to safety. - phensh23

Don't get me wrong, the choice to kill Lee or not is brutal, but it's also an easy choice in my book since he will die anyways and it helps with clem's growth. This one though, after becoming invested in these two characters and knowing the benefits each one can bring to the house it's tough. It's one thing to choose between two NPCs. It's another when you've had to suffer in the shoes of both of these guys.

It's a tough decision: the noble leader or the daring renegade? With Rodrick there would be a revered leader that the people of Ironrath trusted and respected. With Asher, there would be a hardened warrior who the Whitehills feared and were unsure of how to deal with.

3 The Wolf Among Us - The Fate of the Crooked Man

Although this was one of the most interesting choices, I do believe it was quite an easy choice. It doesn't have much of an effect whether you brutally murder him or let him leave and speak for himself, as it's the last episode and there isn't much of a difference in the ending. - dabiel

Everyone in town hates Bigby Wolf; they're scared of him. At the end of the final episode, the player is given different options of how the main villain is dealt with. The Crooked Man, based on the player's choices throughout the game, attempts to control what other characters think of him. How Bigby kills, or spares, the Crooked Man will have a lasting effect on the other characters.. how do you want the Big Bad Wolf to be seen? - phensh23

4 Game of Thrones: Season One - Does Mira Agree to Marry the Lord Morgryn?

All of Mira's decisions in this game are undoubtedly difficult to make.. who can you trust in King's Landing to save your family? Mira is offered plenty of alliances, but there's always favours to be returned. When Lord Morgryn offers you his hand in marriage, you know how it may benefit your family, but you would be betrothed to a dastardly villain and forever be miserable, and his lack of trustworthiness probably means your family won't be helped after all. - phensh23

5 Batman - Saving Catwoman or Harvey?

Oh no, I think my dolphin escaped. - Mahogany

I saved Harvey

Do you save the woman you are beginning to fall in love with, or the man who will do good for Gotham?
Which will benefit you more in the future? The ally in city hall, or the one who will have your back in the street?

6 The Wolf Among Us - Sending Colin Back to the Farm

If you sent Colin back to the farm, you're an animal. Colin was one of the best 'small' characters in the game. I love the fact that because Bigby blew down his house he ran down to the farm and sleeps in his house which is absouletely hilarious, and that is solely why I love Colin. - dabiel

We all love Colin, one of the three pigs who's house Bigby blew down with a huff and a puff (the name of a brand of cigarettes in the game.. I love this game! ). He forever holds this against Bigby and gives a lot of **** for it, so when the opportunity arises to ship him off to the dreaded, prison-like "Farm", Bigby would jump at the chance.. but did you? - phensh23

7 Game of Thrones: Season One - Allowing Beskha to Murder Her Former Master.

At the cost of earning Queen Daenerys' trust, and therefore her reward. - phensh23

8 The Wolf Among Us - Destroying Aunt Greenleaf's Tree

I don't see why you would get rid of Greenleaf's tree, it doesn't really have a consequence other then Greenleaf will absouletely hate you. If you do not burn it, nothing bad happens really. She agrees with you last episode, and helps trap The Crooked Man. - dabiel

9 The Walking Dead: Season Two - Kill Kenny or Jane

Honestly, the was Kenny was acting since Sarita died showed he was not fit to take care of AJ but he will do anything to keep them safe and not let what happened to Duck happen to them. Jane honestly cares mostly about her self which shows she may not be the best for Clem, but she is one who could help Clem survive against the walkers and enemies, I couldn't bring myself to shoot Kenny so I had to look away not only choose look away but look away in real life. After that you choose if you should shoot Kenny, I can't bring myself to kill Kenny it would be like killing Lee all over again. - EJ0602

This was legit the hardest choice. You just can't let one of them die. Both were cool (but Kenny 4 life ofc) and hard to sacrifice.


Its hard, because Kenny just wants the best for Clem and AJ, while Jane is a badass.
I personally killed Jane vecause I'm fond of Kenny after 2 seasons

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10 The Walking Dead: Season One - Saving Shawn or Duck

He saved a duck?

Save me over a swimming bird? - shawnmccaul22

WHY IS THIS HERE? - lukemcnamara72

COME ON! Shawn dies and Duck lives no matter which one you decide, and also, they said Shawn died early in the apocalypse in both comics and T.V.. - errrr

The Newcomers

? Minecraft Story Mode: Unchip Petra or Lukas

The two fan favorites. (I recommend saving whoever has the opposite gender that you have) - lukemcnamara72

? Batman: Make Out with Selina or Not?

The Contenders

11 Minecraft: Story Mode Ellegaard or Magnus

This was a hard decision

Minecraft is gay - AaronCoolness

Picking one of them will kill the picked one
... - amenyoussef

12 Minecraft Story Mode - Save Petra or Gabriel?

Oh my god, it was impossible to choose, but then I watched a video and it showed Gabriel was a fake, so I rescued Petra instead. - Absolite

I had to save my homie (Petra)

I almost DIED when I saw that. But then I remembered- Gabriel was a fake, and Petra was my good friend. So I leapt and saved Petra. Obviously.
He's a warrior. He IS a con
He's older, so more advice He thinks friendship is worthless
Is member of the Order Relies on violence too much
She's your friend She has a temper
She's a good fighter
Will do anything for her friends
Has an impeccable fashion sense

So, Petra's obviously my choice. Going to play episode 8 now, thanks.

13 The Walking Dead: Season One - Sharing Out Food

Even though it led to nothing. - DapperPickle

R u kidding? All that matters is that u give some to Clem - lukemcnamara72

14 Life is Strange: Sacrifice Chloe or Sacrifice Arcadia Bay?

I honestly was heartbroken when given this choice. I didn't want to lose Chloe but I didn't want the entire city to die! In tears I chose to sacrifice Chloe and couldn't sleep.

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15 Minecraft Story Mode - Save Ivor or Petra?

They're both two of the best characters in the game, and this was the hardest decision ever. Watching what happened to the person not being saved made me cry.

Even though they both end up dead and just respawn - lukemcnamara72

Petri Dish - AaronCoolness

I cried right there. Ivor was surrounded with flaming arrows, calling for help, and Petra was about to be spleefed by a bunch of people in jumpsuits. I looked between the two. Then, I remembered Lukas was there. Thank you, Blondie, for being here! I jumped over to Petra, saving her, but when Lukas falls on Ivor, some surfer girl sends them into the grinder. I died of crying right there. I thought they had really died! I saw their armor (and robe, in Ivor's case) floating over the glass floor thingy. I respawned in my room, and then I watched them respawn, I cried of relief.
Serioiusly, though, guys, this has to be the hardest choice ever. I mean, they do both respawn, but like, Petra's one of your best friends, and Ivor's like the funniest (and partly awesomest, partly! ) character in the series. I was crying when I clicked on the red box on Petra. T.T

16 Batman - Who to Give Hill's Drive
17 Tales from the Borderlands - Kill or Spare Handsome Jack

He WAS the guy who made Pandoran life a living hell, kept his daughter prisoner and used her for his own personal gain, and killed 2 of the most beloved characters in the series...but then again, when you play Pre Sequel, we made him that way

Why is this so far down!? This is the second hardest choice I've made! - lukemcnamara72

18 The Walking Dead: Season One - Save Carly or Doug V 1 Comment
19 The Walking Dead: 400 Days - Drive Away in the RV or Kill Stephanie?
20 Batman the Telltale Series: Reveal Your Identity or Attack Vicki?
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