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21 Batman the Telltale Series: Reveal Your Identity or Attack Vicki?
22 Tales from the Borderlands: Who to Choose for Your Squad in the Final Battle?
23 Walking Dead: A New Frontier: Shoot Conrad or Capture Clementine?

This should be higher up - lukemcnamara72

I really liked Conrad until he tried to shoot Clementine. I'm not gonna reveal which one I chose because it'll trigger a lot of people. - pokemonrater

24 The Walking Dead: A New Frontier: Make Peace with David or Fight Back?

This is in episode 5 and David starts attacking you for making out with Kate (his wife). He attacks you and each time you try to make peace, he attacks harder. This happens 3 times until someone else gets in the way. - lukemcnamara72

25 The Walking Dead: A New Frontier: Shoot Joan or Accept Clint's Deal?

After Joan (a mad lady who secretly orders raids to keep her community going) kills one of your group members, Clint tries to make it stop and harmlessly exile everyone else. This gives you an opportunity to shoot her. If you do, you cause everyone to fire guns. If you accept Clint's deal, David kills HIM and causes everyone to fire guns. - lukemcnamara72

26 The Wolf Among Us - Kill Georgie or Leave Him

Georgie is a cruel guy who was said to have killed two fables who worked with him (but we don't know if he was ordered to by his boss or not). He gets stabbed and is slowly dying. You can kill him quickly, or walk away and leave him to die slowly. There are multiple reasons on which choice you make. Maybe you kill him because you want to end his suffering. Maybe you're angry. Maybe you leave him because you want him to keep suffering. Maybe you don't want the blame. Maybe you want to be finished with killing people. - lukemcnamara72

27 Minecraft Story Mode: Accept or Decline Hadrian's Deal

In episode 8, Hadrian talks to you about how nobody ever wins his games and they end up being his slaves forever. He has your friends captured and tells you that he'll let all of your friends go if you stay as his slave or else he'll keep them all and you'll lose in the games. Everyone ends up free with a happy ending but they all find out what you said to him. - lukemcnamara72

28 The Walking Dead: Season Two - Shoot Walker Rebecca or Call for Help

In the end of episode 4, Rebecca dies from losing too much blood and while holding AJ. A group of other people who are trying to rob you point guns at everyone. Rebecca becomes a walker and is about to eat AJ. You (Clementine) can think fast or think carefully about disturbing everyone who will start shooting. This choice has almost no effect on this story, BUT in season 3 (A New Frontier) it affects Clem's personality about thinking fast or thinking carefully about outcomes. - lukemcnamara72

29 The Walking Dead: Save Ava or Save Tripp?
30 Until Dawn: Shoot Ashley or Chris
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