Top 10 Hardest Decisions to Make About Certain Video Games

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1 Which do you hate Konami more for; the death of Castlevania or the death of Metal Gear?
2 What actually is the best Final Fantasy game in the series; VI, VII, IX, XII or XV?

9, than 6, than 1-5 than the MMO ones and the rest is trash.

7 is the popular opinion and it was my first. I for some reason think 8 because...just because. Though I think 9 is probably the most fun I've had...yea I don't know

3 Who's really more of a badass; Kratos from God Of War, or Dante from Devil May Cry?
4 When you take away the overwhelming nostalgic fanboyism for Ocarina Of Time, what actually is the best overall Zelda game?

Breath of the Wild so far, so good.

5 Which of Brinstar's theme songs from Super Metroid is more badass; the Upper or Lower one?
6 Which world-famously cutesy Nintendo character is more adorable; Kirby or Yoshi?
7 Which leading mascot character from the Parappa the Rapper series is more adorable; Parappa or Lammy?
8 Which Zelda CD-i game is worse; Faces of Evil or Wand of Gamelon?
9 Which of Portal 2's villains was funnier; GLaDOS or Wheatley?
10 Is Waluigi really that bad of a character, or does Nintendo just need to do a lot more with him?

The Contenders

11 Which game actually has a douchier fanbase; Call of Duty or Halo?

This is not a hard decision in any way. Call of Duty has a douchier fanbase.

12 Tetris or Dr. Mario?

Tetris. If most people had a choice between Tetris or any other video game, they would choose Tetris.

13 Which Castlevania game besides Symphony of the Night has the best soundtrack?
14 Between Horizon Zero Dawn and Breath of the Wild, which game was really more awesome?
15 Who actually is the funniest character in Kid Icarus Uprising?
16 What was the cutest Kirby game prior to the Wii era?
17 Between Melee, Brawl and 4, what actually is the best Smash Bros game?
18 Which Parappa/Lammy game has the best soundtrack?
19 In the long run, who's the better Sonic sidekick; Tails or Knuckles?

Tails. Although both characters will always be better than Shadow.

20 Who would you rather be eaten by; Yoshi or Kirby?
21 If you could date one of Undertale's bone brothers in real life, would it be Sans or Papyrus?
22 Parappa X Lammy or Katy X Lammy?
23 Which game has created all-around worse memes; Undertale or Super Smash Bros?
24 If you could lick any Sonic character's feet, which one would you choose first?

None. Fetish art of Sonic characters and such is never okay.

None! Fetishes are never okay.

25 Who's sexier, Alphys or Undyne?
26 Parappa The Rapper 3 or Um Jammer Lammy 2?
27 Which game is sadder; Mother 3 or Undertale?
28 Which of Undertale's two main run types has a more interesting moral message behind it; Genocide or Pacifist?
29 Which Mimiga from Cave Story is the all-around cutest?
30 If you could only get either Shovel Knight or Guacamelee rather than both of them, which one would it be?
31 Crash Bandicoot 2 or 3?
32 Mario or Luigi?
33 Arkham City or Arkham Knight?
34 Shadow x Rouge or Knuckles x Rouge?
35 Classic Sonic or Modern Sonic?
36 Which of the Following Sonic Characters Have the Worst Fandom? Shadow, Rouge, Cream, Blaze or Silver?
37 Krystal from Star Fox: Love Her or Hate Her?
38 Out of the Seven Different Generations of Pokemon, Which Did You Think Was the Best?
39 Super Smash Bros. Melee or Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade? Which Game Introduced You to the Fire Emblem Series?
40 Solatorobo or Tail Concerto?
41 Rareware Question: Do You Like Rare's Nintendo Games from the Past or Their 2002-to-Present Microsoft/Xbox Games Better?
42 Banjo-Kazooie or Yooka-Laylee?
43 Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter or Sly Cooper?
44 Super Smash Bros. or PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?
45 Which of the Following Fire Emblem Characters Have the Worst Haters?: Eliwood, Marcus or Karel?
46 Karel from Fire Emblem: Love Him or Hate Him?
47 Karel or Harken?
48 Mario Kart or Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing?
49 Mario Golf or Mario Tennis?
50 Which is Worse, Sonic 2006 or Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric?

Rise of Lyric definitely.

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