Hardest Decisions In the Walking Dead Video Game

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1 Shooting/Leaving Lee

It doesn't matter which one you choose because you're still gonna bawl your eyes out. But it's hard to choose which one is sadder. When shooting him, seeing Clem's face before she does it was so sad. But leaving him, looking back at Lee and seeing him fall to his side, dead.. ugh...

It was hard enough to tell a 9 year old girl to kill her guardian angel much less lose the main character

It should be an easy choice in my opinion. Gotta shoot him.

I killed him, sorry. I could understand his point.

2 Shooting Kenny/Letting Jane die

Either kill your friend who would always look out for you but also was insane sometimes, or a manipulative woman who puts an innocent child's life at risk. Hmm, that's a tough one...

I let Kenny to kill Jane

3 Stay at Wellington or Leave With Kenny

I couldn't leave Kenny, but now I feel like a wimp :(?

I would never leave him, because I love the man so much.

4 Saving Ben or Letting Him Go

I had to save Ben because if I was Lee I wouldn't want his blood on my hands. Plus Kenny didn't deserve to have it his way that time

I let him go because I was like "He was gonna die anyway..." - DapperPickle

Letting him go

If you let Ben go, then you're no better than the people at Crawford, he may have died later on, but he was still a person, a person who had lost so much, and a person who had so much to live for.

Rest In Peace Ben Paul, you will be missed

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5 Cutting Off or Doing Nothing to Lee's Bitten Arm

I figured it could reverse it right?

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6 Agreeing or Disagreeing to Loot the Stranger's Car

Nah, we'll never see these people, not in a million years!

To steal

7 Save Carley or Doug V 1 Comment
8 Leave or Save Sarah In the Trailer Park

Killed her, like Ben and Duck she deserved it, she caused some major deaths... Like... Loads! - DapperPickle

I could never be like her but I save her.

I didn't like Sarah, she was going to die one way or another

9 Help Save Larry or Help Kenny Kill Him

Well, let's see... First of all he tried to kill me, then he doesn't give a crap about me when I gave him food (Am I the only one? ) and have him the axe, he saved my life but only to kill the zombie, yeah, lets kill him. - DapperPickle

Larry was an ass

I actually sided with Kenny when it came to killing Larry
I know I scarred Clementine for life but Clem, you need to understand Larry was not a good man
If anything I helped Kenny do humanity a favor.

10 Shooting Duck or Making Kenny Shoot Him

I couldn't make Kenny shoot his own son

It is so cruel to make even their own son or daughter, so I did it myself.

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11 Showing or Hiding Lee's Bitten Arm

I didn't want to make anyone panic about it, so I didn't say anything

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12 Shooting Sam (The Dog in Season Two) or Letting Him Suffer

I literally had to stop playing to pull myself together after this part.

13 Try to Help Shawn/Duck at Hershel's Farm
14 Help Luke or Leave
15 Killing Both Brothers at the St. John Dairy
16 Slap Luke or Hug Luke
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