Hardest Dream Theater Drum Parts

Mike is a beast. But what song is he beastliest at?

The Top Ten Hardest Dream Theater Drum Parts

1 Honor Thy Father

Mike Portnoy is (maybe) the best drummer ever, but he made a stupid decision when he decided to leave DT. Next to Judas Priest's "Painkiller", this is my favorite drum intro. - rock2metal

2 Octavarium
3 Panic Attack

Man I can't play this without screwing up but awesome song

4 The Dance of Eternity

I just can't imagine trying to play the 7/16 time in this song.

No, it has 17/16 time not 7/16.

5 A Nightmare to Remember

that double bass at the beginning freaks me out.

6 Ytse Jam
7 Never Enough
8 Constant Motion
9 Take the Time
10 The Test That Stumped Them All

The Contenders

11 The Glass Prison
12 Just Let Me Breathe
13 The Dark Eternal Night

The first song I heard from DT, it impress me how you can know what section of the song is playing just hearing the drums, Portnoy rocks :D - pablocesarpagano

14 The Great Debate
15 Hell's Kitchen
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