Hardest Fighting Game Series

Fighting game series that can be challenging because of things such as gameplay and/or annoying characters.

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1 Tekken

T2 is one of the most movement-reliant - if not the most - game out there. It�'s true you can spam and mash and have fun in the game, but as soon as you meet a veteran Tekken player they will crush you because they space and punish you like crazy - everything based on the right movement at the right time based on complicated and many different executions. Also to be able to win you have to be familiar with the gigantic rooster of 59 fighters. Tekken veterans are also the only ones know for winning or at least placing high in tournaments of other major fighting game publishers (Capcom games for instance), while it never works the other way around, because people aren�'t used to the very complicated and sensitive movement patterns.

This game has two steep learning curves... One just to learn how to ACTUALLY play and game and another to learn how to play at a high level and intelligently applying great spacing, movement, proper punishes, whiff, sides steps, blocking, doing the right combos or follow ups on any given situation etc. Etc. Even the best players in the world drop combos often and make mistakes and input errors due to movement precision. Forward, forward+2? Damn I meant to do forward+2!

One of the most in-depth fighters with many things to take in mind while playing in a competitive level. It seems easy at first glance but in actuality it's very technical and difficult just to even learn how to play properly. It's execution and combo heavy along with being confusing and taxing on the mind. Along with other 3D fighting games, how many games do you know have this steep of a learning curve? Hell... I wouldn't mind giving the number 1 position to Virtua Fighter.

Many other fighting games have 10-20 moves for each character. Tekken has about 80 for each character, and that's putting basic movement and ground tech aside.

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2 Super Smash Bros.

The amount of inputs required at a competitive level for Super Smash Bros Melee rivals that of Starcraft: Brood War. It is literally insanity. There are no set combos or input variations to get a sequence, everything is dependent on stage positioning, relative percents, intensive move properties and data and retaliation prediction. I mean, anyone can just say those things but the entire game area is MUCH larger than any other Fighter, with platforms and stage properties that have to be remembered and calculated during mid-combat. You are forced to calculate and design your own combos, because doing damage isn't enough, you have to end the stock by knocking the person off the stage and then defending against their recovery that you predict in advance.
Missed an input? There's your stock, son. (no, literally. You can die at 0%)

This game seems deceptively basic, 'there aren't even any specials to learn'. Exactly there aren't any specials, or magic combos that are going to require a certain button sequence to take half off your opponents damage. The game play, when fighting against other experienced players, is based on knowledge, match ups and mind games (or at least it would have been with out meta knight). There are no specials to build, no "special" moves to learn (just lots of manipulations to your regular moves), not really any guaranteed combos (just configurations that work most of the time). What I'm saying is people can't become dominant by only learning a few tricks.

I don't think most people or competitors in other fighting games truly understand just how crazy, and in-depth Melee is. Brawl is an entirely different animal, but Melee is a competitive, and technical beast. I think it definitely deserves to be number 1, especially above Fight Night and Mortal Kombat.

Only Super Smash Bros Melee. The speed is insane: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=5yRzj-1TaGo

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3 Street Fighter

If you button mash in street fighter your dead and timing is so stridct its number 1 your list is wrong completely how would naruto smash bros n fight night even get on here no combos

Are u kidding me, SF is the most technical and strict fighting game it requires pure skill to play this game not button mashing like tekken I think it should be number 1 on this list

One of the most technical fighting games (Smash Bros Melee is the most technical) and with the cheapest final bosses, this game is VERY hard

Um this is sooo should be 1 or 2 because half of these games have no combos and this does

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4 Fight Night

Energy bar can make it hard to spam. Even though it can make it hard for your opponent to spam as well, no spamming would mean that you may have to practice a bit to really get good at the game. - guyonawebsite94

5 Mortal Kombat
6 Marvel vs Capcom
7 Soul Calibur

Think of Tekken, but without the "juggling" and give each fighter their own unique weapons. Like Tekken, Soul Calibur also takes a lot of skill to master, there are roughly the same amount of complicated move executions, lots of characters to master with their own unique move-sets. Try button-mashing against a veteran of Soul Calibur and you'll lose. Try button-mashing against CPU-controlled Nightmare, and you'll get annihilated. This game takes skill.

8 Dragon Ball Z V 1 Comment
9 Virtua Fighter

Should be in the top 2-3 at the least - RetroKnight

I can't believe this is not first. Look at the first page of the first control explanation. > http :// virtuafight er.c om /wiki/controls/ <

10 Guilty Gear

No way childish mortal kombat is or street fighter are harder than this, it's incredible the ignorance... Even blazblue us harder... Tekken? Wow, just add dead or alive and and put after Tekken and just kill yourselves, guys

Very intricate and technical button combinations. Great variety between characters, so each is a new challenge.

Guilty Gear has an insane amount of important mechanics to learn, and requires a high level of execution.

This is what people who are truly in the know consider the hardest fighting game.

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11 The King of Fighters

You don't like the series because the DM inputs alone are too much for you, but damned if you'll vote for it.

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12 Naruto
13 Killer Instinct
14 Blazblue

Blazblue most execution reliant fighting game I've had the pleasure to ever play.

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15 Jak and Daxter V 1 Comment
16 Clayfighter
17 Skullgirls V 1 Comment
18 Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Right when each round starts the opponent comes out guns blazing! Hell and it's hard to get currency and upgrades are expensive! Only a MLG or True Gamer can beat this

19 Injustice 2
20 Injustice 2
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