Hardest Games Played On The Cube


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1 Elevation

Come on it is virtually impossible to lift that tube without the ball dropping out! - cameronbrown

I've tried it at home, impossible

It must be harder than it looks to elevate that tube without
Letting the ball fall out.

Only 1 seriously I exected havin a tough choice here but come on why call it top tens if you have a list of 1 - aido17

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2 Composure

It is very difficult to guide that ring around the hoop without making contact. - cameronbrown

3 Barrier

I don't see why this is hard tried it at home and I've never failed it, even with three barriers

It is difficult to step over barriers blindfolded without disloging them. - cameronbrown

4 Vault

This is very hard

5 Pinpoint

How on earth are you meant to guide a pole through 3 tiny rings

6 Cylinder

This is very difficult proved to the people who play it come on bouncing a ball into a small bucket? - cameronbrown

The simplest concepts are what tend to be the hardest.

It is a large container

7 Expulsion
8 Quickfire

How hard is it to catch a ball released at 25 miles an hour? - cameronbrown

9 Placement
10 Tremor

This one is just ridiculously hard

This one should be first!

The Contenders

11 Digit

Who can move a ball along a beam without it dropping off only using one finger? - cameronbrown

12 Construction

It is very difficult to build a tower of 10 blocks without it falling down plus inside the cube pressure builds up on U. - cameronbrown

13 Composure
14 Momentum
15 Direction

In my opinion it is very difficult to walk along a 30cm wide path without stepping out of it blindfolded. - cameronbrown

So simple I don't get why people can lose so many lives on this
tried it at home and have never failed at this

16 Metronome

Come on who can memorise a tune of 20 notes? - cameronbrown

You do not have to memorise 20 notes

17 Sequence
18 Hit Rate
19 Precision

Who can flick a ball into a container positioned 60cm away using one finger? - cameronbrown

20 Contact
21 Descent

It's harder than it looks to bounce a ball on
Two columns and into a bucket.

Its either you can or you can't
amazingly difficult

22 Axis

The simplify on this is ridiculously unhelpful for an already difficult game..

23 Polt

Is this a game

24 Multi-Shot
25 Pulse

You forgot this.

26 Calculate
27 Reposition
28 Velocity + Spike

I can't do either of them

29 Velocity
30 Multisphere
31 Grid
32 Succession
33 Void

How can u roll a disk into a slot with it going straight the whole way?!

34 Revolution
35 Capacity

This is hard

36 Quadrant

There are people who lose all their lives on it
don't underestimate this game

It looks easy it is impossible
without a simplify

37 Reflex
38 Exchange
39 Locate
40 Tilt
41 Reversal
42 Rebound
43 Focus
44 Dimension
45 Release
46 Capture
47 Side-Track
48 Selection
49 Stack
50 Formation
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