Hardest Games Played On The Cube

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1 Elevation

Come on it is virtually impossible to lift that tube without the ball dropping out! - cameronbrown

I've tried it at home, impossible

It must be harder than it looks to elevate that tube without
Letting the ball fall out.

What? I have no idea why there is only one choice on here when this is the top TEN list. HUU

2 Composure

It is very difficult to guide that ring around the hoop without making contact. - cameronbrown

3 Barrier

I don't see why this is hard tried it at home and I've never failed it, even with three barriers

It is difficult to step over barriers blindfolded without disloging them. - cameronbrown

4 Vault

This is very hard

5 Cylinder

This is very difficult proved to the people who play it come on bouncing a ball into a small bucket? - cameronbrown

The simplest concepts are what tend to be the hardest.

It is a large container

6 Pinpoint

How on earth are you meant to guide a pole through 3 tiny rings

7 Expulsion

How is this hard. 3/3 people have played it at £50k and won. 4/4 at £20k! - DylanB5

8 Quickfire

How hard is it to catch a ball released at 25 miles an hour? - cameronbrown

9 Digit

Who can move a ball along a beam without it dropping off only using one finger? - cameronbrown

10 Placement

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11 Tremor

I have done this about 15 times. Lost about 1-2 lives. Got a few no lives lost got once with 3 lives lost - DylanB5

This one is just ridiculously hard

This one should be first!

12 Construction

It is very difficult to build a tower of 10 blocks without it falling down plus inside the cube pressure builds up on U. - cameronbrown

13 Direction

In my opinion it is very difficult to walk along a 30cm wide path without stepping out of it blindfolded. - cameronbrown

So simple I don't get why people can lose so many lives on this
tried it at home and have never failed at this

14 Precision

Who can flick a ball into a container positioned 60cm away using one finger? - cameronbrown

15 Metronome

Come on who can memorise a tune of 20 notes? - cameronbrown

You do not have to memorise 20 notes

16 Momentum
17 Hit Rate
18 Descent

It's harder than it looks to bounce a ball on
Two columns and into a bucket.

Its either you can or you can't
amazingly difficult

19 Multi-Shot
20 Sequence
21 Axis

The simplify on this is ridiculously unhelpful for an already difficult game..

22 Polt

Is this a game

23 Exchange

No this is officially the hardest game this an octodefeating game (defeated 8 players) - DylanB5

24 Reversal
25 Dimension
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