Top 10 Hardest Geometry Dash Levels made by RobTop

Today I'm going to go over the Top 10 hardest levels in Geometry Dash. Please keep in mind I am only counting levels made by RobTop for this. You are likely going to be upset because very hard levels aren't making this list. Without further ado, I present the list!

The Top Ten

1 Deadlocked Deadlocked

Was there any doubt? I haven't made it to even 20% so I will just tell you this: triple speed + wave = RobTop getting death messages. All the pros manage to beat this within hundreds of attempts, yet it takes them THOUSANDS of attempts to beat #2. Where's the logic behind that?! I already got +350 attempts on this beast and I'm still lucky to even make it to 17%. - YMCA

Definitely the hardest RobTop level. Triple speed wave, memorization ships, a lot of traps, and more. True hell.

I have beaten every official level except for deadlocked and I have 70%

Of course - randyr

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2 Theory of Everything 2

I have beat every official level EXCEPT this one (80%)

The only robtop demon I beat - Unknownguy

Harder than deadlocked

Mainly filled on FAKE BLOCKS, RINGS, AND WAYS - Doggus

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3 Clubstep

This level is definitely harder than deadlocked... Unless you are much better at the rocket then at the wave. Also, deadlocked is easier then ToE 2. (You will hate me for this)

Very hard with the upside down portals in FLYING MODE - Doggus

Lol my brother said that this is harder than deadlocked

I struggle on this a lot ;-;

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4 Electrodynamix

We all know how much everyone hates triple spikes but quadruple spikes?! Geez, this level is really messed up sometimes

The triple speed ship part is SO cancer. Thank god I finished it this morning.

I always liked it, because it's not very hard Or easy. Not the hardest though


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5 Clutterfunk

That's right everyone. I do not think Electrodynamix is the hardest INS4NE level, but instead Clutterfunk. What can even be said about this level? The first coin's pure evil, the ship sections require PRECISE tapping, and the last cube section was (let's face it) made to ruin your life. However, I have a feeling I'm going to be given a LOT of h8 messages for putting this above ToE 2 (this is in my opinion though) - YMCA

This level isn't that hard compared to Electrodynamix but watch out for the first flying part - Neonco31

This level is pretty hard but I don't understand why this topped electrodynamix

i beat it

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6 Hexagon Force

It is easier than electrodynamix once you complete the dual cubes and mini balls - Doggus

People treat like an angel level that is easier than electrodynamix but actually is hardest

I've been stuck on this level for 6 months

This level is good, I beat it with all three coins but needs to be #6 - Unknownguy

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7 Fingerdash

It's a hard level but not the hardest

This is the hardest level

This level is ez - Unknownguy

8 Time Machine

Back in the day this was the real deal. There were triple spikes EVERYWHERE, ship sections narrower than God knows what, and rule of thumb: who else died several times at the 86% transition? Not to mention pulling an upside-down ship section out of nowhere at the very end is trollier than the Nazis themselves. - YMCA

I have completed this level a 1000 times

It's hard-ish, but that 86% though...

This level is extremly easy

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9 Electroman Adventures

Tricky at times, especially the last ball part. Timing is key there. Multiple crashes at 92%. - YMCA

The easiest insane level - Unknownguy

Well I finally did it - GrapeJuiceK

10 Geometrical Dominator

Coins can be annoying, the speed changing as well - Doggus

Pretty tricky to pull off at times, 70-80% must rely on memory, but I found it pretty easy, so it barely makes the list. - YMCA

Quite easy

The Contenders

11 Theory Of Everything

I am stuck on the
last 25%. don't know what to do.

12 Cycles

Let's be real here. The only reason this is on the list is because of the ship section, and even then, it's easy if you know the trick. There's some insidiousness and triple spikes here and there, but other than that it's kind of forgettable. Next! - YMCA

Back in 1.8 this was the bane of my existence - Phillip873

This level is just plain confusing.

No, this level is also ez, very poorly made and rushed too - Unknownguy

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13 Can't Let Go

Seriously this level is not harder than hexagon force - Unknownguy

This level is the worst

Y'see, back in the day, upside-down sections were tricky. And that's literally the only reason this level is on the list. I had so much trouble I almost gave up on GD after that. I even crashed at 98% once >:( This is one of the only levels on this list that took me at least 0.5k attempts. - YMCA


14 Back on Track

Lol some kid above me can't take a joke

HARder thaN bACk on tRaCK

Lol I used to rage on this

You've got to be kidding me. The RobTop version was the easy one. The fanmade one was the insane one. It says on the title "by RobTop" so this should get off the list.

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15 xStep

Ending ball part can really annoy due to timing, plus the upside down part from the long ship part can catch you off guard - Doggus

Has some narrow ship sections and insidious rings and pads, but just practice and its fine. - YMCA

Pretty easy

16 Stereo Madness

Beat this bad boy on my 5th try

Also beat it 5th try

Ok, This is from someone who has beat ToE, ToE 2, Clutterfunk, Fingerdash, Deadlock, Electrodynamix and Clubstep... ThIs LeVel is sooom hard. Should be Demon

17 Fingerbang

Meh. Might be hard due to a possible 13 star rating, but we must wait - Doggus


Yes, but its called "Fingerdash" (2.1 is out! )

Need more bannanas

18 Jumper

Should trade places with can't Let Go.

19 Blast Processing
20 Brain Power

This is not a real level lol - randyr

Still in Release.

21 Polargeist


22 Dry Out
23 15th

Yes, electrodynamix - Doggus


24 Bloodbath

Lol rubrub make this game = bloodbath

25 Base After Base
26 Poltergeist
27 The Challenge
28 Striker
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