Top 10 Hardest Geometry Dash Levels made by RobTop

Today I'm going to go over the Top 10 hardest levels in Geometry Dash. Please keep in mind I am only counting levels made by RobTop for this. You are likely going to be upset because very hard levels aren't making this list. Without further ado, I present the list!

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1 Deadlocked Deadlocked

This level is insane! I screamed and raged when I played this! The waves are very tight and at triple speed. This is the only Robtop level that took me over 1000 attempts. The day I beat it was the best day of my life! - DrayTopTens

I could barely beat it in practice mode and you won't ever get past the rainbow maze

Easiest robtop demon

Yup, pure beautiful cancer right here

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2 Clubstep

Clubstep in my opinion is harder than to2 but easier than deadlocked. But I still love the soundtrack.

Holy * bleep * this is harder than theory of everything 2, even though I got more percentage completed, it has more timings and after 75% ships are absoulete insane, the gravity portals mid ship is just insanity, also the mini ufo timings is pretty difficult.

I personally think this is harder than TOE 2 because of tricky timings and insane ship sections. Generally I suck at ships, so this is much harder for me. I think this should be second place.

Clubstep makes a good second place. It's true that while it doesn't have access to duals and speed changes, it does have access to those evil ship sections. TOE 2 has difficult parts, but only in certain segments. However, Clubstep is basically demon mode from 60% on (god I hate those ship parts). - Destroyar4699

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3 Theory of Everything 2

So much easier than Clubstep.

To my opinion, Clubstep is harder than this level. Sure, TOE 2 has that super difficult ship part around 80%, but what does it have besides that? It's mainly a timing demon and if you get all the timings correct, you win. Also, the ball part near the end is easy once you memorize it. - Destroyar4699

Harder than Deadlocked, easier than Back on Track

I have beat every official level EXCEPT this one (80%)

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4 Electrodynamix

The spikes appear out of nowhere - Jukeboxhero

It's the only robtop level I haven't beat yet - FireRageYT

Just a little bit higher than clutterfunk

In my opinion this and TOE 2 should be switched... The triple speed and mini ship were absolute hell for me... so much rage for this level

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5 Clutterfunk

Clutterfunk is easy. No rage at all…

Everyone thinks this harder than Electrodynamix, until they play Electrodynamix. Clutterfunk a bit of memorization and one hard shid part nothing much to it really.

Pure Annoyance - WorldPuncher47592834

This is ez why did I vote for this. - Appletwo985

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6 Hexagon Force

Harder than clutterfunk

The level design is just complicated - WorldPuncher47592834

This is WAY harder than Clutterfunk, but still easier than Electrodynamix

It is easier than electrodynamix once you complete the dual cubes and mini balls - Doggus

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7 Fingerdash

I beat this level, but I had so much rage while playing it.

Can't figure out what the lyrics are n the song for this level but from what I heard its goes "cold buckets, feed the weeps, began the harm".

One of the only insane levels, I have completed yet. Should be harder 8 Star rated.

This is the hardest level

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8 Time Machine

I keep crashing at 97% I just can't beat it

13 Triple Spikes! - WorldPuncher47592834

Back in the day this was the real deal. There were triple spikes EVERYWHERE, ship sections narrower than God knows what, and rule of thumb: who else died several times at the 86% transition? Not to mention pulling an upside-down ship section out of nowhere at the very end is trollier than the Nazis themselves. - YMCA

I have completed this level a 1000 times

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9 Geometrical Dominator

RobTop removed it before I even played it in any mode

Dude I made 98...I am 100 crushed and broke my computer

Good Music but the level is kinda hard but I beat it like 500 times. - WorldPuncher47592834

Hardest GD Level of all time (except the extreme demons )

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10 Electroman Adventures

Complex level design. The hardest mirror transition in the game is in this level so hands down. - WorldPuncher47592834

Best music ever - WorldPuncher47592834

X-Step is easier and TOE - WorldPuncher47592834

Tricky at times, especially the last ball part. Timing is key there. Multiple crashes at 92%. - YMCA

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The Contenders

11 Theory Of Everything

I am stuck on the
last 25%. don't know what to do.

12 Cycles

The last ball of cycles is living hell for me. Even CLUTTERFUNK is easier than that part of cycles

Let's be real here. The only reason this is on the list is because of the ship section, and even then, it's easy if you know the trick. There's some insidiousness and triple spikes here and there, but other than that it's kind of forgettable. Next! - YMCA

Back in 1.8 this was the bane of my existence - Phillip873

This level is just plain confusing.

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13 Back on Track

This joke is still on. - WorldPuncher47592834


Lol I used to rage on this

Lol some kid above me can't take a joke

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14 Can't Let Go

Seriously this level is not harder than hexagon force - Unknownguy

This level is the worst

Y'see, back in the day, upside-down sections were tricky. And that's literally the only reason this level is on the list. I had so much trouble I almost gave up on GD after that. I even crashed at 98% once >:( This is one of the only levels on this list that took me at least 0.5k attempts. - YMCA


15 xStep

Xstep is easier than cycles?

How could Back On Track top it!? - Appletwo985

Easiest insane but coin 3 is hard - WorldPuncher47592834

I can get to 60% before dying

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16 Stereo Madness

The 3rd coin is super hard - WorldPuncher47592834

Also beat it 5th try

Beat this bad boy on my 5th try

Ok, This is from someone who has beat ToE, ToE 2, Clutterfunk, Fingerdash, Deadlock, Electrodynamix and Clubstep... ThIs LeVel is sooom hard. Should be Demon

17 Fingerbang

Need more bannanas

Meh. Might be hard due to a possible 13 star rating, but we must wait - Doggus


Yes, but its called "Fingerdash" (2.1 is out! )

18 Jumper

1st coins the hardest - WorldPuncher47592834

Should trade places with can't Let Go.

19 Blast Processing
20 Brain Power

This is not a real level lol - randyr

Still in Release.

21 Polargeist

That last coin is super hard - WorldPuncher47592834


22 Dry Out
23 Poltergeist
24 Bloodbath

Lol rubrub make this game = bloodbath

Oof. 77 precent.

25 Electrocancernamix

Too hard of a level


26 Sonic Wave

Butt holes think it is deadlocked

27 15th

Yes, electrodynamix - Doggus


28 Base After Base

Easy coins. - WorldPuncher47592834

29 Spike Spike

One of GD’s lost levels

30 Back on Track is Easy
31 The Challenge
32 Striker
33 Rainbow City

So hard beat it on my 3000 attempt

34 Stereostep

This Is The Level I Created Today it’s Is Kinda Hard Kinda easy! It’s Like Stereo Madness. This level could Be Harder!

35 Nine Circles


36 Silent Circles
37 Zodiac

Jk lol its ez

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