Top 10 Hardest Geometry Dash Levels

The Top Ten Hardest Geometry Dash Levels

1 Deadlocked

Words cannot describe how much I hate Deadlocked. It is one of, if not the worst, Robtop levels in Geometry Dash. Prior to 27 July 2019, the day of the triple-speed wave crash, I hated Geometrical Dominator. The music can be very repetitive, especially in the end. It is also, in my opinion, far too difficult to be just 15 stars. And Clutterfunk gets 11 stars? It s far too EASY imao to be a cool kid (hard insane), but at least it isn't LOCKY and STUPID and it is actually a GOOD LEVEL and one of, if not the best, Robtop Geometry Dash levels. But the worst of this level is the triple-speed wave segment. OH MY GOD, DID ROBTOP EVEN TRY? It's so sad, dumb, crazy, and belonging in a different level. (Cough Clubstep Cough). Also, it is the only reason why Theory Of Everything 2 is a Cry Baby. I do not mean offense of any kind to Robtop. I also respect your opinion if you like this level - as a matter of fact, I am happy you can actually enjoy this hot mess of a level, unlike me. And if you ...more - Moyachhka

No this is not the hardest level. Somebody change this list

Yeah pretty much. I mean, it is the last demon level, so it should be the hardest.

It's the easiest demon in the original series, so...

2 Sonic Wave

Sonic wave is an extreme demon unlike deadlocked witch is a hard demon

For this list, it was either this or Bloodbath. I voted for Bloodbath on a different list, and also more people have beaten Bloodbath than have beaten this. This level was made by a hacker, and only a few people have beat it. That means it is pretty dang hard. But Silent Clubstep, Silent Circles, Haunted Corridor, and Back on Track need to be here too

This level is a ' nightmare bs but still ' good if your pr4o that is!

This should get out of this list. This is not a official level.

3 Clubstep

Even though theirs no speed boosts, it' seems so fast, and theirs so many parts that seem like secret paths but their NOT

Two words: demon level

It took me more than 20000 tries to complete

I can only get 6% on my device

4 Bloodbath

It's impossible well not really but it should be on this list

not hard cause of bloodlust but its still hard

I tried and I got only 1%

I played it I got 1%

5 Electrodynamix

How this not #1?! It took me 700 attempts just to beat PRACTICE MODE!

It's so freaked FAST

Harder than Clubstep in my opinion and possibly harder than ToE 2

I can't pass ten %

6 Clutterfunk


Funk is the best

Your mini too much

So fun, but I hate the 1st rocket and the indigo mini part

This level IS SO EASY! - HYDRAflash

7 Hexagon Force


8 Theory of Everything

Theory of everything. The hardest level lets you tell theories of everything you see even the spike the block the wave

It's th mini ufo that is hard

What the heck l

9 Theory of Everything 2

It just has no space the entire level

Why is this all the way down here it is a demon.

Why #7 is this supposed to be #2?

I'm voting because I've passed both the original Theory of Everything and Clutterfunk, yet they're both placed higher than Theory of Everything 2, which I am stuck at a lousy 14%!

10 Sakupen Hell

This is way harder

The Contenders

11 Yatagarasu

Toe is insane yatagarasu is extreme demon

The Hardest and Most Underrated level in the game. Thanks Endlevel.

THIS SHOULD BE #1! ~! - Easahby

12 Electroman Adventures

da phuc

13 Conical Depression

Easy for extreme, it only took me 1,052 attempts.

14 Silent Circles

This is almost impossible.Much harder than Sonic Wave,Bloodbath,Erebus or any level in grometry dash.

It will take 48 hours in practice mode lol


15 Phobos

This is the best level ever made!

16 Artificial Ascent
17 Silent Circles XII

I think ima skip this

18 Geometrical Dominator

I hate the part that is black and when you land the thing you land on turns visible maybe I should use it in a level but I don't
like it so should I?

it is really hard

19 Theory of Silent
20 Bloodlust

Guys, I found out a secret so right at the beginning press and hold and it will take you to some never-ending pointer mode thing! - XxSEVEREDHUMANITYxX

I don’t want to sign in and add Zodiac. I can’t get passed one percent and a variety of the top players agree to this being number two on the list.

I can't even get to 3% on this one

just why? JUST WHY?!?!

21 Infernal Abyss
22 Silent Clubstep
23 Time Machine

Jam finger a me have hard pretty It's

This took me thousands of attempts to complete man

Ha reversecycology was making yall die

24 Cataclysm

It's not an original level, I'm not counting it

Why is this more easy than stereo madness

This should be in the top spot so hard!

This should be #1

25 Stereo Madness

How the hell is is level hard? Dude, on Practice mode I only needed 47 attempts and on Normal Mode I only needed 61 attempts!

T they put stereo madness higher than a demon

It is so easy I did it like 50 times


26 Silent Processing

Really? Blast Processing instead of this?

27 Crimson Clutter
28 Athanatos
29 Sakupen Circles
30 xStep
31 Back On Track

Crimson Planet ain't got nothing on this.

Anyone get past the first spike without using HAX?


32 The Ultimate Phase
33 Bloodbath V2

robtop ban this from gd

34 Blast Processing

You rather pick this easier than jumper, theirs ARROW LINES AT THIS THAT can't CURVE

My personal favorite level

35 Windy Landscape
36 Down Bass
37 Slaughterhouse

I'm glad it got deleted

38 Can't Let Go
39 Ice Carbon Diablo X
40 Red World

its impossible….. or is it?

41 Stereo Demoness
42 Silent Aftercatabath

Basically silent cataclysm + silent bloodbath + silent aftermath all in one

So Easy

43 Invisible Deadlocked

How can you beat a level even like Deadlocked if you can't see it?

44 Cycles

Voted because it's a full-blown difficulty spike

Voted because it has so many spikes and tunnels in the begining

45 Jumper

Getting the first Star Coin is so annoying. The ceiling feels like a magnet every time you're upside down in a space ship. 😤😠

46 Theory of Skrilex
47 Theory of Firepower

Not sure why this isn't higher up on the list but...

48 Base After Base
49 Dry Out
50 Polargeist
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