Top Ten Hardest Goldeneye 007 Levels

Simply name just the short level name in the mission selection screen, not the full name. For example: "Dam" instead of "Byleomorye Dam". Also, choices should be based on 00 agent difficulty.

The Top Ten

1 Aztec

Same here really hard how did people pass these levels back in the day

This one was just the hardest

Just insane.

2 Control

Auto turrets and protecting Natalia. The two worst parts of the game

I have beaten every single level in Goldeneye 007 on 00 Agent except for the Control - beatles5

This level is hard but is one of the best

3 Jungle

The jungle level was the most hardest level in goldeneye by far nothing comes close

The jungle level is insane hard

4 Train

You have to escape the train kill thousands of enemies and try to save the girl in a tricky way

5 Caverns

Hard but fun as the f word best level

6 Streets

You have to avoid everything in this level

This one should be number 1

This level is hard

7 Depot

One of the hardest in this game

A great level really fun

8 Silo

A cool level love it

9 Statue

This level is hard because it's dark

10 Archives

This was a really hard level

The Contenders

11 Egyptian Temple

This level was really hard I mean should be in the top 3

12 Cradle

How is this not in the top 3? Insanely hard at Secret Agent.

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