Top Ten Hardest Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Missions

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1 Supply Lines

I don’t know why but I didn’t have any trouble with this mission at all, I passed it on the first try without any problems. Guess I’m the only one who finds this easy.

The controls of the RC plane is fine, but the lack of fuel is the true problem

The horrible control of the RC plane is what bring the frustration.

Underrated opinion: Toreno's missions are harder than Zero's ones.

2 Wrong Side of The Tracks

It took me like one or two tries to beat and I really don't get it why everyone says it was so hard? I thought it was really easy, you just gotta follow the train and big smoke shoots - suphoes

3 OG Loc

I hate that mission and it took me forever to beat - suphoes

Bum of a mission

Easy - venomouskillingmachine

4 Freefall
5 End of The Line

Easy for the last mission - venomouskillingmachine

6 Black Project

Never came close to failing once. - Puga

7 You've Had Your Chips
8 Reuniting the Families

This was really hard and took me forever to beat - suphoes

9 Interdiction

I did it pistol only and this was BY FAR the hardest mission. I mean, even with a RL it's still pretty hard

10 N.O.E
The Contenders
11 Just Business

I thought it was easy to beat - suphoes

12 Farewell, My Love

I think this is one of the hardest - suphoes

I didn't like this mission and took me so many tries. ugh - suphoes

13 Sweets Girl
14 Vertical Bird

I hated this mission so much, I became mad just like CJ xD

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