Top Ten Hardest Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Missions

The Top Ten

1 Demolition Man

The Hardest Mission in the game! It is almost impossible to clear. It took me 8 years to drop 3 bombs. And finally when one of my friends cleared it for me, I was surprised to get only $1000! I was expecting at least $5000. Anyway, this mission is a curse to all players. No other mission in the game is as hard as this one.

2 Keep Your Friends Close
3 Bombs Away
4 Rub Out
5 Death Row
6 Shakedown
7 Love Juice
8 Messing With The Man

I haven't playing this level yet just before a DVD read error shows on my screen. - playstationfan66

9 Sir, Yes Sir
10 Cap The Collector

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11 The Job
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