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1 Back Handspring

These are all probably the easiest moves, They can be hard for some people but the are pretty easy. I only said back handspring because it took me the longest to get!

I vote back handspring because it took me 2 years to get it. Now I work on tucks and layouts.

Have not mastered it yet, still trying. Been trying for the longest time!

Backhandsprings are hard to learn but once you get it they're easy.

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2 Front Handspring

So easy, I got it on my first try, and the coaches didn't even tell me how to do it!

This took me a while to get but it is pretty easy

Hard at first, but gets easier to do.

I can do a front hand
spring and I'm not in gymnastics

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3 Chest Stand

Chest stand I think that it is very hard to do and how does anybody be able to stand on their chest just saying not trying to be mean or anything just saying if I am I'm really very sorry


In my opinion I believe that the chest stand was the easy then the back bend or for me anyways

I can't I really close breaking my chest still hurts but not that much

Seriously who voted for this and not a double double

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4 Somersault

That's the easiest thing in the world

I have a two year old cousin who has already perfected this trick

Agree. A five year old can do a somersault


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5 Elbow Stand

It took me a long time to get this one!



So not harde

6 Round-Off

Round off is so easy

Round-offs are actually quite easy, it didn't take me very long to master it a few years ago - kaitlynrad11

This is practically the same thing as a cartwheel, so easy!

Easy peasy lemon squeezuy

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7 Front Walkover

I have to try this but most of these are not hard I'm surprised aerial is not on here

Obsessed with them

It's kind of hard

Easy with a capital E

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8 Arabian Flip

It is so hard to learn as you have to be able to have a lot of height and momentum to pull off such a trick like this.

I can't do it but It is one of the hardest

Not even hard

Oh my gosh it is so hard

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9 Korbut Flip

R u serious? Back handspring is first and this flipping move is banned because it is so hard and dangerous, duh

She does a backsault form the high bar catches it. Such a hard move that it is banned!

17? And backhandsping is number 1?


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10 Handstand

It not one of the hardest but it is hard to hold because you have to shift your weight through your fingers

Handstand is not HARD AT ALL

I can do it but I am back on my feet in 3 seconds

Even I can do this,Come on this list is with gymnasticnoobs

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11 Splits

You have to work on your splits constantly. I remember I could do the splits both ways perfectly, and then I didn't do any gymnastics throughout the whole summer. Now I have to work on the splits all over again

They are the hardest from this list

Easiest thing you'll ever learn

Splits are so easy

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12 Finger Stand

Impossible to do and please don't try it at home

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13 Back Bend

I just a learned one. It took me a week or 2 it can hurt your back but it depends how flexible you are

It is so easy it took me fifteen minutes to get it and I even did it into a chest stand

Once I nearly broke my back doing it

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14 Aerials

I did it once but ever since then, I still haven't done it. I watched tutorials, got help with family members still can't do it!

I have searched up YouTube videos on how to do on e but I still can't

My fave moves are side ariel and back handspring. Side Ariel is way easier than it looks!

You are right hard

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15 Giants V 2 Comments
16 Kart Wheel

Its Cart wheel

These are super easy
I got them in 10 minutes

I aredy know how to do this

No offense
but this skill is easy
and it starts woth "c" not "k"

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17 Ariel On The Beam

I an not even do an Ariel on the tumble track!

I can barely do one on floor


I can do that

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18 Presshandstand

I am so close to this but its not as hard as it looks, I thought it would be extremely hard

It's hard because it needs much strength and balance for it

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19 Double Front Flip

Hard a lot of these my little sister can do, she is 5 years old some of these are basic tricks, like seriously, SOMERSAULT?!

I have done one and its not a somersault you do to flips in the air in tuck that's a DOUBLE FRONT TUCK/FLIP

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20 Full Layout V 3 Comments
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