Hardest Gymnastics Moves


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21 Back Flip V 2 Comments
22 Maltese Cross

Really. Hard but fun always good to have a try


I really think it is almost impossible.😤

23 Kip V 1 Comment
24 I Love Puppies

Puppies rule



Right back at ya! puppies rock!
even though is isn't a skill, I feel ya!

V 1 Comment
25 Back Handspring Full Twist

That is a hard move for someone who is self thought like me!

26 Planche
27 Scorpion

It's when you put your legs up to your head and you keep the other leg straight on the ground.

28 Backwards Aerial

Fid not master it until I was nine

V 2 Comments
29 Barchange

All you have to do is keep our shoulders forward

30 Back Tuck
31 Quad Twist

This is so hard back handsprings are easy

Literally no woman can do this...only a few. How is back handspring 1st! Are you joking

V 1 Comment
32 Bridge V 3 Comments
33 Double Back Handspring

I reckon that's one of the hard things to do

This is really difficult, I'm not joking.

V 1 Comment
34 Chest Roll

This was really hard till I got it

V 1 Comment
35 Back Walkover

Not hard at all

36 Ariel
37 Back Layout
38 Back Limber
39 Illusion
40 Jump Kickover

Its really easy to do. It only took me 2 day to learn how to do one.

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