Hardest Half Life (1998) Chapters

The Top Ten Hardest Half Life (1998) Chapters

1 Surface Tension

It's also hard because you don't have that much ammo compared to before chapter 9

This chapter is very long and full with puzzles

This chapter really confused the player. Also the chopper creates the tension for the player.It keep coming back again and again.

2 Nihilanth
3 'We've got Hostiles'

If I remember correctly this was one of the hardest - MatrixGuy

4 Apprehension
5 Interloper
6 Power Up
7 Questionable Ethics
8 Blast Pit

The tentacles are so annoying the final time you go around them, they always hit me when they randomly peck, even if I am crouch walking

9 On a Rail


10 Gonarch's Lair

The Contenders

11 Lambda Core
12 'Forget about Freeman'
13 Unforseen Circumstances
14 Residue Processing
15 Black Mesa Inbound
16 Xen
17 Anomalous Materials
18 Office Complex
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