Hardest Half Life 2 Chapters

One of the most popular video game of the 2000s hardest chapters.

The Top Ten Hardest Half Life 2 Chapters

1 Follow Freeman!

My favorite part in the game.

Gunships, Stryders and Overwatch forces as many as they can, in other words a hell of a chapter - MatrixGuy

2 We Don't Go to Ravenholm

I thought it was pretty easy

The most scary one.

3 Entanglement
4 Water Hazard
5 Nova Prospekt

Where the heck do I go?! -myself

It took me over 2 hours to get through that chapter

6 Highway 17
7 Anticitizen One
8 Dark Energy

Despite this was the final chapter it wasn't that hard because of the gravity gun - MatrixGuy

9 Sandtraps

When you step once in sands, Antlions just keep popping up, really annoying

10 Our Benefactors

The Contenders

11 Route Kanal
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