Top Ten Hardest Halo Missions from 3, Reach and 4

Here is the top 10 list of the hardest halo missions on legendary solo from halo 3, reach and 4.

The Top Ten

1 Long Night Of Solace:Halo Reach
2 The Pillar of Autumn:Halo Reach
3 Sierra 117: Halo 3

Not true at all

4 Halo: Halo 3
5 Tsavo Highway: Halo 3
6 Nightfall: Halo Reach
7 The Covenant: Halo 3
8 ONI Sword Base: Halo Reach
9 Exodus: Halo Reach
10 Infinity: Halo 4

The Contenders

11 Cortana: Halo 3

When your done with it, you realize it was generally simple and only had a few sections. For me, it got easy after you finished into that room where there were several levels and you had to snipe the Flood from off them while the crawlers were attacking. However, destroying and escaping High Charity was quite easy if you saved all the energy in your energy sword. However, before the room I mentioned before it is the most tedious, enemy filled, annoying long piece of crap making it the hardest and worst level in all of Halo in my opinion, next to the Library and Two Betrayals, which at least gave you ammo! Also, at times tricky to know where to go and then when you find the right room have to keep circling back to get ammo. Only took me about an hour and a half but still, it was a really slow moving mission with unlimited enemies. Also, the visions or whatever from Cortana and Gravemind slow it down even more. Bungie is forgiven though, because 2 masterpieces procedes it and another ...more

There's an army of flood, everywhere you go, literally! and it gets worse as you further progress in the level - Livirus

12 Midnight: Halo 4
13 Forerunner: Halo 4
14 Floodgate: Halo 3
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