Hardest High School Math Topics

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1 Trigonometry

It's a little bit difficult after I have begun learning trigonometry. It was very easy at first, but I experience a few bumps on my way. Most of the part I have tackled through. I shall be aware and prepared for more complicated trig problems though - Kevinsidis

It is very very difficult topic as it not only comprises of trigonometry concepts but it's a mix match of all topics in maths

2 Differentiation and Integration

I will also be prepared and aware whenever I get to do Pre-Calculus or Calculus. - Kevinsidis

3 Natural Logarithms
4 Logarithms
5 Algebra

Ohhh yes

6 Binomial Theorem
7 Statistics
8 Probability
9 Complex Numbers
10 Vectors

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11 Abstract Algebra
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