Top 10 Hardest Hyrule Warriors Scenarios

I just beat the game, so I will show you my 10 hardest scenarios as I played through the game.

The Top Ten

1 Ganon's Tower

This stage definitely had the hardest boss, Ganon! - Adamshane1999

2 Palace of Twilight

I worked through this stage for days, I just couldn't stop but let Zant's Forces destroy the Allied Base! - Adamshane1999

3 Sealed Grounds

That's because this stage was complex and had a hard boss, and the Imprisoned, who was a very difficult boss to fight - Adamshane1999

4 Valley of Seers

Volga, Manhandla, Cia, they are hard to fight! - Adamshane1999

5 Gerudo Desert

Because you have to fight 1 boss then 2 bosses at the same time on your first visit! 2 mini bosses and then 2 at the same time, expect overpowered on your 2nd visit! - Adamshane1999

You fight three bosses at once in my opinion Goma is the worst

6 Twilight Field

Midna was such a hard boss to fight! - Adamshane1999

7 Death Mountain

Too much running around and controlling other keeps! - Adamshane1999

8 Temple of Souls

Ganondorf and Dark Link first appeared there! - Adamshane1999

9 Temple of the Sacred Sword
10 Skyloft

Because you had to fight Volga in this scenario at the end, and gotten too overpowered! - Adamshane1999

The Contenders

11 March of the Demon King

It took me so long to beat that! I couldn’t get all the Lanas from escaping

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