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The electric guitar is a type of guitar that unlike an acoustic guitar, is solid body instead of hollow. They use pickups and amps to produce sound that's audible from more than a few feet. They are mainly used in rock and metal music and in those genres are commonly the main instruments. A few notable ...read more.


While I agree a piano might be one of the hardest, the guitar requires you to manipulate strings to produce notes. A guitar is harder than most strings because it has 6 string where most others have only 4. I don't think hitting notes with precision like on a violin really count as hard to do. Once you get good at any instrument, you should be able to hit a note perfectly without thinking about it. With a guitar it might not be as noticeable when hitting a note slightly off, but anyone that's any good considers this unacceptable. The violin has a small neck making it easier to play faster, so anyone who thinks needing to play fast is a valid argument is wrong. Some of the best guitarist play just as fast and have to move a longer distance across a neck and stretch their fingers farther. Guitars have all the same elements like vibratos. Most of the people who are voting for the violin seem to know nothing about the guitar and just think because it's an instrument they play it should be ...more

I have played the violin, tuba, and the electric guitar, and I have found that the electric guitar is definitely the HARDEST instrument to play. There's the acoustic guitar, and the acoustic is harder at the beginning, but it should take a shorter time to master acoustic because it doesn't have as many tricks as electric. There are... Like dozens, maybe HUNDREDS of different styles, techniques, etc. On an electric guitar. I don't think the violin should be at the top. Have you ever seen a guy shredding ultra fast on a violin? There is also only one style to master on the violin: classical. Only a guitar has the difficulty of shredding, tapping, multiple styles and lots more. 24 frets and 6 strings is a LOT harder than an instrument with 4 strings. The only other instrument that might have the same difficulty as the guitar is the piano since there's so many buttons on that thing.

I'd say that electric guitar has a very high difficulty to learn. I've been playing for 3 years now, and the only reason I'm as good as I am is because I locked myself in my room for 3-4 hours a night. Once you get past the burning callouses and dents in your fingertips, there is still a very huge world of things you haven't learned. In guitar, the string arrangements are yet confusing at first, and hard to get a grasp on. Keep in mind also that guitar chords take form in shapes almost, and you have to have to have good muscle memory to do, unlike the piano, which all you do is separate your fingers more accordingly. And there are so many different scales you can use to solo, different chord forms, chord progressions, and picking techniques that affect the difficulty.

I used to play both the guitar and piano, and I would say, the guitar is by far a whole lot harder than the piano, in fact, multiply the difficulty of the guitar by 10 compared to the piano. On a piano, the keys, and chords are right in front of you, and are a heck of a lot easier to find, not to mention your fingers get tired of pressing on the keys of a piano, but no where near as tired as pressing on the steel strings of a guitar, not to mention, finding the chords on a guitar is tough, along with the fact on certain chords, your fingers need to space out very far apart, and during solos, there is little room for error especially when you want the E & B strings to be on the same note when pressing down on the frets, and the notes need to be right on, or a slight difference in tone can ruin everything. I can go on, on how difficult it is to play the guitar, and it's not just the electric, the accoustic, classical, or any form of guitar is extremely tough to play and takes at least ...more

The people who believe the guitar is the easiest instrument to play are wrong. Guitar isn't just about strumming and singing along, that's just scratching the surface. Classical guitar is a different creature altogether. Like all classical instruments, you have to read the notes while keeping a good time. But unlike violin or flute, the guitar isn't reliant on any other instrument. Violins can only play their melody line and are dependent on an accompaniment most of the time. With guitar and piano, you are given a lot more depth to the music that can be accomplished using just you and your instrument. Because of this reason, I believe piano is the hardest because of the two clefs and guitar in second.

I am voting the guitar to be the hardest instrument to play. I do not have piano lessons, but can play many songs on the piano. So why is the guitar harder than the rest (it should at least be 2 on the list)? My guitars have 22 frets each, meaning that they can play 138 notes. That's a lot. Then we move onto chords. There are endless possibilities with chords, as they all come from the main chords - C A G E and D. So only five chords to learn, then everything will be easy? Think again. There are over 400,000 chords that you can play on the guitar. That's a heck of a lot. There are so many different styles of playing, so many different tricks to learn. You have to have dexterous fingers, and need to have a lot of skill to play the guitar. You can make people feel happy, sad, angry - the list goes on. And it's all with one instrument. The guitar isn't just an instrument that you can pick up and play. You can't say that because you can play a simple riff ( for example e, f, g and then ...more

I don't see how guitar is all the way down here while violin is at the top if they're so similar. And for heck sake Piano is even ahead of it? I play both and let me tell you, you can learn basic chords very fast on Piano since most of them are simply 3 notes separated by 1 space each, you can learn piano as a little kid, but as a kid your hand can't even fit around the neck of a guitar let alone play it. And as if guitar has no technique. There's loads of different styles of guitar playing just BECAUSE of all the different techniques. I at least want to see it higher than piano, that's all I ask.

On electric guitar the notes aren't just laid out for you like most other instruments. Besides the calliuses you have to build while playing need to be a lot more tough than acoustic since the strings are metal. There are notes which sound the same everywhere on the guitar, there are tonnes of different techniques you have to learn and a lot more scales. I have been playing electric guitar for 2 years (I know, not very long) And I am only joining the rock band at my school THIS YEAR. Whilst the brass was in their ensembles and the woodwind was in their ensembles and acoustic and classical guitarists were in their ensembles electric guitarists have only been in Jr Choir. And yes, I can read music, I can also play piano/keyboard and I can say now. It is a lot easier.

The guitar has so many possibilities, scales, modes, and arpeggios that to unbelievable. The time it takes to master these are outstandingly massive! And not only is it very difficult to master the knowledge of the guitar, but you also have to build stamina and coordination at an unbelievable level to play fast lead or rhythm guitar. And at a third level of mastery, there's so much emotion possible on the guitar that is just amazing and should never be under appreciated. This is easily the hardest instrument.

Several Rock Guitarists play out of the pentatonic minor scale, which involves the use of 5 notes. For different variation a good soloist can bend strings and change position all over the guitar neck. Giving them a distinct style and tone, it also helps develop finger spend and hand movement, slow and fast. No guitar is not an easy instrument to master. A lot people who are 3 chord specialists and play simple folk, country and rock songs in their living room think they are guitarists. They are very much just beginners, period.

With guitar you have to contort your hand and press down the strings behind the frets in odd patterns, switching around very quickly, all the while making sure you are holding the strings down with the appropriate tension to cleanly play each note of each chord, and not buzz the notes out. You other hand has to worry about similar control to avoid plucking the string with anything like the wrong attack so that strings play cleanly and ring true without buzzing. Notes are very hard to track, unlike piano where "C" is always in the same place within the keys. "C" is all over the place on a guitar fretboard. It's complicated, difficult and confusing. I love it!

If you think electric guitar is easy because all you know about playing the guitar is 'chords' you are clueless. Lead electric guitar work is the single hardest musical skill in the history of music instruments. FACT. The guitar is the hardest instrument to learn and master on this list by a mile. We are not talking about someone playing a few chords like a child. We are talking lead electric guitar playing. If you don't think electric guitar is the hardest instrument you simply have never tried to play a lead electric guitar riff in your life.

The main thing that is hard with guitar is not a problem in ANY other instrument. The noise. Do you realise that the pickups picks up every tiniest sound coming from the strings? You literally have to watch out for every single one of the 6, 7 or even 8 strings, no matter what your'e playing. And about the sheet music thing... No, most electric guitarists can't, but we can something more difficult and much more useful: improvise. Those classical players can only play whatever their teachers feed into them with their notations. Without the sheet, they're crippled. Guitarists, and basicly any band-instrument, has to learn their theory and develop muscle memory. Also, we bend strings. You don't

I have played the electric guitar for 50 years I'm 60 and I have also played EVERY other instrument on this list and this one had been the hardest. Second was violin, third cam in at drums and so forth thanks I hope I can post again before I die... I'm old :(

I've been playing an electric guitar for 1 year now, the introduction of learning a guitar may sound hard but after a few months or a year, they aren't so hard, what makes it LOOK hard is the fact that you are prone to getting mistakes, that's natural, we need to start from songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit and Smoke on the Water, then you can move to harder songs like Stairway to Heaven and Crazy Train

Guitar is very hard with lessons. But you don't really need lessons. After you start to feel the guitar you can play it. - queen11

Well, I know a lot of piano player who don't know how to read sheet music and besides guitar has so many diferent techniques that if you were to learn them all you would never be finished it's right violin is challenging because it doesn't tell you where the notes are but hell when you start guitar you can't play without seeing it but years later you are able to not even look at it while playing all that takes it practice but only because of the techniques I have to say guitar.

The comment above is under piano says people who play electric guitar can't read music.
music is not about reading, its about expression, musicality and performance. Many accomplished musicians in jazz and contemporary music have limited reading ability. Remember people listen to music, not look at it.

My opinion is the electric guitar is the best instrument and hardest to play. My friends that can't play guitar say guitars easy but I tell them to pick up the guitar and try to play Eddie Van Halen Eruption. It would be a laugh if they actually tried to play it. Maybe in about 10 years they will get the hang of it.

I think that the electric guitar is the hardest because you play really fast and you need to put your fingers in weird positions I think the acoustic guitar should come 2nd place because it kills your fingers when playing the chords. The piano is quiet easy because the notes are right out in front of you.

Guitar is simply GOD of instruments... No other instrument can produce this much variety of sound. Yes it is true that many people learn it just to pick up some chicks or to show off some attitude but to be a true player, you have thousand miles to go.

I agree electric guitar is hardest to play but to play any instrument good requires a lot of time and effort especially piano

Electric guitar is harder to master than piano and drums, though a beginner could make the right shapes sure, but is that really "playing"? Take it from someone who plays pretty much every instrument on this list, guitar should be higher on the list.

Now I want to learn how to play an electric guitar now thanks to band members like Billie Joe Armstrong and Tom DeLonge. But the guitar seems really difficult, I mean, imagine having to play very quickly on strings that hurt your fingers. - AnimeDrawer

I feel the electric guitar is really hard especially when you are young and can barely get your hands around the fret board. You also tend to burn your fingers a lot on the strings. I play the flute and piano as well.