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The flute is a family of musical instruments in the woodwind group. Unlike woodwind instruments with reeds, a flute is an aerophone or reedless wind instrument that produces its sound from the flow of air across an opening.


The flute is a very lyrical instrument, meaning it requires more air than any other woodwind instrument to get a good tone. Assuming you can even produce a note on your first day, you are guaranteed to get light headed until you've spent a good amount of time practicing. You really have to be expressive with your sound (which again, requires a ton of air) to make your playing impressive.
The flute also comes with so many technical difficulties, thanks to the fact that we must play it horizontally; it can get uncomfortable especially if you play for more than an hour. The fingering itself is actually pretty easy, but being able to play lightning fast passages is a quintessential feature of mastering the flute.
In conclusion, the flute demands the best of all aspects of musicality. You must be extremely determined and work hard every day to really stand out as an accomplished musician.

The amount of breath needed to play this instrument often leaves me feeling dizzy, and very much out of breath - sometimes it's as if I've just been running for a while. The hardest thing to perfect is the shape your mouth makes, and one tiny slip by one tiny finger can make the difference between you being flat, sharp, or having to miss out a whole bar of notes. The fingerings only get harder when you hit the high notes, I still struggle with them and the actual playing of these notes. I'm grade 4, have been playing for 5 years and there are still areas of the flute that are tricky for me. You can't just use TAB like with guitar or any kind of pattern, you just have to learn to read notes and all the annoyance that comes with it. Moving your fingers at a rate of knots is harder than it looks you know! But I still continue to play the flute and love it... it's just sometimes I get annoyed when I can't play that top A! The flute transports you to another world if played well.

Flute is the hardest, specially to master... Because of correct shape of mouth plus speed of air and accurate fingerings and tonguings.. Although others says that flute fingerings are easy.. When it comes to jumpy notes.. Its really hard cause the further the note to each other the more keys you press. People who say that flute is easy are people who just played the flute for a year and then just played a few EASY piece, then they say ya flute is easy.. Then why not try playing bach sonatas. Let see if flute is easy... In order to be a good flutist, one should master the alteration of mouth shape and speed of air.. Plus solid tones and tonguings.. And one should have a smooth playing... Violin is easy you just master the frets then your finish.. Piano can be easy and hard depending on the piece... Inmy opinion the hardest instrument is flute, the oboe then french horn... Flute rules...

Flute need all of the correct articulations, a clear sound, and correct fingerings in order to even get a quality sound. That's not to mention the time put into making all of this happen. You also have to hold in an awkward positioning for long periods of time. The scales are a must learn and the tempo is usually quick and we need to be exact and sharp.

Also not to mention that just because our instruments are small people think that it's easy. We don't get enough recognition. Our instruments are also made fun of just because we have to hold them up and to the side.

I can only wonder how the other instrument players would react to know that we have to use more air than any other instrument... Including the tuba.

Flute is super duper hard! For the high notes, you have to blow hard enough to actually play the note, and for low notes you have to get the right amount of air of it will become a high note. It took so long for me just to play one note, even longer to play two notes. You have to get the air into the little hole and you use SO MUCH AIR! It is exhausting and after a while, you feel dizzy. Half of the kids who played flute in the band with me switched to trumpet or clarinet after a year, so you really have to be persistent to play this instrument. Basically, you have to learn a lot of stuff before you can actually start playing things like the minuet. But let me tell you, playing the flute will play off in the end, you get to play all of the melodies in the songs while everyone else plays the rhythm.

My music teacher always say that if you are feeling like you are winded then look at the tubas because we have to blow strong air always while our lips are vibrating which take some more air unlike flute which is a constant air flow and to flute players tuba players lips are numb and we are winded so - lbelle0527

I've been playing the flute for years and I definitely think it is among the hardest instruments to play. My best friend has played violin since she was seven, performed in several orchestras, and is now in an elite music program at a university. I've seen how hard the violin is and the taxing hours of practice it takes for you to make those screechy strings make beautiful sounds, but I don't think the technicalities of playing the Violin are as hard as playing the flute. Flutists definitely have their work cut out for them as well. Not sure Violin should be number one, to be honest.

I've been playing the flute for about six years now. I am in an honor band, and the music is quite difificult. I think the thing that makes flute one of the hardest instruments is the finger positions. It almost follows a pattern. You take a pinky off a key, then the next you take off a ring finger, then middle, etc. But when you get to high notes, it gets... different... Like having to lift your middle finger and keeping pointer fingers down as well as your left ring finger and immediately switching to JUST your pinky finger, and THEN going to all finger on your left hand down but your pinky with none of your right hand fingers! I'm sure by now that you're pretty bored. The best thing about learning the flute is that I haven't been lightheaded since the 6th grade! But it is also hard to control breathing, sitting perfectly, having the right amount of air, going from blowing really cold and fast air to really slow and warm air in less that a second. Serumiously, try it. It's hard.

I have been playing the flute for 6 years since I was 9 and it is by far the best example of 'do not judge a book by its cover'. Playing the flute requires almost perfect embouchure at all times and at higher registers (which most composers force into their music), your air support must be enormous. A flute does require more air to play than ALL other woodwind instruments in exception to perhaps the piccolo. The fingering is also vital and often in Romantique period music the fingerings jump all over the place. Over all I do commend the commit required to play other string instruments, particularly the violin, however the flute should be a lot higher than 5th place. (Although piano is only up there because of the ratio of 1:10 of other instruments:piano)

I feel from experience that the oboe is much harder than the flute. I have been playing flute since third grade, and switched to oboe in seventh, and flute might be hard for beginners, but once you play it enough it becomes easy, and for oboe, reeds are a constant struggle, and in general for beginners, (from personal experience) it takes a lot of strength and energy to play 4 measures when I started. Since I started playing flute, the learning curve wasn't that steep, but still took a lot more energy, around when I started, if I played for about 30 minutes, my top lip lost hold of the reed and I couldn't play longer. But that doesn't mean flute isn't hard, I remember back when I couldn't play higher than F, and even now my low notes don't have the best tone.

Everyone is ranting on how this instrument is harder to play, than the other; the best way to settle the matter is by taking up the instrument you think is not that difficult to play and we would see how long it take you toe become decent in playing it. In my own opinion I think the piano is hard so is the flute because of the speed of air to go an octave higher; oh yeah the violin also is quite hard to master properly, cello... Hard, French horn... Hard; and trust me I play different instrument

I don't understand why people keep saying flutes are easy because many people play it. Yes, true many people play it. It's because we NEED more people to play it. Especially when flutes are always getting drowned out by those loud brasses. And, to play loud, a lot of lip and air control is required. Too much air results in an airy tone, too little air results in a thin tone. Even with that, no matter how hard you try, it's as loud as you can get. Therefore more flute players are necessary

I've been play the flute for three years so I don't have that much experience with it as most do. However I have worked hard at it and I like to think I'm good at it. Anyways there is probably more work you have to put into playing the flute than anyother instrument. Frist off, you have to have your head joint on in the correct position or it's just going to sound like you have no idea what your doing. Second the flute has the most complicated fingering out there that you have to rebember at all times. Next playing the high notes is like trying to blow out trick candles, I'm not saying hat there impossible just extremely hard. Then the hardest prat in my opinon is trying to tunge at the proper timing. That was probably the last thing I learned to do before that I made it sound like a dying cat. Lastly the one thing I hate is when people come back to school after winter break or somthing and they haven't played in weeks they think they will be just as good as when they left that goes ...more

Iv'e recently begun playing the flute and I can honestly say that it is among the hardest, if no the hardest, instrument to learn. No only is it really annoying that you have to be able to get the whole embouchure correct but hitting those high notes, not to mention the fact that almost all of flute music has to be played really quickly.

I'm not saying that he guitar is not hard at all but I believe that there are much harder instruments especially the string instruments(i. E violin, cello... Etc).

In order to play the flute, you have to have the perfect embouchure. Not only are some of the notes awkward and fiddly to play, but the speed at which you blow determines what pitch, and wether or not you play that note. Flute requires perfect breath control and lots of practise. I have been learning for 2 and a half years, and am grade 5 standard, but that is considered very good and fast progress, a girl I know has been learning for 3 months and still cannot make a sound. Flute requires a lot of hard work, and is definitely one of the hardest instruments to learn.

I am an amateur at playing the flute, but from my 3 years experience, I happen to know it is a very difficult instrument to learn. Not only does everything have to ALWAYS be oiled and cleaned so that it works properly, but every flute is different. There are many different different shapes and sizes. Every flute is a slightly different style. Also the embouchure is very complicated and one twitch can mess it up. There is also the many different buttons, crazy fingerings, and the split-second note changes. It is overall a very hard instrument to learn.

I play the flute, and personally I find it very entertaining, but its also pretty hard to learn when your just starting out. I started a while ago, and at first everyone said I was "gifted" but now that I'm not new to it anymore I'm just considered normal. If you don't do well at playing the flute, don't be upset, it's fairly difficult to play. It's almost impossible to be great at it the second you start playing, so if you sound bad that's okay. There are a few people who have natural talent for flute, but if you don't have that talent, don't stress. Just practice!

I absolutely LOVE this instrument! I've played flute for 4 years now and already have first chair in my school's marching band. That doesn't make it easy though, I spent countless hours trying to make the "Flute lip", that people either have, or don't. So not just anyone can play this instrument. It also isn't an instument you can just blow into as hard as you can to get it to play louder it takes a certain strength on the pads, Air speed, and lip position to get it that way. I also played the clarinet and if I had to pick which was harder, definitely the flute. I also love playing the flute so much more!

I've been playing flute for four years, and it is pretty hard. When I first got it, I thought you were suppose to blow directly in it. Haha I was so oblivious. But when I started actually playing it, I had a hard time with air usage as well as the lip position and form. Some people can pick it up easily but will still have problems with a lot of things. I always get a blister on the side of my hand because of how I hold it when I play really fast notes. If you've ever done the orchestra song Sevens, you know what I'm talking about

As a flutist, I think it should be the first one up here. Not only do you have to have the right mouth shape but, you have to learn how to go from high to low, you have to keep the tempo with all your fingerings, and you have to learn how to put the darn thing together CORRECTLY! When I was learning, it took me months to figure out how to do all those things. Also, I have been playing since I was 4 and now I am 14. 10 years and still not as good as some flutist. Try playing a song from Beethoven on the flute, it won't be in 5th place anymore.

I believe that the flute is the hardest instrument to play. Here are 3 reasons why. Firstly you have to blow hard and soft to make the right sound. Secondly you have to press these keys to make the sound otherwise if you press the wrong key it will make a another sound or it will make a squeak. Lastly you have to blow in a certain place in the whole because if you blow too in it will make a really bad sound, and if you blow too far it will just make a really bad sound too. I strongly believe that flute is the hardest instrument you could play..

I have been playing the flute for 1 year, and it is hard. Unlike other instruments, you cannot see your hands when you play. Also, you do not blow into it, you blow across it so it is hard to actually get a sound out of it. Over time. the flute gets easier to play, but if you have music experience, like I am grade 4 at piano and have been doing it for 5 years, the music notes and expressions are easier. But, if this is your first time with a musical instrument, then there is another thing altogether to learn.

I've been playing flute for four years now, and I march flute in my high school's marching band. Flute, although small, is extremely difficult. It takes a lot of air to hit the right note, and even after being accommodated to using so much air I still get lightheaded from time to time because of the amount of air. Not to mention, the speed at which you have to read music and move your fingers, along with getting the right tonguing patterns all while holding it parallel to the ground (specific to marching band).

I, as a flutist can say that the flute is extremely difficult to master. Think about this, anyone can get a flute and blow into it, but a smaller portion of those people can make a sound, only a fraction of those people can learn the fingering and transitions, which leads me to the fact that only some of those people can take the notes, and put a rhythm to them, and lastly, a very small amount of those people can pull it off and make it sound good. Hence, the flute is no easy task.

Flute is a very difficult instrument because of its range of notes and many different fingerings and different trills. The main beast of this instrument though is tuning. Tuning is like the dust bunny underneathe the bed: we shove it underneath the bed as it gets larger and larger to where it's scary to touch. Honestly, it's also one of the most competitive too. It's lots of seemingly endless hours too.I'm in the 12th grade and I've played many other instruments like percussion, clarinet, and some French horn but flute has always been the main struggle for me. I plan on taking my flute to college and becoming a flute major.

Honestly, I think flute should be way higher up in this list, like above piano at least. I play both and obviously, learning how to play the flute perfectly is way more difficult than learning to play the piano. It takes a long time to find a way to make it sound good and make it sound like you. You have to pay attention to the way you stand, the way you breath, on which part of your feet you are leaning, the angle of your arms, the placement of your hand, your shoulders, your chest, the position of your mouth,... Trust me, it can get really painful especially if you've been playing for more than an hour.
In the beginning you will get dizzy.
Oh and it kills your abs too