I totally agree, I've played piano for as long as I can remember and it's a very intricate instrument to learn and play well, busting your brain over different melodies, harmonies, rhythms and other multiple voices that go unnoticed by most listeners in the background, and giving your music a personality (sometimes I feel as if I'm my own band or choir stuffed into one person). I can honestly say I've never had the chance to play the organ, but throwing in extra keyboards and having to play even more notes with your feet?! I admire you organ players and I hope to be able to play this powerful instrument someday!

Organ requires hand-eye coordination, as well as being able to know where the feet are respective to the pedals. On top of that, a person playing the Organ has to worry about stops, more than one keyboard (manual) and pistons which change the tone or couple the manuals.

I've been playing Organ for 5 1/2 years now.

You need to know how different instruments which are used work, play it out with articulation just like how they do in an orchestra, 2nd expression pedal to make it more realistic, as pitch is not 100% accurate every time. Crazy pedals for bass like electric bass especially with dance rhythm. After touch expressions. Playing chords, and lead voices with single finger in both upper layer and lower layer differently, that is pure insane.

A bit off the subject, but I have no one else to share this with. My 16yr old son plays piano and learning a Bach piece. It got me thinking and I was daydreaming last week that I was keeping him company in his empty school chapel while he was practicing on the organ. He has never played the organ and its never been mentioned. But oddly after a school orchestra performance today (he plays bass in it) he was asked if he would consider taking a scholarship on the organ. It has to be harder than the piano with all that extra feet work and three staves.

You have to do more than multi-task and in most applied circumstances the organ is more than just playing an instrument. The Organ has more than one, more than two Staves to read at once. So you have to play with three (potentially 4) parts of your body, you have to read 3 staves of music and you have to change stops in usually the most awkward places. There are aids to help you but they don't really help!

This is the hardest instrument to play because of all the pipes and pedals that you have to worry about. In order to have all those taken care of, even professional organ players have to have someone doing those for him while the player takes care of the hundred something keys

It should be piano and then organ because you have to do multiple stacks of keys and use your feet as well. People don't get that organ is incredibly difficult to play. Most of the music for it is also polyphonic and split between hands and feet.

"Imagine that you are a dancing octopus - - - doing it? Good. Now imagine that you are a dancing octopus who is also flying an airplane..."

One of the best analogies I've heard in relation to what it's like being an organist...

This is by far the hardest instrument anyone can learn. For violin music rarely do you play more than one /two notes at a time. I've been an organist for 5 years now and often all 10 fingers and both feet are all busy at the same time. This list is inaccurate.

I am a pianist and was offered Pipe organ instruction at my church. It is literally the hardest thing I've ever tried. Being used to one keyboard is nothing compared to three. One of them you can't even see unless you stop yourself and look down at your feet! It would take years to just be able to play the simplest song on that! You need special shoes, and an incredible ability to multitask

For organ, there is just so much coordination. My teacher of twelve years has been playing organ for 53 years, and he still struggles. He once had to play for 2 hours straight, and singing the whole time too!

I have been playing the organ for almost a year now, and the one the hardest feature about is playing on the pedals with your feet and playing with your hands at the same time.

Organ IS the hardest instrument. It's voted so low on the list because few people play or can even afford it, therefore it has fewer votes. It is not popular in the modern day, but it gives one person the ability to imitate and entire music ensemble. Even transferring from the piano is EXTEXTREMELY difficult, and not just anyone can do it. This list is a little biased because most musicians just don't know tbe struggle.

Pipe organ is likely, the most difficult instrument to master, because of its multitasking of its keyboard, foot pedals and pull knobs

Toccata and Fugue in D minor, is the first ever organ piece I've listened to. I'm not an organist, but I've got to say this is the most sophisticated instrument ever created. Every single musical instrument has their own unique styles, but I must say organ is the most hardest one to play.

Why is this considered easier than piano? It is incredibly difficult, and I can play piano fine. But... What?!

Saw the world's largest organ in Atlantic City. The console looked extremely intimidating!

Just watch a great organ player and you can see the difficulty in it.

The piano is ranked above the organ. Someone is seriously wrong here. - CloudInvasion

Organ has to be the hardest instrument.

Thing is... Who actually plays the organ? Out of churches, that is...

Four rows of keys, and pedals. It's pretty much impossible.

Come on guys. Have you actually seen one of these things?

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I play both piano and organ
I played organ 2 years earlier than piano
I can play piano easily but organ is like impossible for me
You could conclude that organ should be harder than piano