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81 Contrabass Saxophone

Very hard to play almost impossible to make sound good


82 Tenor Horn

This probably isn't so high due to its lack in popularity

The Tenor Horn is in fact the hardest brass instrument to play in tune. While it doesn't require an as tight embouchure as the trumpet for example, the notes are nearly all very sharp and flat. No other brass instrument requires as much lip adjustment as the Tenor Horn. Whilst the instrument has a very beautiful and melodic tone, beginner players find difficulty in producing a mature and refined tone particularly in the lower register.

I play the tenor horn and I love it it's not hard at all it just takes a lot of practice.

83 Electric Triangle

The god of all instruments, destroyer of worlds, that's why it's the hardest to play.

84 Erhu


85 Citar
86 Ney

Ney is the hardest of all. one can't make a simple sound in first 2 months at least. and of course it is not Arabic flute. it's a Persian instruments however it has 2 other varieties in Turkey and Arabian countries which are not called Ney.

Arabic flute. End blown. Been a few months and only now can get sound out of it, but its not a consistent tune. A very simple instrument, anyone could make it, yet it has the hardest embouchure I have ever seen. The trumpet was much easier than this.

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87 Koto

Its not the hardest but its pretty hard to learn and play, it takes A LOT of practice to play well

88 Pan Flute

What is a pan flute?

89 Venezuelan Cuatro

I have been playing the cuatro for a number of years and it is very challenging. The speed with which the strums are played in conjunction with the different strum techniques and replacing strums with knocking on the wood is overwhelming. If you can imagine that when mastering soloist songs, each individual strum in a bar of 6 strums plays a different chord in a different position on the neck, then precision comes into play, and missing the position of one finger can ruin the piece. Also, it is a clandistine instrument where no official notes have ever been written for. Before the internet the only way to learn how to play would be from teachers (which are scarse) and counting on the people in your neighborhood to learn how to plan new songs. Give it a try, and listen to some cuatro soloist music from Cheo Hurtado, Jorge Glem or Carlos Camacho and you will know exactly what I am talking about. Enjoy music!

90 Dangubica
91 Harpischord

Harpsichords are like a piano just with twice as many keys, and they are expected to be played four times faster to.

Harpsichord is much easier to play well than piano, as dynamics are much less important. The main difficulty with harpsichord is that the keys are so small

92 Mridangam

It is a good instrument. But we can only be a master if you have interest in Carnatic Music...

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94 Indian Flute

On the Indian Flute it is very hard to swich the notes quickly without the sound craking.

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95 Nose Flute

What the hell, nose anything is not a valid entry in this list. Nobody even kbows what it is!

96 Kora - West African
97 Zither

This is the only instrument I have not been able to play with some sense of accomplishment. I am a guitarist (classical and jazz trained) and have been a lifetime musician and educator. The zither requires an independence of fingers that stands alone in the musical world. It not only requires one to have a fretboard knowlledge but also a technique similar to a harpists. Most people are not aware of what this instrument is and how difficult it is to play.

98 Tar (Lute)
99 Marriba
100 Kecapi
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