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101 Flamenco Guitar

I think this is the hardest after violin and top 3 is:
1. Violin
2. Flamenco Guitar
3. Piano

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102 Bugle

Trumpet with no valves, but I'd imagine it's HARD to play. - Metalhead1997

Pretty damn hard to get the octaves.

103 Glass Harmonica

Well try getting one, that in itself is challenge. Invented by Benjamin Franklin and a master makes beautiful sounds.

104 Hurdy gurdy

Because it is a bad known instrument, where you need to play the melody and the rhythm in the same time. It is really difficult and long to master the turn of the wrist which makes the rhythm.And, as an old and folkloric instrument, it is unhappily so hard to tune, and it don't play the same when it's raining or it's too hot and so on... But the result is worth the efforts!

105 Concertina
106 Cigar Box Guitar

This thing comes with double the commitment. Firstly only avid smokers can actually get these things because of the sheer amount of cigar boxes you need to make one. And then playing one - gosh! You can't just use any old elastic bands.

When I started playing I just used a tissue box with some elastic bands from the dollar store but the quality was nowhere near as good as the real thing.

107 Cornet


108 Subcontrabassoon

An instrument currently being modeled/made by Richard Bobo. - Anoyth

109 Triangle

Wow where do I start. Well firstly lets start of with its history. Started by the Illuminati the triangle is propaganda in its purest form. The Illuminati would enslave children do to their darkest deeds and to brainwash them into it their trigger noise was the ping of this malevolent instrument. Galileo Galleli himself created the instrument, because as being a reincarnation of Pythagoras he realised that the equilateral triangle conducted for more evil karma then the right, isosceles or scalene. To this very day children today are still part of this deviant practice. Mainly practiced in Communist countries but also in primary/elementary schools children are forced to "play" the three (hence a triangle and Illuminati) most dark instruments ever created: The recorder, tambourine and the Triangle. However when they "play" the instruments it is actually act which symbolises that they have given up their souls to the Illuminati.

I'm 13 years old and love ...more

I used to go to triangle lessons - I started when I was six years old, but unfortunately ended up quitting my lessons aged 15 because it is such a difficult instrument and it was taking up a lot of my school time and was eating into my social life. Maybe in a few years when I don't have so much going on I may start music lessons again. I hope one day I will finally master the ability to play such a beautiful and complex instrument.

Such a hard instrument. I am currently playing it and just can't the hang of wacking something so delicate with a stick. It traumatises me. I am currently preparing for my grade 100. I can't play for that long as my arms get tired. This is well harder than anything else hear. I am shocked no one has voted for it.


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110 Recorder

Good tonality on a recorder is difficult to achieve. A player must blow at a constant pressure in order to achieve a reasonable pitch. Also, to achieve satisfactory dynamics a user must know his/her instrument very well as a fluctuation in strength of blowing, the pitch can change. It takes a lot of skill to play a recorder well.

I know the recorder gets a lot of bad press, but any plastic instrument played by children under the age of 10 would sound terrible.

This was hands down the absolute easiest instrument I've ever played in my life time!

Not too hard. I played as a kid. Have to be careful not to blow to hard and to cover finger hole but this should definitely be above the triangle!

WHY do you get forced to play this as a kid? - Metalhead1997

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111 Tin Whistle

Easy to learn and play, and you can start playing songs on your first day. When you try to play outside of Mary had a little lamb, trying those traditional songs that actually sound good, and you start to realize it isn't that simple. They play tricks with their flute that you can barely see since their fingers move so fast.

The flats and sharps are hard, but I was able to pick up tin whistle in a matter of hours. Possibly because I've played a wind instrument for a long time. I would recommend it as practice for someone trying to pick up flute.

I play it for 2 years. Fingering is easy, but is hard to master and play ornaments correctly.

I feel like people don't take the tin whistle seriously, consider what rachmaninoff said about the piano, he basically said that just doing a few songs doesn't make you a good pianist. the same is with the tin whistle. Don't get me wrong, the piano is harder than the tin whistle, but you need skill to be able to masters

112 Cowbell

I have gone to an advanced school for cowbell for six years now, and play at an intermediate level still. Deceptively simple looking, but don't let anyone tell you you don't need to work your @#$ off to get it right. It takes weeks or more to master even the most simple songs. - airbb

You have to learn how to play a different part than anyone else. And also you have to be able to play the part loud. I played the cowbell in a song that I had a solo in and I had to play it as loud and fast as possible. And then no one was playing at all at the same time as me. You have to be able to go with the rythym and play it loud as possible.

Everyone always needs more of it! - maclancaster

Mo' cowbell!

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113 Jug

Dang. I thought that mastering the violin was hard, until I tried master the jug. I ended up quitting and have vowed ever since to never play the jug again. I recently broke the commitment because of the beautiful sound produced from the jug, but even after years of practice, I'm no where close to mastering the great instrument

For real is so hard. I play it on the streets and people are so impressed that I can play it so well. some guy close to me plays the violin and everyone laughs because it doesn't sound good at all compared to my jug so I beat him with it because he deserves it. I love the jug and have vowed to give all my life to the jug. it is beautiful and makes me horny

, you people think the violin Is hard I've been playing since last year and its so easy, and no I'm not Chinese! (not trying to be racist) the jug takes a while, a real long good ole while to master

Soprano sax is way harder

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114 Melodica

This instrument is sort of a mixture of a harmonica and an accordion. It can get very difficult, especially since it is similar to an accordion, which is also difficult to play. But unlike an accordion, you have to blow into it and play it like a harmonica. A harmonica can get difficult also. A mixture of two difficult instruments is very hard indeed,

Oh God, has anyone seen those melodica videos of movie themes? Sounds AWFUL. - Metalhead1997

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116 Bass Drums

In my marching band bass drum is where they put all the kids who don't even know what a sixteenth note is

Actually much harder than anyone could guess. - Turkeyasylum

Its very easy. All you do is hit the head. I love it! Marching band is a good place to play it!

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117 Saxhorn
118 Contrabass Flute

A few months after I picked up the regular flute, my teacher let me try the Alto and Bass flute. At the time it was easy since I wasn't blowing hard enough into my normal instrument. A few months ago I tried those two again, and it was extremely difficult. I can't imagine what the Contrabass would be like! Plus it is huge and would be hard to carry around. It might be better for beginners who haven't played concert flute and before.

It's huge it takes a ton of air it is very difficult

This instrument is very difficult to achive a nice sound in, let alone its enormus!

119 Goblet Drum

Logicaly saying: if you bring 2 piano/violin/drums players Who have been playing for 10 years.. 10 hours of practice each day, The only difference between these players would be the style of playing... Or if you bring an instrument played wih sticks... It would be the same sound but different style... Unlike percussion players that plays with there fingers, if you take 2 darbuka players, or riq players... Or whatever percussion instrument, and both plays for 10 years, 10 hours each day... The difference wouldn't only be the style, but it would be also the sound of the slap... Because my fingers are different than the other player... No one has the same agility/strenght fingers... Also no has the same smoothed fingers...

120 Kazoo

OH my lord the kazoo is VERY hard harder than the other instruments

Took me at least 60 years to master it. I still have a hard time.

How dis below Violin?


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