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121 Goblet Drum

Logicaly saying: if you bring 2 piano/violin/drums players Who have been playing for 10 years.. 10 hours of practice each day, The only difference between these players would be the style of playing... Or if you bring an instrument played wih sticks... It would be the same sound but different style... Unlike percussion players that plays with there fingers, if you take 2 darbuka players, or riq players... Or whatever percussion instrument, and both plays for 10 years, 10 hours each day... The difference wouldn't only be the style, but it would be also the sound of the slap... Because my fingers are different than the other player... No one has the same agility/strenght fingers... Also no has the same smoothed fingers...

122 Kazoo

OH my lord the kazoo is VERY hard harder than the other instruments

Took me at least 60 years to master it. I still have a hard time.

How dis below Violin?


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123 Spoons

Much more difficult than the forks you have to work on technique before eating meat with these things -Donald Trump

Cows make a lovely and pure sound when you stab them with this instrument, more so than the fork. After years of attempting to master this wonder, I still struggle to evade or even come close to cows without being charged and impaled therefore resulting in my death. This makes performances much more challenging than any other instruments on this list.
Ghost of Christmemes Past


124 Forks

I love eating with these things. So far I have managed to impale thousands of dead pieces of cows and sheep.

I'm amazing at forks


1 e & a lol

125 Hosho

What even the hell is this instrument?!

Haha this is a kind of ancient Asian instrument

126 Gong

Genius instrument, impossible to play though

It's super hard - not!

127 Student Trombone

Is the most easiest to play -by Emily leninsky

Huh? - Metalhead1997

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