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The piano is a musical instrument played using a keyboard, which is a row of keys that the performer presses down or strikes with the fingers and thumbs of both hands.


I have played piano for 11 years, and it took a tremendous amount of time and effort to get to level where I am now. These are the two main reasons why:

1. There is so much competition on the piano, simply because everyone plays it and that there are many talented pianists. You can almost never find a musician who does not play the piano, and many people who are not musicians also play piano. If you tell people that you play piano, they will not be impressed until you sit down and play. Even so, it's extremely hard to stand out in competitions and eventually when applying for college. For college, you are competing against hundreds, or thousands of prospective students who are at the same level as you or higher.

2. Mastering difficult pieces by Beethoven, Chopin, Bach, and Mozart requires all of your concentration. Your tone, interpretation, dynamics, phrasing, tempo, posture, personality, and even the way you carry yourself are things that judges look for. In advanced ...more

I have played both piano and violin for 15 years and to narrow it down piano is easier to learn at the beginning but to become a master at piano performance is much harder for mainly these reasons:

1. In concerts or competitions you do not get the luxury of playing on the same violin you have been practicing on for many years. Each piano is different and the technique you have used to produce a certain tone on one piano may have to be changed on a piano with a different tone, lighter or heavier key action, the list goes on. Many people think all pianos are the same. This is not true at a professional level if we are comparing difficulties with mastering an instrument. If we could all bring our favourite piano everywhere we performed, it would be a lot easier to perform with presicion and not need to adapt to different pianos. I can't count the number of times I've sat at a piano and not known how good the action was and had to adapt with no chance to try the instrument out ...more

Hell yes piano is hard. I've played it since I was eight and I still can't do some of the great songs that Mozart or whoever play.

Piano is the hardest.
I play the piano and the flute. Piano for 9 years, flute for five. I'm pretty good at the piano, I play pieces by mendlessohn and mozart and I'm in two piano trios. On the flute I am in the band at my school and I am easily the best, and so I hope I have proved to you all I know what I am talking about (For the cello, violin, flute, and piano).

They each have their own difficulties but the piano is by far the harder of the two. People say that only the violin needs intonation, but not the piano. They are wrong. Each note has to be placed with feeling, and its hard to do that. You really have to pore your heart out for it.

It is easy to get a sound out of the flute. If you really can't do it your are either a fail or you need to get a better instrument. However, what is difficult is getting a nice soft sound that is good.

Piano is the hardest

I have played Piano, Violin, and Bass Guitar

The violin you can learn a decent piece way faster then Piano.

As far as finger placement... yes violin you have to be more precise with "frets" but piano has sensitivity difficulty and don't forget that you have to use your foot with 3 pedals... Your also playing the Treble and Bass... not just one like the violin... The timing is incredible nuts when your left hand goes first with a broken chord then the right hand chimes in on the 2nd broken chord and leads while your foot goes down to capture that sound and the left now has to be somewhere else while your right hand is soloing... did you forget your foot down? Hopefully not too long...

Bass Guitar is just easy laugh out loud... I learned a pop song in 20 minutes first time playing bass (I will admit this was my final instrument I picked up after not playing violin or Piano though for several years)

I did retire the Violin in my teens (school didn't ...more

Piano is easily one of the more difficult instruments to play at an advanced level. The keyboard itself is very wide, at about 48 inches. Compared to a string instrument, it is easier to hit an incorrect key and be noticed by the listener; you can easily be a half or whole step off. String instruments are more difficult of course to play a note precisely, but it's not as easy to miss a note as far off as a whole step, like the piano. Further, the advanced piano player has many more notes to learn and play compared to most other instruments. Just compare an advanced piano score to a violin score and you will see there's no comparison. The piano is capable of creating very complex rhythm textures, adding more difficulty for the player. Right and left hand independence is a challenge that performers of most other instruments don't have to worry about.

Piano at #3 is about right.

The piano is not only the instrument that has fascinated the countless generations, but also the one that has inspired and moved many people. This instrument requires of the performer an insane amount of different tasks to be completed at once. Not only do you have to regard the 6 plus notes in every measure but also regard articulation, tone, style, stark and in many cases drastic dynamic contrasts, musical expression, and the rapid use of hand-eye to hand-foot coordination. There are even more things that sometimes must be done to perform a piece correctly. Many people think that you hit a note and it comes out correctly, when in fact the strike of the finger to a key must be initiated in a precise striking manner, or in some cases a soft and delicate touch almost impossible to hit perfectly. This instrument requires complete concentration for the best results. This is my opinion of why it is the most difficult of instruments.

My mom is a concert violinist and I am a concert pianist, both of us are experts in music performance and theory and both us know, quite well, that piano is the most difficult instrument to learn, that is, if you learn it CORRECTLY. And yes, there is a correct way to learn it. I have tried learning a number of different instruments besides piano (flute, trumpet, violin, guitar, and mallet percussion) and they were all WAY easier to pick up than piano. As has been mentioned on here, it is the master of all other instruments. If you think it is easier it's because you aren't as good at it as you think you are.

People who say piano is easy because 'you just press and it sounds' clearly haven't played up to a high level. You don't just press one note. Every finger in both hands must be independently coordinated- sometimes you are playing triplet thirds against leaping semiquavers between both hands. All while pedalling clearly, memorising these notes and fingerings, controlling the tone of each and every note. Just compare the scores of the hardest piano piece to the hardest violin or horn or clarinet piece and it's not even a close competition except for maybe violin. The amount of skill required to not only play Ravel Gaspard at home let alone perform on a different piano can't be surpassed. People play a few pop songs on piano and conclude it's an easy instrument. That's an insult to true master's of the Piano.

This is a very hard instrument to play once you are in the advanced level. When you're a beginner, you press the correct key-and BINGO! just like that. Later, however, you go to the advanced level, and then you have to sight-read very VERY well, warm up for hours, spend almost 3/4 of your day practicing, fall in closely with dynamics, watch the key signature, time signature, the tempo marking, the hand position, memorization. For some tests you have to memorize EVERY piece in the testing series, with all correct notes. And sometimes, for performances, the one performing before you gets nervous and leaves the piano full of sweat. Then it's your turn, and you play all wrong notes because the piano is too slippery. Plus, not all places even HAVE pianos, so it can be a little hard if you want to perform somewhere-for example, in front of your classmates or something.

Piano is very hard. Just ask any musician who doesn't play the piano to give it a try, sight reading some easy piece like Bach Minuet in G. If they think it's so easy coordinating both hands together, as well as incorporating proper technique and touch to it, they're dead wrong. Piano is also harder than the violin, which I believe is easy to learn, since I have been playing both for quite a few years.

You can show somebody the hardest piece on any instrument, and it wouldn't even compare to a difficult piece on piano. Just listen to Chopin Etude Op 10 No 4 (not even the hardest etude) and see for yourself!

I personally and strongly believe that piano is the hardest instrument to learn because it utilises both hands and good piano players have to develop independence for each finger. Piano is also one of the fastest instruments to play and will take years to develop technique and muscle strength required for some pieces. The piano also requires shifting into certain hand positions very quickly, sometimes after every two notes or bar. It is an instrument that is fairly easy to start of with but it gets extremely hard later on. You sometimes have to do awkward chords that make your hand feel stiff, read two lines of music (often completely different), jump up and down the keyboard, use multiple pedals and expressive techniques on the piano are more diverse and require a lot of skill and focus.

Look, whatever people say, Piano is the hardest of all the mainstream instruments. Why? Because you have to have extremely fast fingers in BOTH hands (to be really good, which I assume is the target we are considering here) and need express agility for huge distances. Let's face it - there are some pieces on the Piano which could break your hands. Electric guitar? Maybe not. For the piano you need all the skills you need for most other instruments, and more.

Piano is very difficult to play. You have to multi task as you have to play pedal as well as the keys, right hand AND left hand so really you can be doing three things at once sometimes 4 if you are playing more than 1 pedal. I think it's a lot harder to play than string instruments as I used to play cello and found it a lot easier to play and I always got more marks in my cello exam than my piano, but I quit because I love piano so much and wanted to focus on getting my skills better even though I find it very difficult to play.

The piano can be as hard as heck as time goes on, but I bet the euphonium deserves better in this place because despite the big mouthpiece, there are still so many partials, and you have to play just as virtuosic if not, more virtuosic than that of the trombone, trumpet and even horn, thanks to it's wide range of over 5 octaves and the use of piston valves. the tuning slides are more of a game of hide and seek to find spit than most other brass instruments if you're using a 4 valved one, and you're tone has to be more definable because especially in the high register, you're embochoure has to demand twice the accuracy of a trumpet. But at least it's an easier brass instrument to play especially at a beginners level, but I bet you cannot master a euphonium piece as fast as a piano piece because you don't have to use you're lips in order to make it to the high register. In piano, all you have to worry about is the pedals, keys, and music, but with the euphonium, there is somewhat more ...more

The piano is a very challenging instrument; the electric guitar could be played by anyone by themselves without much assistance. The piano, however, is very hard and should be ranked at least first, if it means ranking above the electric guitar.

Pianos are the most respected, the most widely-played, the most known instrument of all time. Though many may think it is to push a key, think about this: aren't most instruments? Pianos differ in many ways, though. For instance, pianos are the only instruments that can do both bass and treble clef. You can play with both hands (shocker! ) and has the most notes of all instruments.

Pianos may seem easy to master, but what about the speed, the note, the quickness, the technicalness, and the dynamics? You may only think it is to press a key and let it go to make a note, but really, have you ever touched a piano? Looked at a real piano piece? Heard a real piano performance? Piano is extremely hard to master and takes all you will. It's much more frustrating and difficult to remember than most instruments.

I have played piano since I was 3 and I've became very good. Jazz, R&B, and pop piano isn't as complex as classical piano but it is still slightly challenging. Many people won't understand but my fellow pianists will. Piano is stacked with solid rules. You can't just simply improvise a song and make it yours. The way the composer wrote it is the way you play it. There's complex chords where you must hold some notes down, while playing triplet notes with the remaining fingers. You probably won't understand what I just said if you don't play piano. AND, a good pianists often follows the fingering the composer writes down. This is a hell of a challenge sometimes. ANYWAYS, PIANO SHOULD BE 1! (No disrespect for any of the other instruments

I've been learning piano since I was 7. The beginning was easy but now as I proceed to grade 5 of abrsm, I find it really difficult. The need to create balance between right and left hand (left hand to be softer than right hand etc.), having to move positions and switch chords, dynamics are seriously killing me! It makes me mad when some people claim that piano is an easy instrument to play while string instruments being the hardest. Yes, string instruments are indeed hard as you have to worry about all the finger placement and stuff, but hey! Piano is hard as well. If piano was that easy, we don't even have to practise and a sonata can just be played perfectly. I'm sure most pianist aim to master the art of playing a piano instead of just playing twinkle twinkle little star or mary have a little lamb.

I have so often heard that piano was the easiest instrument to play, and for a beginner, I must say, I agree. But once you get into advanced piano, you are no longer plunking with your middle finger "Mary had a little Lamb". You could be easily playing 8 notes at once, trilling with one hand while playing octave cords with your other hand.
I have played Flute, Violin, and piano, and by far the piano is the most difficult!

I think that piano is definitely the hardest since it takes SO long to be able to play any piece above grade 5 at least! It is such a beautiful instrument but takes so much dedication, I have only just achieved my grade 8 after 15 years of lessons and practices whereas I achieved my grade 8 violin within 10 years because I found it a lot easier whereas the difficulty piano can reach is so much higher than that of any other instrument and it is so easy to play the wrong note or for your hand to slip especially I large spread chords that an be as wide as an octave. even though it is hard, I will never stop playing it!

I consider myself a beginner, but I can play high level famous music pieces, like Mozart and Bach. Whenever I set my hands on a piano, I doubt that there is something easy for me to achieve, especially the fluency in memory and articulation particularly on the instrument. Maybe the hammers itself is difficult to strike sometimes, or black and white keys are often missed, but we cannot accomplish anything without even trying or practicing a little. This specialized instrument originating in the 1700's has brought us more adversity than we can count in our fingers, making it easy to learn but hard to master.

Piano is hardest by far. A lot of my friends say it's easy cause you "only have to press a key. " Piano is one of the hardest instruments (i don't know if it's harder than violin) and it's much harder than any other instrument on this list. You have to practice constantly to get good at it and still it takes years to get to the level of most songs.

Piano is the hardest instrument to play by far. I have played the piano since I was about 4 and 14 years later I still have difficulty with it. I think it should be rated the hardest for all the emotion that goes into playing piano. My brother was arguing the fact that piano is the easiest but that is far from the truth! All the music theories, chords, playing melody and bass at the same time is by far challenging, but yet it is worth it for it gives you an escape from the outside world

In my opinion, the piano is one of the hardest to master because even though it might seem easy in the beginning, as you continue and advance, you need to learn the vocabulary and do dynamics perfectly. The piano also requires two hands, a left hand and right, and they play different tunes. You have to make the left hand louder when it's the melody, and the right hand louder when it's the melody. You also need large or long fingers in order to play octaves, etc. You also need to play piano very precisely, and the way you play the piano is very important.