It is a joke. Instruments such as French horn or trombone are much more physical, yet still with great detail to consider, all the time. Think about how hard slurring and legato is. Even the first desk violinist in my orchestra who plays the trombone too admits that the trombone is a lot harder. The trombone should be MUCH higher, at least in the top 10, if not more.

Just as I read above about the trumpet, it takes a lot of skill to even make a nice sound from the trombone. The trombone has the added learning curve of having to hold the slide at the correct length in order to get the tuning right. Trombonists are constantly moving the slide ever so slightly to get the note perfect which is an arduous task that neither trumpet nor French horn have to accommodate for. Trombone should be in the top 5, after learning it after piano and guitar, trombone is much harder, especially to even learn the basics.

Honestly it should be much higher than #14due to the fact that we can never really get it perfect ALL of the time, you have to constantly keep your ears in check with the band to see if you're really playing the right note because sometimes we'll play just a little bit above position 3, or maybe just below position 6. Keep in mind the things we have to do all at once while playing trombone, we have to make a right buzz, tongue right, may I mention slurring is EXTREMELY hard, constantly be adjusting our slides and tuners, requires quite a lot of air. after playing I always find my chest sometimes hurt, and my lips feel close to numb

Trombone is amazing and awesome and I've been playing for years, but definitely not the hardest instrument to learn. I started my 2nd year in high school for marching band, switching from clarinet to trombone. I have to admit, it was a very hard switch. Woodwind to brass isn't easy, but I learned to play the instrument as well as 4-5th year trombone players in 2 months. It's not that difficult. There aren't any buttons to worry about, and if your pitch is sharp/flat, all you have to do is slide it into place! Trombone is awesome, but easy.

Okay, this list is terribly inaccurate. The electric guitar, flute and bass guitar should not be in the top ten. The trombone is definitely more difficult than all of those instruments and the trumpet, but not as difficult as the french horn and a few other ones (e.G. oboe, acoustic guitar, violin). The trombone should definitely be close to the top five.

Also, where the hell is the harp?!

Studying this instrument becomes harder and harder as anyone progresses. Slurring is hard (do do do do) and legato is seriously the hardest thing I have to do when practicing/performing because of the slide and everything that has to be put into your performing to make the performance up to par. Trombone should be much, much, MUCH higher in this list in my opinion because of it's difficulty of playing both for new comers and professionals a like.

Slide whip lash? Got it.

On top of having to tune every note as it's played (there are as many truly correct "positions" as there are notes you can play), demanding lots of air (and thus having to take all-too-frequent breaks from the music, which may or may not disrupt a phrase), and requiring multiple years of practice to build up any real range, trombone is difficult because the parts written for it generally don't encourage serious musical development instead, it is tucked in the back and musically underneath almost every other instrument in any given ensemble.

As a trombonist, the hardest part is being in tune. For most other brass instruments, you adjust the tining slide, make adjustments with your lips, and you're good. On a trombone, you have to do both of those things, and find exactly the right slide position for each note. You're constantly making adjustments for how in tune the instrument is and where the rest of the section/band/orchestra is. It's not as hard as say, the oboe, but it's definitely not an easy instrument to play.

I remember my band teacher told me once that the trombone was like the brass version of the violin because it has no buttons, so you have to have a great ear to be able to tell when you're playing in tune. Also, since you need to move a slide around, fast songs get very difficult and it becomes difficult to articulate well. Don't believe me? Look up the song Alkali Rag on YouTube, we're playing this song right now and it took me a good half hour to be able to play the first four measures full tempo!

I've been playing the trombone for eight years and it is by far one of the hardest instruments. Try playing sixteenth notes without the ease of valves. Your arm is going to be moving to each precise point on the slide at like 30mph. And the written range for a trombone is much wider than most other brass instruments. Set aside the hardest. It is also very unique as it is the instrument closest in range to the human voice.

I play both the violin and the trumpet, and while I think violin probably is up there among the highest, I think the trombone needs a mention.

Firstly the buzzing is harder than it looks - there's only five positions and after that you have to adjust your mouth (people think on the trumpet you can only play three notes because there's only three valves but it isn't the case, same with trombone - that's where your mouth comes in)

Unlike the saxophone you have to tell by pitch, not by pressing the right buttons. If you go an inch away from the slide position it is a totally different note. It is also really hard to play legato and slurring. I understand why French horn is before the trombone but why the trumpet? It is also very hard to reach the high notes. The trombone should at least be in the top 10 or 5.

I've played most brass instruments but I think trombone is the hardest because
1)with French horn and other instruments you just have to move your fingers, but with trombone you have to stretch your arm
2)the trombone is really heavy. Sure other instruments like tuba are heavy but they get to rest on your stand, lap and neck but with trombone you have to support it with mostly three fingers
3)if you don't put the slide at the right place you get a different pitch. Even a inch difference means a lot

It is easy at the start when playing the low b flat and and a twelfth above when you starting to learn more harder stuff (such as triple tongue and higher pitch) you will start feeling why it is hard, note that the trumpet has valves and trombone has a slide meaning it would be hard playing fast notes, and also, tenor clef had to be learnt.

The trombone is hard to learn there are on valves no strings. Just a big slide that can be very demanding on someone who doesn't know what they are doing the trombone is a very unappreciated instrument it should be on top. I'm also a trombone player

It's a joke trombone is lower than piano and guitar. I played piano for 2 months and learned what took me several years on the trombone. Think of all the trumpet comments, and then factor in that positions are much farther apart for trombone

I'll admit... trombone probably isn't the most difficult instrument to play on this list. However, I have been playing trombone for 5 years and I still play some notes completely out of tune. Plus, I have never truly been able to slur. The best I can do is play legato and hope no one is listening to me.

I used to play flute and I switched to the trombone. The trombone is way more difficult. Instead of memorizing fingerings, you have to memorize exactly where your slide has to be. It's even harder if you have short arms like me. Getting to a low b natural is so difficult.

I think trombone is a lot harder than some other instruments. I agree with the other comments. I also play trombone I got in a fight with my cousin. About which instrument is harder percussion or trombone I think both instrument are hard but trombone is harder there are many factors why.

I've played a couple of brass instruments but the trombone is the hardest in my opinion. Unlike the trumpet and French horn you have to remember the slide positions to get the perfect tone. And fast paste music are really hard because you have to move your arm quickly.

The trombone is one of the most versatile used in so many genres such as classical, jazz, reggae, ska. Slurs, legato and excellent pitch matching are key to this physically demanding and musically superior instrument.

Trombone should be in the top ten! You have to play the right notes (4 octaves in a slide position AND you have to have the right tune! ) I've been playing trombone for 4 years and still get light headed... And try MARCHING with it! Isn't so easy!

Trombone should definitely be farther up. It's Definitely one of the hardest brass instruments to play, just because if your slide positioning is off just a little bit, you won't be in tune. This instrument, you'll have to constantly check if you're in tune.

Trombone requires PERFECT slide position and just the right tone. violin is very hard (I tried before) and so are French horn and a few others. I think trombone should definitely be in the top five.

When playing the trombone, it is very difficult to play notes while moving the slide around, quickly, and sometimes moving it from position 1 to 6. Just a little bit off a slide position may cause the note played sound completely different.