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A trumpet is a blown musical instrument commonly used in classical and jazz ensembles. The trumpet group contains the instruments with the highest register in the brass family.


Nope: trumpet is definitely the most difficult. The violin and the piano are both physical instruments; you use your fingers instead of your mouth (something much easier). There is a reason why some people learn trumpet for upwards of 10 years and yet can never get even close to a master's sound and pitch, while you see so many Asians (yes, I'm being a stereotype-labeling person) mastering the piano or the violin in 5 years. Especially in high school; the students in Chamber Orchestra can put out the EXACT same sound, with varying levels of 3 years of experience or 8. Go to the marching band, and the trumpets' sound vary VASTLY. Many adults who have played the trumpet are still limited to the same range that they possessed when they were in college or high school. In addition, one who plays the trumpet gets a lot more tired (and a lot more quickly too) than one who plays the violin or the piano. Those two people (violin/piano) can quite literally play a piece for 10 minutes straight - ...more

I play all the instruments up above and trumpet is far by the hardest I know it. I rock at it but I am pretty good at the guitar but trumpet is so hard it was rated the 2nd hardest instrument to play 1st is violin and oboe tied then trumpet. In the real area where real people judge not just people that just go like I PLAY THIS INSTRUMENT I STRUGGLED A LITTLE AND ITS A LITTLE HARD 1ST HARDEST those little babies

Its not so hard to pick up, but my god is it difficult to master. I've been playing trumpet for 9 years now and I'm up to grade 6/7, and I can just about reach a top A. To put it in comparison I've been learning violin for 1 year and I'm up to grade 2 and I can play every note there is. Up to about grade 5 is the margin between people who play trumpet for fun, and the people who take it seriously - you have to worry about where in the mouthpiece your embouchure is, which lip is forwards, which direction the air stream is in, how big your aperture is, what combination of valve to use for which notes (there is more than one for each) and even then your chops are working harder (in ratio to their size) than almost every muscle in your body. And then your diaphragm is also pushing the air into the trumpet, you have to make sure you aren't pushing the trumpet against your lips so your aperture is clear of metal, etc etc etc etc etc etc

I would say the only brass instrument that is harder than the trumpet is the French horn. The sole reason trumpet is so hard is due to chop maintenance. The unstable muscles in the lips control your range, your sound, your stamina, and etc. Everyone underestimates the trumpet because it only has "three keys" but an infinite number of sounds are possible for each configuration of the valves. In addition, like all brass, trumpets must work hard and actively simply to play certain notes.

Not being biased, or am I. However in my experience with music the trumpet is extremely difficult to master, not only does the instrument itself let down its players by enabling almost any note to be played on any valve configuration in high registers but the player him/herself is mentally and physically pushed. 'trumpets lips' may be a slang word you may have heard of- players need a large stamina to exert and sustain pressure during high notes and even in normal playing. String instruments and other wind instruments like saxes who just blow and use the cheat key (octave key) have it easy. That's why it is up there with the most difficult instruments to play.

I have formally studied the piano for years. Also the guitar. The alto saxophone. Can play all sorts of rhythms with all sorts of hand percussion. And so I told my friend Peter that I thought I could learn the trumpet on less than 4 months.

Well, it's been 5 years and I am still learning it. Cannot play for hours, cannot play high, etc etc. Indeed the trumpet is, from my personal experience, one of the hardest instruments to learn.

The piano, guitar, saxo, drums... easy easy. They take a while to learn but the leaning experience is pleasurable.

The trumpet is a different beast. So different that few people are cut to learn it. It's not an instrument for everybody. Not for wussys.

In a big band trumpet players ought to get paid 10 times what the guitar player gets paid. 5x times the bloody saxophones, In fact, a trumpet player could play all instruments in a big band instantly if that person is a multi instrumentalist... but no one (except trombonist) could ...more

Unlike all the stringed instruments, a great deal of your sound depends on your development, control, and application of your diaphragm, lungs, wind-pipe, mouth, tongue, and embouchure. Unlike most of the wind instruments mentioned, the trumpet has only three keys to hit all the notes by means of various combinations. As was mentioned by others, only the French Horn has similar characteristics and is as difficult, if not more so.

I'm shocked the trumpet isn't in the top ten. I've been playing it for 6 years now, one of the best in my high school, and I still don't have a good range and struggle with keeping a good tone. Every note you play on the trumpet is out of tune, so you constantly have to adjust your embouchure. Also, it's a pain to play with braces more than any other woodwind or string instrument. Finally, you actually have to build up some muscle in your lips to play higher notes. The trumpet does only have 3 keys, but don't let that fool you. You can play an abundance of different notes from those 3 keys, but you have to be able to master your air and embouchure to do so.

Trumpets are really hard instruments to play. It's not just buzzing your lips and finger different notes. You change your embouchure on practically every note. I was surprised at the trumpet's ranking I was thinking maybe the top 5. I would probably suggest to switch French horn with trumpet or trombone. Also we have only 3 valves that means less combination more embouchure. It takes a lot of years just to get some notes. Unlike woodwind instruments where you can play two octaves with one or two embouchure. Anyway this is just my opinion maybe other instruments are harder tan I thought.

I am a freshman in high school who plays trumpet, and have been playing for 4 years. I know for a fact that people disrespect and underestimate the trumpet for having three valves. News Flash people, it depends on a combination of talent and lots of practice. I was 16 out of 19 chairs, so I practiced and found a new embouchure. After marching season ended, I went up 7 chairs the same year right before concert season started. The combination of raw talent, determination, and mentoring can give people different opinions on how hard an instrument is. I would say that trumpet should be at least number 8.

What makes the trumpet difficult isn't learning to play it- it's learning to play it well. Instruments like oboe are more finicky and pianists regularly replace entire orchestras, but the trumpet comes with a rather unique challenge that is paralleled only by the French horn: physical endurance. The mouthpiece is tiny and reminds you on a daily basis why jamming things into your face is a bad idea. The instrument is unforgiving. The fine muscle control required to produce a quality tone with any degree of control is so great that putting down the horn for more than a couple days is enough to set you back weeks, possibly months. No musician ever experiences pain like a lead trumpet player squealing out a high A at the end of a difficult, brutal chart or a principal trumpet in a symphony sitting for twenty minutes while the violins fiddle away before having to enter a loud, triumphant fanfare on a high C or D on cold chops with a clear, beautiful tone, perfect intonation, and absolutely ...more

Trumpet has a lot of pitching which is the hardest part. But once you master it, the next hardest thing is your stamina. I have been playing the trumpet for 10 years and I'm still thinking of ways to increase my range and lengthen my stamina. (Unlike woodwinds) Hence, I was totally surprised to see trumpets at the 12th. I play the piano too and honestly, trumpet is much harder. I play the French horn too, but I find that if I am a good trumpet player, it comes naturally that I am actually a better horn player. Haha, trumpet is definitely the hardest I have tried.

I have been playing trumpet for three years now, and I still have trouble with the pitching sometimes, I sometimes overblow and go off, and like French horn, we don't have a lot of buttons, we have three. So we have to use our mouths to create the pitch. It's something we have to practice regularly to have good sound (trumpets can sound really crappy, if we didn't use good air), and be able to build our stamina. But we always have the cool parts in any song, I swear!

I started at the beginning of September and I believe trumpet is the hardest or at least second hardest instrument in band. Why? There are 3-5 for each fingering and it's difficult because you have to pinch your lips and blow harder for higher notes. Although all instruments have something difficult about them. Trumpet has many. The mouth piece is small. This boy beside me can't make a sound on the trumpet because he has big lips and it won't work. It's been 9 monthes and he can't make a sound still. It's really difficult to make a sound. Also, when you start playing, you either have to have a normal face but be a bad player or make ugly faces and do good at trumpet.

Trumpet is an instrument that requires a lot of breath stamina to play and requires coordination to transition swiftly between notes The trumpet is also very hard to play high notes above the staff. But if you practice you can get there. Trumpets play the melody meaning the players do not rest often and trumpets often have to play a wide range of notes. Though the trumpet has 3 valves it is a lot harder to play considering how hard it is to get a perfect intonation and embouchure.

I've been playing trumpet for 4 years. It's a difficult instrument, because you only have 3 valves to play many different notes. Also, jumping from low notes to high notes is really hard because you have to change the position of your mouth quickly. Playing trumpet is more tiring than other instruments because we have to put so much air into it. I haven't been able to hit a double C until a month ago. On other instruments, you don't have to do as much work for the high notes. All the brass instruments take a lot of work because of this. But don't give up trumpet for the difficulty, once you get good, it sounds amazing.

The trumpet is difficult because you need to rely on your own air support and mouth. I've been playing for 8 years and it definitely gets harder as you go. It takes years to build up your lips and air support. You need a lot of practice. Trumpets play a lot of melodies resulting in little to no breaks. Not to forget, you've got to work well as a section and that takes a lot of time. I've been playing with thr same section for 5 years and only in the past couple of years have we started to work well together and adapt our sounds to work together. Practicing the trumpet is like training for any kind of sport. It's tough.

Sure, you may only really need three fingers, whatever can move the slides, and your embouchure, and you won't hyperventilate like you will on tuba...But you still have to make sure all of that is up to snuff. Lots of muscle memory, lots of flow, lots of stamina, and you are expected by some directors to play that high range, and play it in tune, which is really difficult. Do not underestimate the trumpet because of its size...

I played the violin for 4 years. and trumpet for 8 years, and I have to say the trumpet is by far harder. I started off on violin, and I thought it was really hard. Then, I decided to learn a brass instrument, so I picked trumpet. Many string players say the trumpet is easy because you just have to push a button. What they don't realize is that on the trumpet you have to a have a proper mouth embouchre, have good breathing, and also push down the buttons, and play with dynamics. Also the French is basically a harder version of the trumpet because of hard partials.

There are so many different notes you can play in one fingering possition. You have to change the tightness of your lips all the time. Your lip muscles have to work extremely hard while playing the trumpet. It is also extremely hard to try to play high notes without playing way to loud. The trumpet is a loud instrument so when you are playing in band you can not blow to hard or else the trumpet section will be the only section that you can hear even though every other section is playing.

I don't think trumpet is as difficult as these comments make it out to be. All of these comments could really be said about any brass instrument. Once you have a good grasp on buzzing, it really isn't that difficult. I started playing trombone 2.5 years ago. Since I knew how to buzz, it took me 2 days to learn how to play trumpet (the most difficult part was learning the fingerings).

I love the trumpet. However, it is very hard to play. One wrong note and everything can go wrong. You have to pattern and very swiftly change your fingers on the three keys and make sure they are very well oiled. The hardest part is moving your lips and tongue to make different notes and can sometimes strain your head! Lip slurs are VERY hard.

I honestly thought that the trumpet would be up in the top 5's. The trumpet isn't easy, even making a sound is difficult for most people. I've been playing the trumpet for three years and I still can barely hit a high f. You can play most of the notes without putting a finger down. When you are playing alone sometimes you won't even know if you're hitting the right notes.

Shape your lips right WHILE you read the music WHILE you press the right fingers, THEN blow the right amount of air. That gets you about 1/2 a second of music.

It's ridiculous that trumpet is after guitar. Trumpet should be in top 3 for sure. I'm even surprised that there is no sax in first ten. Trumpet is very hard to play. to be honest every instrument is hard to master and I think that most instruments are rather equally hard, but to say that trumpet is easier than flute/guitar/cello and PIANO (! ) is just crazy.