Top 10 Hardest Items to Obtain In The Blockheads

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1 Jetpack

Trying to get one as we speak. Already spend hours mining for coal, oil and titanium. Now at the refinery trying to make enough raw resin. Definitely hardest item in game.

Arugably the best item in the game, the Jetpack allows you to fly around freely (at the cost of fuel, of course) and find floating islands. Carbon Fiber is a main ingredient.

2 Diamond Pickaxe

The item costs just as much as the Golden Bed, but it wears over time, making it a bit more elusive...

3 Golden Bed

The Golden Bed is very expensive, costing lots of Time Crystals to work for it. It isn't actually crafted, but obtained at a portal. The problem? You'd have to upgrade to an Amethyst Portal, then a Sapphire Portal, then a Ruby Portal, then, *sigh* an Emerald Portal, then finally a Diamond Portal. That costs a LOT of time crystals (400 in total).

4 Platinum Block

The hardest ore to find in the game. 3 ore per ingot. 5 ingots per block. If you did the math here, you'd get 15 ore. Platinum is that rare.

5 Gold Block

Same as Platinum Block, but a bit more common as it can be obtained through meditation (the ingots, not the block itself).

6 Jet Engine

Crafted with 5 carbon fiber sheets and 3 titanium ingots, this requires a lot of work to create. Instead of the Level 4 Craft Bench, it uses the Electric Metalwork Bench.

7 Jetpack Chassis

Same as Jet Engine, but crafted at Level 4 Craft Bench.

8 Steam Locomotive

This requires steel, and a LOT of it. Steel for the wheels, and steel for the engine. You'll also need an Iron Block and 10 Coal, the key items for steel. Use your supplies wisely!

9 South Pole Boots of Speed

Got it! Plus, it doesn’t kill you when your not wearing the warm hat. I wore a fur coat, leather pants and leather shoe to get there.

This item is found at the South Pole, and you will have to travel a very long way to get there, not to mention there is one per world. Once there, you'll have to climb a tower of blocks and take them from the chest! Getting home will be a bit easier as these boots don't wear down and they, as the name implies, they give you speed!

Also the south pole kills you if you don't have the warm hat

I have this is WAS pretty hard to get though


10 Coffee

There are 4 basic steps to making this: 1. Harvest a Coffee Cherry. 2. Use the Coffee Cherry at a Press to get a Green Coffee Bean. 3. Roast the green coffee bean at an electric stove to produce a roasted coffee bean. 4. With an electric stove, combine roasted coffee bean, cup, and bucket of water. Pretty complex.

The Contenders

11 Water Basalt

It's really hard to get, considering you have to go to the center of the world (I play in survival so this was hard for me) which can kill you and you have to bring a water bucket to dump on the magma and you have to mine it without dying!

12 Hat
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