Top Ten Hardest Jak 2 Missions

Many consider Jak 2 to be the hardest game on the PS2 or even one of the hardest games of all time! Though I disagree, there were missions that did indeed cause a lot of swearing, frustration and anger. So here I present the top ten HARDEST missions in Jak 2.

The Top Ten

Get Seal Piece At Water Slums

The worse mission there is!

I don't see the competition here. No checkpoints? Only ammo from slain guards which doesn't even restock after dying? No water? No healing? If I haven't persuaded you yet, you obviously haven't played the mission.

Its the fact that guards come from everywhere and there are no health or ammo packs anywhere, don't bother stopping to fight just charge your way through them.

It took me 4 months to finish this mission

Destroy Ship at Drill Platform

Help me

I glitched to the tomb missions just to skip this mission.

The mission that made me quit Jak 2

Took me a full month to beat. Slums level? Third try. How? Use the Jet Board, ignore and dodge the guards.

Escort Kid to Power Station

This missions was easy

Blow Up Strip Mine Eco Wells

Too hard on the vita!
Had no issues on ps2, but have been trying to complete it on the vita for days now.
Maybe its bugged?

Beat Erol In Race Challenge

Took me between 50 and 70 tries to beat this mission.

Beat Onin Game
Defeat Metal Kor at Nest
Rescue Friends In Fortress

If only the hoverboard wasn't as slippery...

Explore Palace
Escort Krew's Men in Sewers

Screw the final section of this mission

The Contenders

Escort Sig in the Underport

This level is a b**ch.

Protect Hideout from Bombots
Destroy Cargo in Port

It took me and eternity, and I eventually beat it with a zoomer and scatter gun, after that I felt so accomplished I shouted "YES! " Repeatedly

Protect Site in Dead Town
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