Top 10 Hardest Jiggies to Obtain in Banjo-Kazooie

Banjo-Kazooie was an amazing game for the orginal N64 fun levels, wonderful music, interesting characters and plenty of stuff to collect mostly Jigsaw pieces some easy to obtain and for this list the ones that are much harder to obtain.
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1 The Propeller Jiggy - Rusty Bucket Bay

Even worse, if you fall down the engine room, you are out of luck and will have to repeat the whole process over. Not to mention taking the risk at the split second you are about to snag your prize. One snap of a propeller will kill you in an instant.

Before even looking on here this came to my mind straight away.

Everyone knows about this jiggy and how difficult it was to get it, for starters you have to bash two buttons to slow down the propellers in the engine room then you have to make your way to the end of the ship under a very tight time limit and be careful not to accidentaly fall in the engine room on your way there other wise youll have to repeat the process all over, to get the jiggy you need to swim in the oily water and past the propellers if time runs out while your getting the jiggy you'll be trapped until you let the propellers kill you or run out of air. - egnomac

I hated getting this jiggy many times I hit the swatches and as I'm on my way to get the jiggy I slip and fall to my death.

2 Mr. Viles Game - Bubblegloop Swamp

A valuable piece of advice: starting with the yumblies, it will switch over to grumblies and so on in the third phase every 10 seconds, so you had better keep an eye on the clock. This technique really did help a bit, but not much as Mr Vile seems to be a perfectionist. In Grunty’s Furnace Fun, the food will change every 5 seconds.

You have to win 3 games against the crocodile Mr. Vile the first games easy eating more Red enimies than Mr. Vile, the second eat only red avoid yellow and the third eat whatever's on the screen eat the wrong kind and you stall for a few seconds making it even more hard Vile moves a lot faster you can use the speed boots to help you but you have to learn the move from Bottles in Gobis Valley and one other thing every time you lose a round Mr. Vile will bite you causing you to lose a honeycomb piece. - egnomac


3 Jiggy in The Engine Room - Rusty Bucket Bay

This jiggy is located between the three spinning blades you first have to bash a button to get the blades to slow down, but even with that its very easy to fall to your death and if your timing when going through the blades is off youll get hit and fall to your death and have to repeat the process all over again. - egnomac

4 Tiptup Choir Challenge - Bubblegloop Swamp
5 Save the Dolphin - Rusty Bucket Bay
6 Hub World Freezezy Peak Area - Gruntildas Lair
7 Defeat The 5 Sir Slush - Freezezy Peaks

This one frustrated me cause like I kept dying to the ice cube on top of the big snowman before I could pick up the jiggy and id have to go and beat the snowmen again it was absolutely epic fellas

All you have to do is use you air attack while flying to defeat the 5 snowman which is easier said than done since its easy to miss and a lot of times smash into a wall or fall into the ice water, and even if you so you have to make your way to the very top of the giant snowman to get the jiggy. - egnomac

8 Jinjo Challenge - Rusty Bucket Bay

3 of the Jinjos are a lot easier to get 2 of them require going through the water, the yellow Jinjo is on a floating platform with a shark in the area and thr other you have to dive into the water which takes double your air into a small are underwater. - egnomac

9 Raise Clanker - Clankers Cavern

In order to raise Clanker you have to swim to the very bottom where the anvil is and go through the key 3 times all while running the risk of drowning luckily you have a fish that gives you are bubbles to replenish your air meter but it can be tough to catch up with him. - egnomac

10 Race Boggy #2 - Freezezy Peaks

In the second race you race him as Banjo & Kazooie while using the turbo trot shoes that make the race a little harder than the first. - egnomac

The Contenders
11 Timed Door Pyramid - Gabi's Valley
12 Timed Door Pyramid - Gobi's Valley
13 Defeat the Zubbas - Click Clock Woods
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