Hardest Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey

The Top Ten Hardest Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey

1 Darker Side of the Moon

I completed this one with the now-defunct frog glitch. - TheAwesomeBowser

It's like an easier version of The Perfect Run from super Mario galaxy 2.

You have to clear a very hard level like the ultimate test in super Mario galaxy.

No other kingdom gave me a hard time but this one, truely great level design as well - Alapisboy

2 Dark Side of the Moon
3 The Moon
4 Luncheon Kingdom
5 Bowser's Kingdom

Love the japan theme

6 Snow Kingdom
7 Lost Kingdom
8 Water Kingdom

Doesn't Exist - RushilDesai

9 Mushroom Kingdom
10 Ruined Kingdom

The Contenders

11 Metro Kingdom

This one has to be the easiest considering there are minimum enemies. - RushilDesai

12 Sand Kingdom
13 Lake Kingdom
14 Wooded Kingdom
15 Seaside Kingdom
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