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1 Marx Soul - Kirby Super Star Ultra

My goodness, this boss is a pain. Galacta Knight, though tough, is at least predictable. He has clear, consistent patterns that, through practice, can be learned and perfected. Marx Soul, on the other hand, is purely random. He's unpredictable, not to mention an incredibly hard hitter, making him both frustratingly difficult and very rewarding. Galacta weeds out the boys from the men, and Marx Soul weeds out the slightly more manly from the others.

I HATE THIS GUY. You go through The True Arena to get to him. He attacks like CRAZY. He gives you weak abilities. And then there's the scene that unfolds at the end (I hate that scream. )

You aren't guaranteed to even start the battle at full health, all his attacks go through guard, comes right after another hard boss, don't have much choice of abilities (and his drops are incredibly risky to get hits with) and losing is Game Over. Sounds about right.

It's easy with stone. But IMPOSSIBLE with anything else (except maybe hammer).

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2 Galacta Knight - Kirby Super Star Ultra

Whoever thinks Marx Soul is harder than Galacta was really lucky on the Galacta fight, however others, others weren't, this guy can kill you in just about five hits with his light attacks, everything he has is hard to dodge, if you get to close, he'll unleash a inescapable combo that will take about half of your life away. You never know what's coming next, your only hope is either Yo-yo for the invincibility or Plasma for the charge shot, even then you'll have a hard time if he uses his good attacks, which are almost all of them.

THIS should be #1, no this IS #1! I hate this guy look up top 10 hardest kirby bosses on youtube. This guy has devastating attacks, he moves around the arena, he has a ton of health! Oh and if you have stone, he can send helpers and if you are in rock formation you WILL take damage and probably lose your power-up. I HATE MS but this is the reason I died to him in the TA! Oh and I was using the kirby perspective because you can heal using meta knight. :D - davehahn

Galacta Knight is actually quite easy if you play as Meta Knight. With Kirby, he's way harder, probably because he was probably designed for Meta Knight. He has all sorts of attacks, but his beam, fire and minions are quite easy. His other attacks are very hard though. And if you lose on the True Arena, you have to beat the over bosses all over again.


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3 Zero - Kirby's Dreamland 3

This thing doesn't just act strong, according to half the people I told about 0, it also LOOKS disturbing. It shoots blood out of openings in itself (granted the game is old so the blood looks more like fireballs) and if you get the bad ending it continues to exist and you have to start over and get the good ending. THIS THING IS VERY POWERFUL not only because it's a final boss but because it's a form of dark matter. DARK MATTER TAKES SO MANY FORMS AND CAN POSSES BEINGS such as pon and con, acro, ado, etc. 0 even reincarnates and takes the form of 02. This is one of the worst bosses in Kirby. It DEFINITELY belongs on this list.

Hell yeah! First, Dark Matter softens you up with a small challenge, then comes the 2 form nightmare! His attacks are tricky to dodge and do a huge amount of damage!

This thing is a form of dark matter. That's all I need to say.

I don't know why the leader of Dark Matter got number 4 under others being possessed. HE is the most evil character in the Kirby franchise because he KNOWS what he's doing is wrong, and he does it anyway! Not being possessed by crowns or power or a flipping mirror, HE IS CONSCIOUS.

Plus it's pretty hard to dodge a bunch of floating bloody bullets.
Oh, and phase 2 is a nightmare.

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4 Magolor Soul - Kirby's Return to Dreamland

In the true arena, he is quite easy. However, the extra mode, not so much. You have lower health. I got a game over when I had my brother (kirby master just like me) and we both had spark!

This boss wouldn't be too hard if it wasn't for the fact that it had so many phases, even more if including Landia and the Shooting Segment. Despite this, I like the boss. It adds a much needed edge to the story and boosts the challenge factor - as well as the satisfaction you can get from beating it.

My best friend had this game and keeps telling me how hard he is. He flips the screen, uses super abilities, an it's such a pain to fight bosses with more forms like this.

He looks so awesome with the armor. Oh and also I beat him without using any ability but I did take damage.

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5 Zero Two - Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

ZERO TWO IS EPIC AND ADORABLE! His theme is EPIC he is EPIC dark matter is EPIC his design is EPIC the battle is EPIC plus he has some tricky attacks for beginners when I first fought him I was dying 54 times in a row. But I am used to his fight. But I simply ADORED this battle! ( because how ADORABLE ZERO TWO is) again how could you hate that face of his! That is my opinion

Well let's see I am obsessed with the dark matters. But I am glued to the awsomeness of zero twos battle. And the most EPIC boss theme EVER! This is my opinion I think he should have been rated number one along with zero. Plus I think zero two has an awesome design. I am in love with zero two for some reason but is he not EPIC. How could you hate that face of his!

Honestly, I didn't really find him too hard. Heck, Miracle Matter was harder to me. Regardless, still a good boss nonetheless. - Garythesnail

This is the easiest boss in the game(still a good boss). That being said, Dark Matter from Dream Land 2 is definitely the series' hardest boss. - Garythesnail

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6 Dark Mind - Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

He has a lot of phases, and in the middle of those phases you go in a mini-dungeon. He's like a True Arena. But he's only one boss.

I beat Marx Soul, Galactica Knight, and Zero all on the first try. This guy took me an uncountable amount of tries, even though there were 4 of me.

Simple as this the amount of times you verse him should make him number 1

There's a LOT of phases, but its not too hard using Master with the Burning-esque attack.

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7 Star Dream Soul OS - Planet Robobot

Very hard, not only do you have the original 3 phases, but a 4th aND final phase. In which it is similar to the Nova battle in Kirby super star. But as a 3d back and forth action. He will try to crush you, and when you finally defeat him you have to dodge 3 laser sequences where even one hit will kill you. It took me 5 hours to beat him. I had to use stone kirby for invicualblity in order to win. To me it is the hardest kirby battle of all time and it so happens to be in the hardest true arena of all time.

Planet Robobot wasn't a hard game. Go through the Arena pretty quickly. Hit the true arena...what the HECK?! Everything just got 100X more difficult! And this guy is no exception! I mean...the dude has laser beams that can kill you in one hit. And even when he dies, he can kill you. What the heck, man?!

This boss is incredibly hard to take down, due to its FOUR phases and some of its attacks covers 3/4 of the screen, not to mention the FATAL Error attack which is almost impossible to dodge, I managed twice to survive the ordeal though...I beat it with Archer finally!

I agree with this is very hard it took days to beat it for me

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8 Nightmare - Kirby's Adventure

This is so hard! I haven't even defeated his first form!

I only consider the first phase hard. And NOT the gba version, but the NES version. He has so much health you are put under a time limit to beat him!

The first form is easy a hell, But when it comes to that hard second form..

It's a fantastic boss fight but damn is it hard!

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9 HR-D3 - Kirby's Return to Dreamland

What this guy was really easy for me but that is just my opinion

HR-D3...I can't say I remember that one. You mean the Metal General, right? - Garythesnail

I can NOT beat this guy AT ALL!

Lol sry way too easy to even be on this list. :/

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10 Meta Knight - Kirby's Epic Yarn Meta Knight - Kirby's Epic Yarn Meta Knight is a fictional character from the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

He's actually pretty damn hard. He should have been the final boss because Yin-Yarn was easy. The whole game was easy. Except Meta Knight. Because of one thing. HOW THE CRAP DO YOU HIT HIM?

Once you get used to the game and the controls all of the bosses become pretty easy. I was working up to 100% but then I had to restart when I got my Wii you :(.

HE IS ACTUALLY EASY TO ME! I was only stuck on him for one day without any help at all!

Ireally like the music, and also the fights really fun.

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11 Miracle Matter - Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Miracle Matter is by far one of the hardest boss battles in the entire Kirby series. He has different abilities, one for each of Kirby's copy abilities in the game (Electric, Ice, Rock, Fire, Bomb, Needle, and Cutter). The only was you can damage him is with the copy ability that he is using (Which you have a VERY limited time to do). Not only that, but he takes very little damage when you attack him! There is a HUGE spike in difficulty when you get to this point of the game.

I have only beaten miracle matter once my entire life, VERY hard boss for the Kirby series and hardest Kirby boss ever

This guy... THIS ONE GUY is a pain in ass! Took me hours to beat him!

I need a plush of this

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12 The True Arena - Kirby Super Star Ultra

How to beat any boss: get a friend and go on coop mode. Then have your friend be a wheelie. When Kirby is on wheelie he has an op star cannon that can be aimed in 8 directions and it does tons of damage. - FluffyBanana

I've come very close to finishing it, but this is quite tough. A tip for fellow players-USE THE HAMMER. - Garythesnail

Oh yeah this ONE boss! It's not like it's a short game or something! But also milky way wishes was also a difficult boss also!

This ain't a specific boss...

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13 Kracko - Kirby's Adventure

But Kracko's my fave! HE'S PRACTICALLY STRONG! The drill-stuff from Triple Deluxe is the best thing about him though.

Poor old Kracko. You always fight him...

Yes! His erratic moves make him difficult to beat.

Most annoying boss ever

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14 Dark Matter - Kirby's Dreamland 2

This boss will Kill you if you can't react fast enough. The first form charge at you sword first, generate dark energy to destroy you, and shoot laser beams from his sword. He can be quite difficult until you learn his pattern. But like other final bosses he has 2 forms to kill. Phase 2 is much much harder. He can shoot lasers from his eye semi-bullet hell style, ram into you at fast speeds, and shoot lightning bolts from his eye, and did I mention that this fight has a maximum time limit of 2m and 5s! And if you get Game Over You have to fight King Dedede again, as if he wasn't hard enough.

Blobs are very strong. Blobs that can possess and be a swordsman with more blobs at his back, are much stronger. After you die, you need to defeat dedede all over again. A utter pain in the neck.

It's like trying to kill a demon with a stick underwater. If you can't tell, that isn't fun. - Garythesnail

How did star dream clone this guy?

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15 Meta Knight - Kirby Squeak Squad Meta Knight - Kirby Squeak Squad Meta Knight is a fictional character from the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

Most meta knight battles give you a sword to duel with, I'm not talking about Dark meta knight or Galacta knight.He does not give you a sword to duel with.Only stars are your power if you don't have a power.He is easy with a power, but hard with out a power.

16 Soul of Sectonia - Kirby: Triple Deluxe

She's kinda similar to Marx Soul. She kinda loses the surprise factor since Marx was really the first boss to ever come back as an undead boss at the end of True Arenas. In fact, Soul of Sectonia is basically the same thing as Marx Soul just relatively easier. The only thing difficult about Sectonia herself is phase 2 since she starts using four buds earlier

The first phase takes away your copy ability and the second destroys you. You can not even celebrate when you beat her because her scream makes you pity her

It's pretty tough when it first comes by, but though it is awesome, compared to Marx and Magolor's souls I found her relatively easy. - Garythesnail

Shes my number 1 hardest boss! I was very lucky to manage beat this boss! If you want to take on true arena... Oh boy,i wish you luck with her.

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17 Necrodeus - Kirby Mass Attack

This boss has 3 waves, the first 2 waves are destroying the hands.The first wave is throwing your'e kirbys at his hand points to destroy half his hand points.The next

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18 Galacta Knight - Kirby's Return to Dreamland

I have tried battling him numerous times in True Arena. However, even with my sisters, I rarely win, and simply because of luck. He is POWERFUL... Especially with his tornado. How to dodge without a dash attack?

I consider this one harder than Super Star Ultra. He has a laser, mach tornadoes, multi slashes, the ability to guard, AND can make it rain swords!

Difficult. However, won on first try. Why? Just use spark.


19 Mecha Kracko - Kirby Squeak Squad

Unless you use UFO, Hi-Jump or Tornado, this boss is extremely difficult. He's hard to hit because he keeps moving around, and forces you to keep FLYING upwards. Half of the time, you don't have anywhere to stand. During the second part, he quickly moves to you and hits you with near-unavoidable lightning. Mecha Kracko is much harder than the final boss.

Oh my Nova, THIS. BOSS. This boss gave me hell in the Boss Rush AND normal game. When I first fought Mecha Kracko, I thought "Oh hey! It's Kracko! Heheh. Let's go! " And then I learned the terrifying truth; HE HAS 2 PHASES. The SECOND phase, he destroys the clouds below you and replaces them 3 seconds later. THIS KILLED ME SO MANY TIMES IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY ANYMORE. Especially the fact that if you don't expect it, you'll fall to your instant death.
Now, most bosses are made easy by the ultimate ability of the game, Triple Star. Not Mecha Kracko. In fact, it's made even HARDER. Now, the clouds below you are destructable by fire. You know what else destroys the clouds? TRIPLE STAR! That means if you try to use an attack with Triple Star, you'll destroy the platform you stand on! HOORAY!

I cannot believe nobody put this guy! He's the only boss that has TWO phases, you can't use triple star, and at the beginning of the 2nd phase he take out the entire floor! - davehahn

This boss is so ANNOYING. He has 2 phases, and flies everywhere making him hard to hit, one phase is enough HAL. - Mewbosses

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20 Masked Dedede - Kirby Super Star Ultra

A really awesome fight, AND really hard as well! He has a spin attack, shock waves, flamethrowers, missiles, and you're fighting in an electric cage!

Dedede ain't messing around this time! He's made sure all of his weaknesses were taken care of to have a better chance of beating Kirby!

The main issue with this boss the the cage. Reduces one of Kirby's best traits: mobility

He Is Too Easy For Me. Even In True Arena

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