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41 Landia EX - Kirby Return To Dreamland
42 Kracko Jr - Kirby's Dreamland Extra Game
43 Heavy Lobster - Kirby Super Star Ultra
44 Hot Wings - Kirby's Epic Yarn

It starts out easy but after the first time you hit her it becomes RIDICULOUS. The attacks are impossible to dodge because when she shoots an embird and you grab it, another one hits U. All the other bosses ( fangora, squashini, capamari, meta knight, and yin yarn ) are all easy and hot wings is the SECOND BOSS. MOST RIDICULOUSLY HARD BOSS IN KIRBYS EPIC YARN - rexprice4

45 Kaboola - Kirby's Dream Land Extra

Trust me. For how big your hitbox is and for how much Kabula shoots at you, this bullcrap qualifies for bullet hell.

With only one hit point, it's even harder to dodge the cannonballs while your Game Boy is sweating out of your hands,

46 Pyribbit - Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Will you just come to the foreground for 3 seconds?! - Garythesnail

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47 Hooplagoon - Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

His third and final form are really hard! :(

48 The Masked King - Kirby Super Star ULTRA and Kirby Triple Deluxe

I think that everybody forgot about this guy.

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49 Kracko - Dreamland
50 Coily Rattler DX - Kirby: Triple Deluxe
51 Landia EX - Team Kirby Clash
52 Kracko Jr - Kirbys Dreamland
53 Pyribbit DX - Kirby Triple Deluxe
54 Marx - Kirby Super Star
55 Mecha Knight - Kirby: Planet Robobot
56 Coily Rattler - Kirby Triple Deluxe

You can only hit his head. On my planet, that qualifies as hard.

It took me more tries on this boss than on soul of sectonia and queen sectonia.

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