Top 10 Hardest Kirby Levels

The Kirby games maybe simple, but sometimes the levels may surprise you here are the 10 I had the most trouble with

The Top Ten

1 Dangerous Dinner (Kirby's Return to Dreamland)

YES! This world is so hard! Darn those flying things that follow you and knock you into the lava!

Hard I guess. But pretty fun too once you get the hang of it. Aggravating when you don't.

What the freak is The Great Maze doing here? SSBB isn't a kirby game ( neither a Mario game)!

Landia hardest boss in space

2 Neo Star Stage 2 (Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards)

It was so angering! It rook me 13 days to beat it!

3 The True Arena (Kirby Super Star Ultra/Return to Dreamland)

So... Hard... This must be at least on top 5! All those Bosses, oh, and don't even talk about the Final Four! (I didn't played return to dreamland, so I don't know about that True Arena, I'm only talking about Super star ultra and please excuse my English)

Ya it’s pretty hard but who ever thinks Marx soul is hard makes me laugh I beat him in like 3 min


4 Egg Enginess (Kirby's Return to Dreamland)
5 The Great Maze (Intense Mode) (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
6 Some of the Checkpoint Missions (Kirby Air Ride)
7 Nutty Noon (Kirby's Return to Dreamland)
8 Fountain of Dreams (Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland)
9 Mt. Slide (Kirby's Epic Yarn)
10 The Great Cave Offensive (Kirby Super Star Ultra)

Escaping the cave isn't too tough, but getting all 60 treasures is. - Garythesnail

This isn't hard just has a TON of backtracking - davehahn

The Contenders

11 The True Arena (Kirby Triple Deluxe)

This took 5 months it's so hard getting to the last battle and then losing is so aggravating as you have to do over

12 Old Tower - Great Cave Offensive (Kirby Super Star Ultra)

So hard!

This is optional but if you are going for all the treasures this gets really tedious really fast since some treasures are TOO HARD TO GET.

13 Paletto Polis (Kirby: Canvas Curse)

One word a madhouse of destroction and the hardest level in the game

14 Mt. Dedede (Kirby's Dream Land)

This is hard on the Special mode, where you have to survive all 4 bosses, THEN the fight with Dedede. And take my word for it--he's not a pushover here. - Garythesnail

You had to repeat E-V-E-R-Y- boss battle before facing Dedede, I doubt that level even had any food to recover energy.

15 Royal Road (Kirby Triple Deluxe)
16 Landia EX - Kirby: Planet Robobot (Team Kirby Clash)
17 Ripple Star Catacombs (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)
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