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21 Telugu

Super and melodious language

22 Basque

Basque is the only European language not related to another language. It's phukkin hard

23 Romanian

Romanian has complex structure of the grammar which is hard even for almost Romanian native speakers. There in Romanian are a lot of dialects (Moldavian; Oltenian; Transylvanian) which may involve a different pronunciation of the words. There in Romanian are a lot of synonyms ( for "to speak" you can say "a spune"; "a vorbi"; "a zice"; "a grăi"; "a comunica"; etc.) for a word that you may not understand a person from another region if you don't know them all. Also Romanian is the languages in which Latin was the best perserved.

24 Danish

Super easy grammar, but dictionaries are useless unless they have pronunciations. One of the hardest pronounced languages ever. This language should be way higher up on the list.

It's next to impossible to guess the pronounciation of words just from the spelling. Tonnes of different wovel sounds, that sound the same to the untrained ear. Very few non-native speakers kan use the soft 'd' correctly - even after decades of daily practise.

25 Khmer

This is Cambodian. And yes Khmer is hard. - JackLawler


26 Portuguese

The verbs in Portuguese are actually harder (at least in my version, the European Portuguese) than any other Romance Language.

27 French

I am Canadian with Japanese origins, I really enjoyed for having learned French. Yes, it's a difficult language to start learning but once you speak a bit you always progress. I don't really know if I have any accent but when I've been in Paris anyone was kind with me, French people adore when you speak their own language and the do love accents. And now in Montreal I fell in love with a so pretty and charming French girl..

I know French is for sure not the hardest, but it's spelling and pronunciation is very demanding. I just want to say that it is the hardest romance language, and the the majority of the words you say have loads of silent letters and stuff. However French doesn't COMPARE to Arabic!

Actually, French is easier to learn than most of the languages here, since it's more related to English (both influenced by Latin) - ethanmeinster

This is so easy to learn! I recommend it as a second language. - micahisthebest

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28 Turkish
29 Swedish

I'm a native swedish speaker and there is one thing you have to know and that is "en" and "ett". These two means "a" or "an" in english. "A cat" means "en katt" but "a house" means "ett hus". They have no rules at all so you have to learn which one to use Word for Word.

30 Lao
31 Croatian
32 Czech

This should be higher up on the list. Czech is definitely one of the hardest languages out there. There are so many ways to say one thing.

One of the hardest language in a world.

- Only language in the world with the letter ř.
- Lots of words with same meaning. For example: kluk, chlapec, mladý muž, this all means the same word - a boy. Or this: Dívka, děvče, holka - this all means a girl in Czech
- Czech: 1. Jan
2. Jana
3. Janu, Janovi
4. Jana
5. Jane!
6. Janu, Janovi
7. Janem

English: 1. John
2. John
3. John
4. John
5. John!
6. John
7. John

- Very complex grammar
- atd. (etc.)

33 Tamil


34 Georgian
35 Slovak

I'm a native speaker so for everyone who has some weird reason to actually learn this language I warn you that there are just way too much grammatical rules that doesn't make any sense and some are completely unnecessary and few words have really funny conjugation that sound unnaturally even for native speakers and if you really want to learn this language despite everything then I wish you good luck and to end this post with something positive- if you can speak this language then you'll have no problem to learn other slavic languages

This is very hard language. Hard grammar, 7 cases.

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36 Albanian

Never heard of It before, usually mainly unknown languages are harder, and according to the first page, it is easier than English.

37 Malayalam

How could you forget this language? It's the most hard language to learn in Asia. So of course it should come in top ten. Just look at the letters, they are so hard to learn

Rated as no 1in the list of hardest Asian languages to learn (which includes Arabic, Mandarin and what not). Rated as #43 in this list? Surely you must be joking, lol!

It's not about grammer where it's hard it's about expression

38 Estonian
39 Lithuanian

If Latvian is up there, Lithuanian should be on the same level if not higher. Both languages are from the Baltic Group and have many similarities toward each other. Born in Lithuania, and living in the United States for 13 years, I've had the oppurtunity to study many languages such as Spanish, portuguese, and German but can say that these languages do not come close to the precision and accuracy required to master a Baltic Langauge

40 Welsh
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