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41 Somali
42 Cantonese

Cantonese is even more difficult then Mandarin Chinese since it has 9 tones instead of 4, and in Cantonese the written word may not match what is said. - Megapretzel

There is literally no way it can be down at 54 at the time of writing. This language is kinda like Chinese except... they added an additional 5 tones, more characters, and what's written doesn't even match what's said sometimes.

SO much different from other languages

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43 Gaelic

I am a natural Gaelic scot but I wasn't taught to learn this language until I wanted to and it was pretty hard

44 Slovene

Those of you, who said that German, French or Dutch are hard. Have you ever tried Slovene? It's the hardest, it has the dual form which a majority of languages lack and it has cases, conjugation of verbs and changing letters and many words are irregular and much much more.

It's Slovenian, not Slovene. - JackLawler

45 Dutch

Dutch is a fantastic language similar to German but has also spun out flamish( Belgian dutch) there merchants of Amsterdam use it. My family speaks it and it's hard for me to understand at 20 years old having heard it for years.

46 Greenlandic

Seriously? This is the hardest! Why is it not number 1? Most sentences in english can translate to a 20 letter Greenlandic word

Its basicly icelandic just a million times harder and icelandic is at the top I see

47 Irish

Oh my! Irish in Irish is Gaelige. It is pronounced like Gay-lee. We'd say Gay-lij.Hard!

Complicated vocabulary, sometimes you do not know when to use a lenition or eclipsis even after reading the rules


48 Norwegian

There are people who have lived in Norway for 20 years that can't pronounce the words right yet. - xXImMyOwnHeroXx

I would love to live in Norway someday or Finland but Norwegian and Finnish are very hard languages to learn and definitily I would recommend these two languages to people who are older and wish to figure out at least a second language.

49 Kannada
50 Esperanto

Yes, sure, the language that was designed to be easy to learn is on this list... - pirloandrea

51 Persian

Tihs lang is very sweet because this is comfortabee for learning, so I like this

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52 Indonesian
53 Ukrainian

Lots of cases, pronunciation is very difficult - lots of consonant combinations that are hard to hear or say. But it is beautiful and melodic.

54 Sentinelese
55 Spanish

I was in Spain for 10 days, and I know the basics pretty well. I can also understand most rules. So I'm pretty good? - PizzaGuy

I am currently trying to learn it so my parents would be proud of me. - Pegasister12

I've had 5 Spanish lessons and I have to say, it really isn't that hard

I'm learning Spanish and I say it is in 20. Some words are backwards.

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56 Italian

Not hard at all there are just 7 words to learn like: Mama, Money, Home, Italy, Vatican, Pope, Pasta. It's an obsolete language, no needs to learn it.

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57 Yiddish

It would get very awkwardly mixed up. Hebrew, German, and English all together is Yiddish. That is hard.

58 Ewe

A complicated African language.

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59 Pashto

It would just be really confusing if this was a Americans' second language.

60 Kazakh

Russian, Chinese, Farsi, and English. Hard, hard, and hard!

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