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21 Sandship - Skyward Sword

Even though it looks to be small I always get lost and the frustrating puzzles to the hidden areas it was difficult but one of the best temples I've ever done but the boss could be better

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22 Lakebed Temple - Twilight Princess

Hated this temple. It was ridiculous and I got lost so much. There is always two doors. Not an obvious door you have to go to, no. You have to pick, and hope you are lucky you chose the right door or you have to go back and pick the other door.

That staircase is your life in this one because you WILL get lost!

True staircase equals life

Temple takes 1 hour to complete w/ exp, and for me 8 hours

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23 Palace of Winds - Minish Cap

This one was looong! The length was a pleasant surprise.. however the minish cap was short as a whole.

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24 The Wind Temple - Wind Waker

This is so confusing that I got lost 30,000 times.

Confusing multilayered dungeon kept falling and losing magic

This temple is the water temple on steroids!

Worst dungeon in the series

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25 Dragon Dungeon - The Legend of Zelda

It's so hard my cousin how thinks stuff is easy and he says Level 6 is indestructible

26 Parapa Palace - Zelda II

From the hardest Zelda game comes an annoying first dungeon...

27 Jabu Jabus Belly - Oracle of Ages

This is the #1 hardest dungeon that comes to mind. Its multilevel, you must change water levels, and the hunt for keys is a long one. This is the dungeon that will make you back track more than any other. I will never forget Jabu Jabus belly, its harder than ice palace and turtle rock in LTTP. I suggest that those of you who didn't play Oracle of Ages... Download it on your phone or tablet via a gameboy advanced emulator

It is because nobody played Oracle of age that this dungeon isn't #1.

Perhaps is only because not a lot have played it, but this is one of the most confusing, desperating Zelda dungeons out there. The Water Temple is absolutely easy in comparison.

This is not an easy dungeon.

28 Snowpeak Ruins - Twilight Princess V 1 Comment
29 Level 6 - The Legend of Zelda

This dungeon gave me so many fits... No matter how many heart containers I have and if I have a red potion with me (best potion in nes original Zelda), I STILL GET A MAJORITY OF MY DEATHS OUT OF THIS DUNGEON! Irritating as all hell. People may whine that lv 9 is harder, but lv 6 was the original son of a... female dog. :P :/

30 Hyrule Castle - Breath of the Wild

SOOO HARD. It took me forever to get past those guardians! There are walking ones, flying ones, decayed ones, and canon ones. Considering the fact that they can one shot you, that's pretty hard to get past hundreds of them.

31 Ice Ruins - A Link Between Worlds

Lots of floors made this confusing and very fun

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32 Water Temple - Ocarina Of Time (Master Quest)

Seriously? Master Quests Water Temple is one of the easiest dungeons.

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33 Forbidden Forest - Wind Waker V 1 Comment
34 Snowhead Temple - Majora's Mask

It's fun rolling around as goron

5 Floors, dozens of rooms, and you would never fighre out to punch the ice pillars to get to the boss door!

35 Skyview Temple - Skyward Sword

I love and hate this place at the same time. However, some of the enemies are so annoying! 1

This one is easy until *heh heh* GHIRIHIM COMES TO KILL YOU or beat you within an inch of your LIFE

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36 Desert Palace - A Link Between Worlds V 2 Comments
37 Fire Temple - Ocarina of Time

This dungeon is WAY worse than the Water Temple. You can easily get lost or stuck, and finding a walkthrough and finding the exact part that you're stuck on can be a pain in the dungarees. Also the dungeon does not explain to hit the totem poles or the stone pillars, which took me a LONG freeging time to figure out. This is not an easy dungeon if you're new and if you don't know what you're doing.

This was the easiest adult link dungeon in oot!

I got stuck so easily on this dungeon...

This was really easy for me. - Dawscr

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38 Ganon's Tower - The Wind Waker

The only hard thing was the phantom ganons sword handle puzzle, get it wrong and you will waste a lot of time

39 Skull Woods - A Link To The Past

This one was ridiculous. I don't know about anybody reading this but, the puzzles were tricky and the WALL MASTER. OH GOSH THE WALL MASTER. Every room it follows you and snatches you to the beginning. It's also hard trying to go through the woods and finding a certain hole or cave to get to the next part of the dungeon. I did not like this one at all.

WALLMASTER @#&%%! tOOK Me back 30 times, and 40 minute to go to the boss through just 5 rooms, and only if floor didn't move at the boss! ALttP rules and I guess no one wuld doubt it if there weren't ENDLESS wallmsters that don't drop anything and that MOTHULA and Gibdos!


40 Temple of Gust - Phantom Hourglass

This temple is so hard it took me 2 days to get get through and normally I could beat a temple in just 1 hour

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