Top Ten Hardest LEGO Video Game Levels

LEGO video games are my favorite video games due to how easy they are. However, these levels I truly despise because of their difficulty.
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1 The Podrace

Only in the first game (yes, I own every LEGO video game besides LEGO City: Undercover) You must finish nine different sections of the race under extremely strict time limits (the only timed adventure I know in a LEGO video game) and even grazing anything is instant death. Thankfully The Complete Saga removed these problems but left the original totally impossible version in as a Secret Level.

The horror. THE HORROR.

From Tusken Raiders to falling rocks to narrow caves, this level is the hardest level in any lego game ever. You're timed in it, and if you don't brush through 90% of the speed boost ramps then you'll end up starting the whole segment again (which also happens if you get killed by ramming into ANYTHING.)

To make up for it, playing this level is a great way to farm studs, often getting you 50,000-100,000 studs per game without score multipliers.

You guys got the easy version in the complete saga, I had to go through the ORIGINAL Lego Star Wars: The Video Game version.

I remember being a small child playing the complete saga. I could never get past the first part. I only beat it yestraday, for the first time. You have to get to a certant point before a certaint pod makes it to a place before that. add to the fact that losing all your hearts or hitting some walls makes you restart that section.

2 The Black Rider and Mount Doom

These are fairly easy in Story Mode, but feature high-speed running sequences. There is usually a treasure chest hidden in one spot during these, and you only have one chance to get it each time you attempt the level. The altered checkpoint system does alleviate this a lot by allowing you to quit the level without saving and start over at at the beginning of the chase, but it is still impossible.

Mount doom is worst, because you have only one chance. If you are too slow, the water kill you

3 Forbidden Forest

It is an easy level, but there are a lot of LEGO flowers and bushes lying around and if you want those LEGO studs for True Wizard (not to mention buying stuff), you need to spend a good amount of time destroying all of them. Fortunately, if you are not above cheating, using the Multiplier red bricks makes this a lot easier.

4 Motorcycle Escape

My absolute nightmare from start to finish, and a level in Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. From the moment you leave the first area you are tortured non-stop by enemies with guns that appear 5 at a time and come back to life after 5 seconds. You cannot attack from your motorcycle, so you have to constantly dismount (or stop the puzzle you are solving) to kill them. And the worst part? The last area of the level contains four turrets with one-hit kill rockets that are impossible to avoid, and infinitely reviving enemies that now have one-hit kill missilelaunchers. Have fun!

I could NEVER figure out how to complete this level...

5 LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Bonus Level LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Bonus Level Product Image

I have not gotten to this, but from what I read, here are my thoughts. You need to find 1,000,000 studs, by wreaking havoc in a small LEGO town. At the end of your goal, you have destroyed all of the obvious places, resulting in you running aimlessly around the level, searching for these last few studs. And you can not cheat your way out of it by turning on Stud Multipliers. Dirty TT Games.

6 Zoo's Company

The Lily Pad Bouncing Segment. That is the bane of my existence.

7 An Icy Reception

The entire level is situated on catwalks over a precarious endless chasm, and the platforms have dodgy hit detection. Filling up the Super Hero Bar is impossible in story mode due to the incredibly strict amount of studs you need. It gets worse help that Mr. Freeze is the hardest boss in the whole game who can kill both players in less than one second. To top it all off, it is the second level.

This level was so flipping hard and boring! All u did was walk and glide across chasms. The Mr. Freeze boss fight was overly complex and this was all around an awful level

8 Adventure Temple Trail

Okay, I do not own this game, but I am putting it on the list because I know about it. Not only do you have to deal with several 90 degree corner turns, but the last thing you encounter before the finish line is a three-lane-split corridor in which two are picked variously to contain the exact same interface mess up effect from the Level 3 Yellow bricks. Keep in mind, this in in the same Circuit as other impossible tracks, so good luck getting Basil or Gypsy Moth's construction kits, because it is gonna SUCK.

9 Perilous Parking

The Berlin level in Indiana Jones 2 requires you to jump a Jeep onto the smallest platform imaginable, ride a terribly controlled motorcycle up a ramp, and jump a horse across many high pillars to weigh down buttons.

10 The Zillo Beast

The Zillo Beast is one of the toughest levels I have ever played in a LEGO video game. First, you have to take down a giant army of droïds, like in other levels in the game but this time, it's much more harder. Super long and super boring. It took me about 20-30 minutes to destroy the army on my first attempt. Then, you're just starting to enjoy yourself. The level isn't named "The Zillo Beast" for nothing. In the second part of the level, you have to defeat the actual beast, which is one of the hardest bosses I've ever played in a video game. The creature can't be approached directly and it's constantly throwing debris at you. The cannons can't damage the it, as the Zillo Beast itself is protected by some kind of mysterious shield. You have to figure out a way to access to the air support so it can send an RX-200 tank to "subdue" the beast. Anyway, SUPER HARD!

This is super hard and if you watched the clone wars show you would know what is protecting it

The Contenders
11 Crab Cake Confusion

The Treasure level in the wreckage of the Coronado in Indiana Jones 2. It really only sucks due to the way the game's jumping mechanics do not work and the platform placement. I was actually able to beat it a few times, though.

12 Prison Entrance - Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Universe In Peril
13 Gunship Cavalry
14 Xmen Mansion
15 Death Star Escape
16 Speeder Showdown
17 Lego Star Wars III: Kloonisotat Lego Star Wars III: Kloonisotat Product Image
18 The Horcrux and the Hand
19 The Depths - The Lego Movie Videogame
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