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1 Mile High Club

Easily the hardest level on Veteran. This level was so Hard that when it originally came out Major Nelson made a video of someone beating it, just to prove that it could be done. And it took 5 tries to get the pro gamer in the video (who already had beaten it) to beat it again. - Kazzong

"Mile High Club" is a bonus campaign level of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare; this epilogue mission is unrelated to the storyline of the game's campaign. To play the bonus mission, the player must complete the mission "Game Over" and watch the credits until the end, or quit the credits and go to the Mission Select menu or this level can be unlocked by a cheatcode.

It's only hard on Veteran, I played the game through on Hardened first but came back to play this on Veteran, and it was hard.

This was easy! I find ultimatum to be the hardest mission, I always get ambushed.

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2 One Shot, One Kill

Yes, this is the hardest mission in Call of Duty:MW, especially the final waiting for big bird extraction chopper. The total area just crawls with hostiles. Usually Call of Duty is a very easy game, as you get chance to heal your critical injury, by taking cover. But only this mission seemed to me impossible to pass. However I passed the mission in veteran mode after a 2 hours continuous attempt. My advice, for those stuck in this mission, that Sniper gun is your best friend to complete this. And also try to move your position as far as possible towards the radioactive area, without getting harmed. Retreat the hostiles by sniper rifle, until the chopper arrives. When, the chopper arrives, look nowhere, just move your ass towards the Captain, carry him, and rush towards the chopper.

After the first checkpoint of final scene, get an rpd and stake out the area by the fence and bumper cars. You can thin the herd quickly. Line up two drop lines, and you also get the ground spawning arrivals. Try and get out a little In front of the bumper car in the grass. You can fall back to the shed, and eventually jump up on the bumper car rink, to get behind it. If you thinned them out, you can just slide along the edge of the rink, getting better shots and much more time to hit them. By the time the rpd has run dry, you can still hold out with an mp5. Wait a bit when the chopper lands, but it seems the more you kill, the fewer are left. You can quote me on that last one...

The BEST way to do is that, first you plant claymores in the area which is in front of capt macmillan. Then plant C4s on the fence which is on the right side of capt macmillan and the ferris wheel where is a door which opens later from where tangos spawn/come from. In front of the door there is a corner near that building. Stay in that corner and only 1 or 2 tangos will come or no one will come. Don't care about grenades. They will not hurt you most probably. When the helicopter arrives, blow the C4s on the fence and rush to capt macmillan. THE MOST EASY WAY!

The mission is very hard, but there are definitely some ways around the harder part of the mission( the big bird extraction). The way to easily do it is to get behind the bumper cars, and snipe all of the guys with the M21, and G3.

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3 Safehouse

It is a mission of great action and patience thanks to al ashad the terrorist

Going through each house feels impossible w/o getting mowed down by bullets in seconds. I came close to chucking my controller at the T.V..

4 No Fighting in the War Room

1. No fighting in the war room
2. Heat
3. One shot, one kill
4. Hunted
5. Mile High Club

The rest of the levels are easy and are impossible to die on. No fighting in the war room is a bitch on veteran. I have finished the game on veteran in two days and it was my first cod game. If you want a challenge play legendary halo. BIZINGA!

This level is so hard on veteran! Makes all others seem stupid easy in comparison, I hate countdowns on veteran, you need time to do it slow

ill never forget this level, so hard on Veteran, Mile high club is nothing - roblist

This level is the hardest, it is even easier than Mile High Club. Mile High Club is easy!

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5 Heat

It is virtually impossible for me to do, on Veteran. The bit I find difficult about the mission is the part where you have to back down the hill again. When you use an airstrike to clear an area full of enemies, they just keep piling in again. You pop your head around a corner, you've got enemies already shooting at you.

It's so hard when you have to run down the hill to the helicopter especially on veteran it is a hard level

Extremly difficult, its one thing retreating, but going back through? Wow - TotalBeast93

I’ve done every level on veteran with ease including no fighting, mile high and one shot one kill. The first time around this gave me the most trouble I Almost rage quit

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6 Charlie Don't Surf

The T.V. room is easily the hardest part in charlie don't surf, even in regular I still died a few times

In the room too many people

Hard on veteran in the T.V. room

7 The Sins of the Father

This is so hard even on recruit you have to chase a terrost and he kept getting away until I noticed the fence this is number one

8 All Ghillied Up

Requires skills in veteran

9 Hunted

it took me ages to work out how to destroy the helicopter - bradz

That helicopter was one of the most frustrating things in the whole game

10 Shock and Awe

I would say the beginning with tanks is tough, but easily the hardest part is saving the pilot from the helicopter at the end on veteran, your team says they'll cover you but they don't do anything, they just hide, and if you get the pilot they run to the extraction point leaving you behind and you can't shoot at the literally 50 men behind you with fully automatic guns because you're carrying the pilot

I die instantly at the start because of the tanks

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11 Game Over
12 Ultimatum

I can't get past all ghillied up! I'm waiting for the chopper trying to snipe eveyone but grenades keep getting me! - metallicaholic95

The mile high club is the easiest ones I don't know why this is on here

Yes I literally die and die and die and McMillin or whatever seems to do nothing it's all because he wanted to be cool smh

13 All In

So hard cnt beat it

14 The Coup

I always die at the end, even on Recruit.

You die whatever you do

15 War Pig

One of the most hardist in the game without cover getting rpg or getting sneaked from behind.

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