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1 Delfino Plaza - Lily Pad Ride

Oh dear lord this is by far one of my favorite video games of time but this is easily the worst level to ever graze mario in my opinion. I took an hours worth of yoshi falling off of a boat FOR THIS?! COME ON NINTENDO PLEASE! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Only people who played the game can understand the pure evil of this level. - Rue

2 Corona Mountain

Super Mario Sunshine is very bad with certain physics and this level shows that well along with The Watermelon Festival - Rue

Anything that involves using fludd in order to steer a boat in my opinion. - HeavyDonkeyKong

3 Delfino Plaza - Pachinko Game

So glitchy oh my buddha

I hate this level its very difficult to get to area you need to get to and a lot of times fall to your death. - egnomac

The Glitchy Pinball level - Rue

4 Pinata Village - Secret of the Village Underside
5 Gelato Beach - The Watermelon Festival

You cannot explain how dreadful this level is with words. It's not possible. It's one of the worst things I tried completing in a video game and I groan every time I think of going through a 100% completion run of Super Mario Sunshine because of it, as well as a few others. - Rue

This is the one. Many say the lilly pad level or the pachinko game, but this shine is just unbearable. What sucks is that you think a level in world three would be easier, but it surprises you. A true test of your patience.

6 Galeto Beach - The Sand Bird is Born

Stupid level is damn near impossible, FLUDD is useless until the very end, and you actually have to jump off the sand bird at the right time to get the last coin. Took my family 4 YEARS to beat it

While this level would have been hardwer without FLUDD, he is basically useless here because if you use him the sand bird platform will fly away and you may as well fall, and on top of that, about halfway through he will start rotating and it's so hard! Combine that with Sunshine's terrible controls and you have the perfect run (pun intended) - darthvadern

7 Pinata Village - The Goopy Inferno

If you don't know how to find a specific short cut, hell awaits you. Good luck. - Rue

8 Noki Bay - The Shell's Secret

The wall jumps at angles are incredibly challenging and you have to hit the perfect angle or you’re screwed. not to mention the rotating blocks. first one is already hard enough, second one rotates even faster, and the third one is on a angle. makes me lose my mind

9 Pinna Park - Roller Coaster Balloons
10 Ricco Harbor - Red Coins on the Water

If you hit anything, you die, and the shine sprite being on the dock ticks me off

Run into a solid object, you die. You had to ride the water and you couldn't stop. - Rue

The Contenders

11 Ricco Harbor - Yoshi's Fruit Adventure

Yoshi jumping mechanics are really wack.

I must have tried this level twenty times. So difficult

12 Delfino Plaza - Super Slide

Was this the level where you bust through the doors in delfino plaza using the turbo nozzle or no? It was very hard but also still very fun in my opinion. - HeavyDonkeyKong

@HeavyDonkeyKong oh and no, this isn't the one with the turbo nozzle - Rue

13 Delfino Plaza - Red Coin Field

If you run out of water, you can easily mess this level up. - Rue

14 Sirena Beach - The Manta Storm

If you didn't know you can kill it by being in the ocean in order maintain your water, it's utter complete hell. End of story. - Rue

I had to scroll the camera up to a birds eye view for this boss battle. - HeavyDonkeyKong

15 Sirena Beach - King Boo Down Below

It's luck-based, so it should not really be here - darthvadern

Very asinine boss fight. - Rue

16 Sirena Beach - The Hotel Lobby's Secret

Any secret level with sand box platforms is hell on Earth - Rue

17 Sirena Beach - Mysterious Hotel Delfino
18 Gelato Beach - Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, Bam!

Not that hard, I luckily on the platform with three plungelos I managed to knock out two at once, and even that it's pretty easy. - darthvadern

It took me ages to understand how to beat this level as a kid. - Rue

19 Noki Bay - Il Piantissimo's Surf Swim

I don't get how this is hard all I did was fun toward got punched but boxing glove
But the water pollution yea I understand why

20 Sirena Beach - Scrubbing Sirena Beach

Wow. Don't even get me started with how many times it took me to complete this level. Is there some sort of trick that I've missed? It's been 20 times and I still haven't managed to complete it

21 Pinna Park - Red Coins on the Pirate Ships

It's not that hard, while the coins can be placed in some obnoxious areas, at least you don't die by falling (unlike a certain bird stage) - darthvadern

22 Bianco Hills - The Secret of the Dirty Lake

You wouldn't think a level in the first world would be that hard, but that's not the case here, you first have to get to an area that is hard rto get to in the first place becuase the water surrounding it is poisonous for no reason, and then the level inside the secret is just cruel! You've got flipping platforms and cubes that will rotate in multiplie directions! This wouldn't be so bad if only the controls weren't horrible! - darthvadern

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1. Corona Mountain
2. Galeto Beach - The Sand Bird is Born
3. Delfino Plaza - Lily Pad Ride
1. Delfino Plaza - Lily Pad Ride
2. Corona Mountain
3. Gelato Beach - The Watermelon Festival


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